USC-Kansas Live Blog

And it’s a final from Hinkle:


Kansas fans leaving Hinkle Fieldhouse early.

USC is up 71-44 and shooting 60 percent in the second half. It’s a blowout!

Halftime view from Hinkle:

It’s halftime and USC is blowing Kansas out, 40-21.

USC is up, 40-21, and Kansas is reeling.

USC has outrebounded Kansas, 22-12, and Kansas is shooting 29 percent.

It’s 31-21 Trojans with 3:31 left in the first half.

USC fans on left; Kansas on the right.

Warm-ups at Hinkle Fieldhouse

Hinkle Fieldhouse

42 thoughts on “USC-Kansas Live Blog

  1. Can anyone remember better D in a college game in recent memory? other than against Drake in the second half?

    Thanks, Enfield! One more half to go.

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  2. This game is not over. Bill Self, the Kansas coach makes great adjustments. I don’t think we can shoot this well in the 2nd half. Kansas, will play a good second half let’s hope we can hang on. Hats off to Issiah Mobley where has his outside game been all season. We have to play hard in the 2nd half and match the Kansas physical play.

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    1. We can’t sit on this. It’s a whole new game after the half. Let’s treat it that way —– attack and defend….

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  3. Kansas is gassed. Never thought I’d see a matchup zone better than Boeheim’s best Syracuse teams, but Enfield’s is better. Hope I don’t jinx this…but they are up by 30 with 6:00 to go.

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      1. Fans will be talking about this game for years…. if not decades….
        Note: After this, USC will have targets on their backs! We need to understand that and deal with it. Next game is HUGE.

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    1. My guess is we’ll read “Kansas went cold” “Jalen Wilson was just coming off of Covid protocol” and Scott will give credit to the Mobleys, Peterson, Anderson, but not Enfield.

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      1. Scott needs to switch over to “Thanks, Helton!” (1) With this victory, Enfield has just separated from Helton [& from the rest of the USC coaches] and (2) Scott likes the salutation too much to give it up entirely —so play it safe and use it during football season…

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  4. BruinRob, calling BruinRob. I gotta say the beatdown that USC just put on Kansas was much more impressive that UCLA beating a small, Texas, Christian school. Tell us what you think BruinRob.

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      1. Tebow is still trying to figure out how Drake didn’t win by at least 11 on Saturday, as he predicted. He seems to be having a basic problem with arithmetic. He never did get the new math…

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      2. Now MG, don’t be mean. The bozo BB bandwagon is definitely overloaded tonight.

        I’m proud of my guys, and the bozo bandwagoners are proud of their guys. However the Oregon team SUCC will face Sunday is hardly the same Oregon team that Clown U beat to sh*t Feb 22.

        The boner should tape Andyain’twinning’s mouth shut. I’m sure Oregon is looking forward to the SUCC rematch w/o Enwhine adding more trash talk the stew.


    1. And that is not hyperbole —- commentators all over the country are saying the same thing.

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    2. UCLA vs. Houston, March 22, 1968, semi-final tournament game:

      UCLA 101

      #1 Houston 69

      There were no 3 point shots in those days.


      1. Well if you want to bring up something over half a century ago…..on March 8, 1969, USC would defeat UCLA 46–44, marking the Bruins’ first loss in Pauley Pavilion. This was also one of only two losses Lew Alcindor (later Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) would experience in his college career. The mighty Bruins brought low by USC. Wooden (well, really, Jerry Norman) outcoached in this one.

        USC owns Pauley!


    1. It was fucking “pick ’em” in Las Vegas before the game.. can you imagine what a guy who special bet USC would win by more than 30 would have made?

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  5. THANK YOU ENFIELD, BUT ALSO BIG THANKS TO ISSIAH MOBLEY, AND ISSIAH WHITE who is quickly becoming the glue of this team. Goodwin is very physical we will need him to come up big vs. CEO Phil Knight and the Ducks.

    Sweet 16 baby….. Oregon will be very tough, and Dana Altman will have a week to prepare for us. If we play like this which seems possible, but not probable I like our chances, but Altman will be very tough to beat. I say the winner of this game can beat Gonzaga and advance to the Final 4.

    Enjoy the win. USC basketball has arrived, and is quickly becoming a basketball school regardless of any spells the Wicked Witch of the West puts on this program. Full speed ahead….looking forward to the Sweet 16.

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