Pick The USC-Kansas Score

USC and Kansas have always seemed to have a good relationship. The schools have played 16 times. That’s a lot more than USC seems to play a lot of other national powers like Duke, North Carolina or even Michigan.

USC actually beat Kansas 5 of 6 times between 1958-78.

Kansas has won the past 7 games, however, with the last game in 2011.

So who do you like?

I’ve seen more “experts” pick USC than Kansas, to be honest.

27 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Kansas Score

    1. Evan Mobley has no fire under his jersey. His brother saved his
      ass tonight. 10 lousy pts. in the game. He needs to be more
      aggressive and want the ball not on the perimeter. You were
      almost half right on his scoring total and the margin of victory.


      1. How does he want the ball when the other 4 starters plus bench players are dominating by playing team basketball something he surely could recognize.

        -27 Minutes
        -3 Block Shots
        -5 Assist
        -13 Rebounds
        -1 Steal
        -10 Pts on 4-6 shooting

        Those are pretty good numbers for a freshman or senior.
        10,13,5, and 3
        You need to watch the first half again and see all the work he put in.

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  1. I really want to see the USC Basketball program advance to Sweet Sixteen tonight – so it is Trojans 72 Jayhawks 70 – Fight On!!! Let’s Go SC!!

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  2. Tonight would be an awesome night to see the incranation of SC Dunk City. Let it be a start to get SC through the next 5 -6 games to win it all baby. I want to see dunks raining and reigning on all teams starting with Kansas. Let the score be 87-65 SC.

    I don’t know if i want to cry or laugh but SC needs to kick it into high gear starting tonight. Afte SC demolishes Kansas, SC faces Peking Duck, err the oregon ducks. Just buckle and get your rifles loaded because we are going duck hunting after we get rid of Kansas.

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    1. “… to see the incranation(sic) of SC Dunk City” PT is into the sauce early.

      I’ve never been a hunter, but I’m pretty sure you don’t go hunting for duck with a rifle unless you plan shoot the ducks while they’re swimming. I don’t think that’s legal or ethical.


      1. Just Rent,

        What I would expect from an environmental wacko. Yes, u use a rifle to kill duck. U can use bow and arrow as well. I’m sure diet only consists of alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds and kale. For entertainment u probably sing kumbia.

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      2. JO is back again for his usual thrashing. Yes, JO is dimwitted, and, yes, his comments are not quite as clever as Fred Flintstone, but he does provide some amusement as the court jester. His attempts to defend UCLA always boomerang on him as he always inadvertently puts down his own UCLA. He is the ultimate foot-in-the-mouth man. However, he is supposed to collect the back rent due to USC since they now own Pauley. I suspect he pocketed it to buy more of his favorite reading material, Archie and Jughead comic books. Ok, Owns, you may leave now and don’t forget to pick up the pretzels.


  3. The only way the Pac 12 loses in the tournament is if we have to play against each other. It could be USC vs Colorado or Oregon St in the finals. Awesome BABY. Thank you Coach Dick Vitale

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  4. Adoree knows…. gotta get paid.

    Wasn’t someone making fun of him being cut?

    Why yes, he was. How much of a raise did the rosen one get this season?

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  5. I’m very excited- work issues are solved the way I wanted it. I have a new method for my royal court to ponder for the extinction of The Ants on this site. I scroll through the ants and pay no attention to them, for those of you who have an issue doing that,my new solution would be Chinagate Trump calling the leader of China on behalf of THREE Bruin Criminals- imagine your reply always the same “ Trump rescued UCLA. Now to the past story WaterPolo USC still leads the entire country at 85 Men’s National Championships UCLA is second with 75. Enjoy your Women’s softball & gymnastics- any truth to the rumor that UCLA bookstores were overrun with people buying the new waterpolo gear to solve their own budget shortfall? I’m hoping that USC Trojans continue the trend of PAC-12 domination.

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      1. Pudly —You know what’s wrong with this? It should have been a 3 hour movie.


    1. Yeah. Watching it. I hope (and pray) we’re not staring into our own future here…..

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      1. I guess Somebody was listening, eh Michael?? Oh, while you have Their ear, can you ask about the lottery numbers for this week?

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      2. It’s coming to me. It’s not completely clear yet. It looks like all variations on the numbers 85 & 51.


  6. **** yeah I get to watch the game after all!

    I think Kansas has some bulletin board material as gasoline motivation being the higher seed but coming in as undergogs but ****’em!

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