USC Morning Buzz: Nothing Like Some Score-Settling Before Sweet 16

I will be completely honest here: I have no idea what article the excerpt below is from and don’t really care.

It’s basically a coach looking at USC basketball through its shortcomings. I’m sure the same coach could say a lot of complimentary things if asked for that too.

But I never get why USC seems to immediately go into “score-settling mode” as soon as it experiences a little success.

Does Oregon State do that? Oral Roberts? Loyola of Chicago? I hope not but I’m not going to check.

One reason I liked covering Pete Carroll was that even if you thought USC was arrogant at the height of his success, it was also a lot of fun. Carroll did it with a smile, a laugh and spring in his step.

I’ve yet to see that from Andy Enfield during the NCAA Tournament.

And then we get this tweet:

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Nothing Like Some Score-Settling Before Sweet 16

  1. Almost every team and player in the history of history does this. Alabama football looks for or invents reasons to have a chip on their shoulder. How many times have we heard “they didn’t respect us” or “doubters” or “nobody thought we’d be here”. It’s what happens in sports.

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  2. You can apply this tweet to the football program led by the form of Folt-Bohn-Helton. If you want a football program that cannot compete against the big boys give them a call at 1-800-Pansy-Ass.

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  3. Being honest? Okay look it up but honestly you don’t care so why mention it. As far as the basketball team I hope the prove everyone wrong and run the table as long as it doesn’t interfere with the spring football start and all the drama that churns up. I do love my dramas.

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    1. Exactly.
      This has no importance.
      I like how he turns the corner and starts to kiss own butt while trying to show some “respect” to Pete.
      This post was just a forced insult by Wolf.


  4. Quote:
    “I will be completely honest here: I have no idea what article the excerpt below is from and don’t really care.”

    I told him, ‘Son, what is it with you? Is it ignorance or apathy?’ He said, ‘Coach, I don’t know and I don’t care.
    Frank Layden (former coach of the Utah Jazz. GRHS)

    This, my friends, is the state of being “amblivious”–a word we coined quite some time ago. Simple. Concise. Effective.

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    1. Just In! Layden’s question …and the reply thereto….are now on t-shirts being distributed by the L. A. Unified School District as part of their new dress code…

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  5. The USC guard play has been a pleasant surprise during the Tournament.

    My hope is that Goodwin, Taj, IW and Peterson have strong games on Sunday night. Esp Goodwin. Can’t you just see EMobley fighting off the double-team and dishing it off to Goodwin for many monster dunks?

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  6. SUCC had an impressive win vs Oregon Feb. 22. But Captain Andyain’twinning mouthing off that Oregon stole the Pac-12 title from SUCC just gives Oregon more incentive to torpedo Clown U’s dinghy, the SS O’ ferever.

    Just recently, 4 out of every 5 NFL experts had the Chiefs easily walking over the Bucs. The Chiefs didn’t even score a TD in the SB.

    Can’t wait for Sunday.


      1. PT, Alabama is a offensive BB team that likes to run; they play little defense – sort of a “Showtime” Lakers team.

        UCLA will slow the game down and use an aggressive defense to upset Alabama.

        Win making threes, lose by whiffing threes.


      2. you mean: “you live by the sword, you die by the sword.” Good players and coaches may give you some window dressing you fall for, but people looking to move onward and upward don’t spend much time weaving tales of great vengeance. That’s energy well spent internally, not externally. They’re concerned about their own performance, not someone else’s.

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      3. You may find it here: Proverbs chapter 20, verse 22…..Do not say, “I’ll pay you back for this wrong!” Wait for the Lord, He will avenge you.

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      4. Take it all to the Creator in prayer, let Him be the author and finisher of your faith, please.


    1. JO, aka ole’ knucklehead, is back. First, he hides out after USC trounces Kansas (and after throwing his own team under the bus, only to get back on the bus–what a chump). Now he comes up with this nugget: “Just recently, 4 out of every 5 NFL experts had the Chiefs easily walking over the Bucs. The Chiefs didn’t even score a TD in the SB”. Wooooo, sometimes upsets happen, really? Never knew that.
      And USC still owns Pauley. Must be a pain for Cronin to have drive to USC to beg for the keys to Pauley.
      Okay, you have performed your court jester duties for the day. You have my permission to leave. Take your mop with you.


      1. JO, so how is UCLA doing with football NCAA titles? The king of college sports. And if you want to go history, how about overall men’s NCAA titles? USC wins again.
        Head to head in all games, in all sports? USC 1050 to UCLA 1009 (with 11 ties). USC wins again. Most titles in any given sport, USC with 26 for track and field (second only to OklaSt in wrestling). Most Olympic gold medalists–USC wins again. And again. Ownership of Pauley? USC. First team to beat UCLA in Pauley? USC. Last team to beat UCLA in Pauley? USC

        JO just keeps on giving.

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  7. I can tell you which coach this is. It is the guy who lost his girlfriend to Enfield a number of years ago and can’t let go of the grudge.

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  8. The more I think about it, the more I suspect Stephen is right — Andy’s wasting energy chiding his critics. But there’s some deep, unresolved anger in Enfield …that I’m HOPING his team can feed off on…

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  9. The way Oregon can beat SC is to let their second string foul the heck out of SC and pray the big lads clank their fair share.

    SC foul shooters have too many moving body parts on the line. SC foul shooters don’t seem settled when shooting. Poor technique.
    About the only way I see SC losing on Sunday.

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  10. Dear Royal 👑 court ( Kings Guarino/ 67/PUDLY) I am on the path to righteousness- I scroll down when Just Borrowings is on this site. Just Ignore- Folt/ Bohn/ Moron/ Just Begging/ Now the simple reason why Usc does beat the “Quacks “ Again it’s truly “ rocket science- explainable by Isiah Mobley- why’re we to believe he won’t have another great game he is the MVP of the team & as far as I’m concerned the whole tournament thus far. If my memory serves me well I don’t remember him playing in the game during the regular season. Andy Enfield is not an idiot,he realizes that a life-time contract is on the line for a future of Manhattan Beach & his favorite restaurant “ Valentino’s “. I’m hoping that Thanks Enfield has a new meaning after this tournament.

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