Some USC-Kansas Post-Game Thoughts

A few quick thoughts:

  • USC will play Oregon on Sunday at 6:45 p.m. PDT on TBS from Bankers Life Fieldhouse with Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill and Tracy Wolfson broadcasting.
  • This will no doubt trigger some people but Kansas was awful. USC took it to the Jayhawks from the outset but Kansas was shocking.
  • If you are USC fan, you have to be happy that the game was a blowout and Eric Mobley wasn’t required to carry the team.
  • USC is playing loose and that’s the key for NCAA success.
  • The Trojans gave Kansas its worst-ever NCAA Tournament loss.
  • Again, USC made 10 of 17 free throws. That will be a problem in a close game.
  • It’s good to see Andy Enfield is still complaining about Oregon winning the Pac-12 title, based on Isaiah Mobley’s post-game comments:

“They’ve been on a roll. I don’t want to say necessarily they’ve got luck. They’re a good team. But they stole the Pac-12 championship from us.”

  • In the picture below, they updated the NCAA brackets at Hinkle Fieldhouse. “Southern California.”

27 thoughts on “Some USC-Kansas Post-Game Thoughts

  1. Enfield praised Oregon and was gracious all around during the postgame presser. He coached a great game. C’mon Scottie, give credit where credit is due, the D was amazing. No team plays 40 minutes at that intensity without coaching leadership.

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    1. Only negative I can think of? After a historic victory like this teams sometimes have a letdown.

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    2. “But they stole the Pac-12 championship from us.”

      ~ Andyain’twinning.

      What load of Enwhine BS. Oregon didn’t go to Utah and Colorado a choka, choka, choka, choke in both game. SUCC did!

      Oregon lost big to SUCC Feb. 22, and Andyain’twinning mouthing off now just gives Oregon further impetus to avenge their Feb. defeat.


      1. JO, I am sure you are saying something. Writing comprehension at the 3rd grade level…did UCLA really give you a degree? What another humilation for UCLA if they did. Okay, you can back go to your cartoon channel.


    3. It’s eating SW up more than we know.
      Scott Wolf is calling the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team coached by Bill Self “Awful”.

      Hall Of Fame garbage from the Trojan hater.
      Grant Hill would probably disagree but he also wouldn’t know who he was disagreeing with.

      That was a great effort from the team. Enfield should be congratulated along with his staff.

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  2. I have not watched the Trojans this year until the two tourney games. Enfield has historically been a very good recruiter and a poor game coach.

    BUT, this team is playing at an extremely high level. I don’t care if Kansas played their worst game of the year, they were a #3 seed, and the Trojans destroyed them. By 34 points. Game was never in doubt. One of SC’s most dominating bb performances ever.

    Even though Enfield seems uncomfortable, defensive and awkward in post game interview, give him credit. His team, his players, are crushing it. Would be great if they can keep it up, but regardless, based on what they’ve done this year this team is a success.

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    1. Most dudes from John Hopkins are pretty smart, last time I checked.
      (I only rolled with a few JH docs in my days, but I usually listened to them and certainly din’t preach to them.). I recall that Enfield was a stock-broker prior to returning to hoops.

      Gotta like a guy with a great pedigree, high-pressure job that pays very well, and a super-modelesque wife. Add a home in a picturesque, American coastal community? Way to go Andy!

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    1. Scott, I agree, he didn’t seem all that comfortable in the interview, but the mask could be the reason. He did seem fairly genuine. And leave it to Scottie, after an epic victory, to bullet point the negative – free throws, Kansas was awful, Isiah Mobley on Oregon…

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      1. I didn’t see the interview. What specifically was wrong with it?

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  3. Enjoy it Trojans be ready for a battle on Sunday. Nike and University of Oregon CE0 Phil Knight is throwing more cash at the players and Coach Altman if they can beat USC. Shoe sales are good so the money is flowing at Nike so Phil wants to see his Rubber Ducky toy make it to the final four before he leaves this world. Before Nike it was a known fact the University of Oregon was the poorest athletic program in the Pac until Uncle Phil opened his cash box for the tax write off.

    It will be just that a battle… Coach Altman will be a tough coach to beat with a week to prepare for the Trojans. I am saying it right here the winner of the USC -Oregon game will make it to the final four after beating Gonzaga.

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    1. tommyd!
      How dare you diss the #350 ranked (out of 788) University in America.*

      If talented student athletes want to attend a glorified JUCO just to wear gaudy (think–I might wear these as pyjamas) uniforms…well, go kid. Not
      gonna’ work out long term for you.

      *per WSJ I believe. USNWR ranking might be different.

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  4. MG,

    He just seemed kind of defensive, like, “You know we ARE a good team. And the Pac IS one of the best conferences in the country,
    you know we had 10 players drafted last year and we are REALLY GOOD, which is proven by our tourney performance this year.”

    I mean, OK, everyone has done great for sure. But it’s like he was demanding respect, when respect had not previously been given, and we and the PAC were unjustifiably and totally disrespected.

    Which, if I’m not mistaken, weren’t we all kinda crappy until the past week or so?

    Admittedly, I have not been following it, as I am so disenchanted with my alma mater (Fire Helton, Ms. Folt) that I have disengaged because of my disenchantedness.

    However, I must admit I’m semi-fired up about our hoops; those guys are impressive.

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    1. Thanks for the insights, Scott.
      Andy is doing something Helton hasn’t done. Actually make that 2 things Helton hasn’t done –(1) He’s got the team playing best when the spotlight is on them and (2) he’s got his players coming together as a team rather than a collection of talented recruits.
      Really good to see a Trojan team rise to the occasion — I’ve watched enough Holiday Bowls, Cotton Bowls and Pac 12 Championships to last a life time.

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      1. Michael:
        I’ve never dissed Enfield–mostly for the previously noted reasons
        (JHopkins education, lotsa money, supermodel wife and lovely family, nice home….).

        I saw a humble coach in the postgame presser who knows he’ll be squaring up against KU later in 2021, and who also knows that the Dux are playing well
        in the paint and shooting lights out on the perimeter. Smart, confident guy.

        Enfield has us on a good trajectory over the past 5+ years:
        Metu, OO, the Mobleys, and Goodwin…
        Maybe USC is the place for the Big Guys to come?
        Maybe Eric Mobley will be a nice addition to the coaching staff?

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  5. If you’ve watched this team over the years as well as this season, you know well that they play down to their competition. This did not happen last night. You really should give proper praise equal to your negative criticism as much as it may pain you.

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