UCLA Edges USC For NCAA Water Polo Title

USC had a shot hit the crossbar just before time elapsed and lost to UCLA, 7-6, in the NCAA men’s water polo championship match at the Olympic Swim Stadium.

UCLA led, 7-4, with 6:23 left but USC scored two goals to cut the lead to 7-6 with 3:25 remaining. That set up the final sequence where a USC shot banged off the crossbar with about two seconds left to end the match.

46 thoughts on “UCLA Edges USC For NCAA Water Polo Title

  1. Ouch! The mighty SUCCsters are defeated by UCLA in the NCAA Water Polo NC game 7-6, at the Clown U pool!

    How about them Bruins! Kicking ass and bending the bozos over and making it hurt.

    Gosh bobby, I guess the Bruins didn’t want to be your typical SUCC losers.

    #119 UCLA N/C.


    1. How about them ruins’ whose vavic goes to jail stranding his women’s team in Hawaii, and casting a dark cloud over the athletic department with his cohort Heinel… you can let the ruins out of westwood but you can’t take westwood out of the ruin.

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      1. Po, Po Pisley, SUCC pulls another Avis loser in their own pool.

        How about them Bruins. LOL!!!

        UCLA can of corn, piece of cake WP NC.

        #the Bruins #119 NC


    2. 7-6 is “kicking ass” .Typical Bruin mentality. They are so used to losing that a narrow victory is “kicking ass”. JO, you just cannot help yourself, you just keep on giving. You are better than a court jester. Okay, you may leave now.

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    1. Pisley sounds like Pancho – “Let’s work” (sic)

      Maybe losing the Water Polo NC to UCLA in SUCC’s own pool has scrambled Pisley’s teensy brain.

      Answer: flop, flop, flop, flop

      Question: What is the sound of Clown U’s loser WP team.


      1. “Let’s” is grammatically correct in Pudly’s post. As in “Let us work”. Plural. Correct.

        congrats to the bruins, sounds like it was a great match. Good to know that the Pac-12 still is at the top in some sporting events.

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  2. Woulda’ preferred that the Trojan men took the trophy, but I’m fine with the Bruins adding to their tally. As long as it wuddn’t Stanfurd.

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    1. Agreed. As much trash as Owns has talked this weekend, I don’t hate the bruins…

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      1. It’s not just trash talking, it’s winner trash talking.

        Hey the Bruins had to defeat #1 Stanford before we jumped into the pool with the bozos for the NC final.

        Besides, it’s not like I’ve never been the butt of heavy bozo trash talking, that includes your shovel full MG.

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      2. “Besides, it’s not like I’ve never been the butt of heavy bozo trash talking, that includes your shovel full MG.”

        owns, this is a USC BLOG. Repeat. USC BLOG. What do you think is going to happen here?

        Can somebody give owns a shot of benztropine for his hallucinations?

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      3. Ha! I agree, 67. Maybe we should say USC is vital —and it’s nice UCLA is in L. A. too….

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      4. 67 — As someone who has been secretly charged by city officials with Owns’ welfare, I don’t want him (for a whole host of reasons) ingesting benztropine—I’m prescribing a THC capsule with a nice glass of dry champagne.

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      5. Legally, morally, ethically, culturally, socially, the list goes on… it is a heavy mantle to bear, Michael. God’s speed, my son.

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      6. Michael, sadly, I had to leave out spiritually from that list. The poor soul owns has MUCH to make up before we can go there…this is coming from the Pontiff himself…who stays up at night worrying about that wretched soul…

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      7. Ha! [I sure hope this Pontiff saves a little time at night to worry about the souls of the people around him]……

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      8. Bourbon,
        The official Sicilian Motto: “To trust is good —not to trust is better.”


    1. Andy still could be the only coach who’s ever gotten to the Final Four after having been hectored and demeaned all season with “Thanks, Enfield” salutations…..

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      1. No one’s heart could be happier or more full of love for the other Pac 12 teams than me —but if USC loses to Kansas I will fall into the deepest despair….. & my love will turn to hate….

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      2. Well, if there was ever a time to play Kansas, it would be with Jalen Wilson at less than 100%.

        On the other hand, the NCAA called Kansas’ violations “egregious”…and that was a year ago. By now, they should be sanctioned. And we would be playing somebody like Abilene Christian…

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      3. NCAA: “Act on violations? Ha ha! That’s so yesterday!”
        [Note: NCAA Rules strictly prohibit penalties which could result in USC victories over penalized teams]…..

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      4. Isn’t “Let’s go to work,” more grammatical, plus make better English sense ’67.

        Of course I didn’t go to a expensive, private White Bread Univ., so what do I know.

        BTW ’67, correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s nothing in Wolf’s Blog rules and regulations that state SUCC Rah-Rah’s only.

        In fact, in many cases Wolf’s SUCC opinions are closer to my opinions than the Clownster’s.

        As far as my hallucination are concerned, not once did I give bozo FB a “shock the world” chance vs Alabama or ever use Andyain’twinning and a BB NC in the same sentence.

        Can’t wait for Monday. Clean Kansas’ clock, the bozos will deserve an atta boy.


      5. What if we don’t exactly clean their clock….but we do set it back, say, 9 hours?…..

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      6. owns, I am proud of you if you are “just saying no” to that hallucinogen, peyote…if only the big redhead Walton could have your discipline… all kidding aside, I hope the 2 teams meet up down the line in the tourney.

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  3. From a KU sports blog:

    “The Trojans rank second in the nation in 2-point defense, limiting opponents to 42.2% inside the arc.

    That should come as no surprise, given the fact that the strength of their team lies on the front line, where the Mobley brothers make USC one of the tallest teams in college basketball.

    Simply put, the closer USC’s opponents get to the rim, the harder their shots become.

    That does not mean the Jayhawks should sell out entirely and fire away from 3-point range. But they do need to look to take the 3-pointers that are available — without hesitating — and would do well to make a few like they did against Eastern Washington, when they knocked in 12 of 30 from distance (40%) to help survive a first-round scare.

    Finding 3-point success is not a foolproof plan against the Trojans. Earlier this season, Cal Baptist made 20 of 41 3-point shots against USC but still lost the game, 95-87.

    No one’s expecting Kansas to shoot 41 or make anywhere close to 20. But the Jayhawks are going to have to make some, simply because USC’s 2-point field goal defense, thanks to its incredible length, is so stingy almost anywhere inside the arc.

    Christian Braun and Ochai Agbaji both had moments in KU’s first-round win when they ripped the nets and hit some big outside shots. They’ll need to do that and more against the Trojans because it could be awfully difficult for KU to get another 6-of-9 3-point performance from Garrett and Harris the way they did against Eastern Washington.

    Those guys are going to have to let it fly, too, though.”

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    1. Great stuff, 67. Ya know what I hate? The fact that 3 pointers are so much a product of having a ‘good night’. And we force teams into taking them —so we’re kinda at the mercy of the basketball gods: is our opponent having a hot or cold night on the long stuff?

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      1. Indeed – Is NCAA line still shorter than NBA? Maybe it should be extended to the NBA curve. The 3 was supposed to make the game more exciting, less predictable. But it seems it is now very predictable, in a different way. When Shaun Livingston retired, it seems he took the midrange jump shot with him from the NBA…

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  4. Very important start quickly tomorrow night, and hit the boards aggressively like Oregon St. did tonight. The Trojans must play like Trojans similar to what we saw against Oregon earlier in the season. . If we can get on a roll early it will shock Kansas. Oregon St. played like they were in a fight for their lives we need to do the same with physical type play.

    My pick for the Sweet 16: Oregon St. (already in) 2) UCLA (playing a patsy tomorrow) 3) Oregon 4) USC -50-50. If we make it I like our chances vs. Oregon, and Gonzaga who is beatable they just have not played anyone tough since the beginning of the year.

    Easiest ticket to the Final 4…………….Oregon St…….believe it or not. They only have to beat Loyola Chicago, and probably Houston to get there. Loyola Chicago is the best coached team in the country so it won’t be a cake for OSU, but alot easier road to the final 4 than SC, Oregon, and UCLA who will have to beat Michigan.

    SC needs to fight to make history tomorrow especially with all the top seeds going down early. We must play like we belong in the Sweet 16 not act like we are a guest waiting for orders to go home. Hope we make it……..

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      1. Re Hashtags—
        You should know, Charlie — you invented them! The rest of us learned the art from you….
        Great to see Charlie back!


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