USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC basketball

Trojans are a 1-point favorite over Kansas and looking for first victory over the Jayhawks since 1978, when USC won in OT, 89-83, at the Sports Arena.

The Pac-12

A perfect 6-0 in the NCAA Tournament . . . against the spread!

Tara McKeown

She scored two goals and hit the crossbar with a free kick in the 100th minute of OT as No. 12 USC tied No. 3 UCLA, 2-2, in women’s soccer Thursday night

Oregon State

Are the Beavers every Pac-12 fan’s second favorite school now? There was some question a few weeks ago whether Wayne Tinkle would return? Now the Beavers are in the Sweet 16 with a fair chance to make the Elite Eight.

And let’s remember there are a lot of Southern California players (Ethan Thompson, Roman Silva, Jarod Lucas, Gianni Hunt, Julien Franklin, Isaiah Johnson).

Bill Walton

The “Conference of Champions” shtick is paying off like never before as the Pac-12 is actually living up to Walton’s hyperbole. Walton’s act also keeps us from thinking about Larry Scott the past week.


Andy Enfield

Oral Roberts made the Sweet 16, which means Enfield’s Florida Gulf Coast team is no longer the only No. 15 seed to reach the Sweet 16.

LSU Hype Video Guys Hype

USC made an incredible display when it hired two hype video guys from LSU last May, then it created conditions neither wanted to work in. Also, let’s mention the media types (and I use the term loosely), who ballyhooed their arrival and didn’t acknowledge they quit.

USC men’s water polo

A shot off the crossbar prevented the Trojans from sending the NCAA championship match into OT. Tough loss too when you get to host it.

Coach Bohn

Didn’t get to enjoy winning an NCAA title Sunday and even worse, it was the first NCAA title watch of new UCLA athletic director Martin Jarmond.

48 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. wonder how the morons that said ucla should stay home and not go to ncaa’s…looks like they maybe are about to be a sweet 16 team…
    and scotties hated Pac 12 loser conference looks fairly strong at the moment…excluding football of course

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      1. I did in fact say that UCLA should decline a tournament bid. And in fact, I was wrong but my sentiment was based on a UCLA 4 game losing streak. UCLA’s play-in game gamble vs Mich. St., paid off. I don’t bandwagon UCLA teams. I’m there, win or lose.

        So now Cronin has won 2 tournament games with UCLA in 2 years that took Andyain’twinning 8 years to accomplish with the bozo BB program.

        SUCC women soccer gets a Wolf winner for tying UCLA?

        Talk about bandwagon BS. There are SUCCsters on the blog that are unaware Clown U supports Women’s teams. I personally follow the SUCC softball team.

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      2. Owns –I think it would be more dignified if you just admitted those “let’s decline our invitation” words were spoken in a moment of abject sorrow…. and you wish you had never ever uttered them —–kinda what that guy who said he hated America should have done before he was put on one ship after another and never got to set foot in our country again …and everybody had to feel sorry for him cuz they could tell he wanted to come back….but it was too late… cuz he didn’t apologize in time….

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    1. Hang on a second. Hey Owns, I thought you’ve always claimed that you are not BruinRob? If you’re not BruinRob, then why the lengthy reply?

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      1. What’s your point 4 ball.

        Together 4, you, Dear Pisley and old stogie don’t have enough developed brain power to compute x + 1 = 2.

        Owns doesn’t do ventriloquism; Bruin Rob speaks for himself.

        Look it up 4 ball.


      2. My point being is that you’re a pathological liar. Not only that, but you speaking of yourself in the third person tells me you are also delusional.

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  2. Winners (con’t)

    OWNS. !!!

    Well thanks to Uncle Joe raising the minimum wage he can finally afford that postage stamp he’s have had his eye on!

    Happy Days are here again!

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      1. Kudos to mule. You got that part right, the po right. Your buddy tbummer lost his library card internet connection? Shame.

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      2. The discussion is all about basketball, so JO brings up a football comparison/insult. JO, can’t you do anything right!?

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  3. The pac-12’s hoops success couldn’t have come at a better time, given the financial difficulties facing the pac-12. Larry Scott did a helluva a job with the pac-12 network.

    “The conference’s wholly-owned media enterprise continues to bleed subscribers, undercutting revenue and ramping up the pressure to make drastic structural changes during the three-and-a-half years of the remaining contract cycle.

    So stark is the outlook that sources within the conference and the sports media industry believe the Pac-12 should consider shuttering the six regional networks — and possibly the entire operation — as the business model loses leverage in the evolving post-pandemic media world.

    “The conference needs to rethink everything it does,’’ an industry source explained. “Its position has weakened in the last two years. The whole notion of the Pac-12 Networks has to go.”

    That weakness is clear in the latest subscriber data:

    The Pac-12 Network (the national network) now has just 14.8 million subscribers, according to Dec. ’20 estimates provided to the Hotline by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

    That figure represents a drop of 17 percent over the past two years, based on S&P data: In Feb. ’19, the national network had 17.9 million subscribers. (At its peak five years ago, it had more than 19 million.)

    In comparison, the Big Ten and SEC networks are believed to have more than 50 million subscribers.”

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    1. Thanks, ’67.
      Nice feed.

      A scathing rebuke of “the Larry Scott Decade.”

      As a hardscrabble, workaholic Trojan–yes, plenty of us out there–I always despised those hubris-driven men who got “money for nothing.*”
      As a lifelong fan of the Pac-8 from the late 60’s onward, I’ve always proudly cheered for all the Pac 8 teams, and glibly reminded all the Big 10+4 and Big 12-2 fans of the rich history of the “Conference of Champions” and the academic prowess of the 4 California schools.

      It’s been a tough decade for this proud Trojan.

      *though I’m fine when rock-n-roll stars do so, he he.

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      1. Larry really took the pac 12 (though I still think of it as the pac 8….) for a ride. The presidents/chancellors bought into Larry the con man’s schtick. He had no experience other than promoting tennis tournaments. What were they thinking, other than he promised a boatload of $$ and they got stars in their eyes.

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  4. Loser of the week:

    Bourbon4me who prematurely predicted the demise of the Pac 12 conference. The Conference had a GREAT weekend. Churns my stomach, but hope to see UCLA beat Abilene and advance.

    In the year of the ‘vid, anyone can beat anyone, but Iowa and FLA State are good teams. KU? Scary good and battle tested.

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      1. Speaking of great music –I just heard Bob Seger’s “Still the Same” —it should be Kamala’s Official Theme Song —every time she takes the stage, they should play it real loud……

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    1. I’m saying a prayer for the Trojans ….cuz it really will take a minor miracle for them to win against such a well coached team….

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  5. If UCLA loses to Abilene Christian it may be the worst defeat in the history of the Bruin Basketball program.

    Damn I can’t watch the game tonight because I have to coach baseball.
    FIGHT ON!!!!!!!

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  6. Scooter,

    You have not been following baseball becuase if you were, you would have mentioned that USC swept Washington over the weekend and are in first place in league, by themselves. Also, they have won 6 games in a row.

    Get on it Scooter

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      1. Six of the NC were won after 1 SUCC loss in the pussy NCAA double elimination tournament – as opposed to zero NC’s in the 1 and done NCAA BB Tournament.


      2. It’s always been a double elimination format, so I’m not sure what you’re batching about. How about two years ago BruinRob? Ucla enters the tournament as a #1 seed at home and gets their ass handed to them by Michigan.


  7. congrats pac 12 b ball, i just wonder when pac 12 major sports like b ball are looked at with skepticism whether some of that can be attributed to the buffoon hellton, whose incompetence may carry forward adversely affecting the perception of not just football.

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  8. LOS ANGELES – The USC women’s volleyball team (4-8, 4-8 Pac-12) took down crosstown rival No. 15-ranked UCLA (12-6, 12-6) in five sets (27-25, 25-23, 14-25, 21-25, 15-11) at Pauley Pavilion on Sunday evening, March 21.

    USC owns Pauley. They owe us a lot of back rent. You now need to search the archives to find a picture of the last time UCLA won something against USC in Pauley. Many alumni are now left reminiscing about the good old days “Oroville, do remember the time we could actually beat USC at Pauley.”

    The UCLA women’s team reportedly complained that the outcome was unfair because USC was allowed to use the same number of players and they were forced to hit the ball over the net. Also in the late-breaking news, the USC women’s volleyball team has agreed to play UCLA men’s basketball team next year in Pauley following the USC women’s basketball team refusal to do so, citing a lack of competition.

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    1. Men’s 3/21/2021 Water Polo NC game:

      UCLA 7

      SUCC in their own dirty pool 6

      Hey stogie, how about the SUCC softball team?

      SUCC, the Avis of Pac – 12 athletic programs.

      The greatest ex-bozo BB player is a chick – Reggie Miller’s sister.


  9. Revised Building Directory at USC

    PSA Downey Way Structure, Lot 33, 3667 McClintock Ave.
    PSB Jefferson Boulevard Structure, Lot 1, 1150 Jefferson Blvd.
    PSC John Stauffer Pharmaceutical Sciences Ctr., 1985 Zonal
    PSD Royal Street Structure, 649 W. 34th St.
    PSO Flower Street Structure, 3701 S. Flower St.
    PSX McCarthy Way Structure, 620 W. McCarthy Way
    PTD Pardee Tower, 614 Hellman Way
    PPV Pauley Pavilion, USC Victory Lane
    PVB Playa Vista Bldg., 12015 E. Waterfront Dr., Playa Vista
    PVT Playa Vista Bldg. Two, 12025 Waterfront Dr., Playa Vista

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