Who Was At USC Pro Day?

The biggest impression at Pro Day was the appearance of Raiders general manager Mike Mayock and offensive line coach Tom Cable.

They were watching Alijah Vera-Tucker and the Raiders have the 17th pick.

Mayock used to come to USC and hold court as an NFL Network analyst before he went to the Raiders.

The Bengals sent offensive line coach Frank Pallack to watch Vera-Tucker. But they have the fifth pick.

Since it was USC, there were also plenty of the hangers-on, who also work for the football program. Of course.

Who else was there? Clay Helton, thankfully wearing a face mask. I wonder how many fans’ blood pressure rose when they saw him.

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15 thoughts on “Who Was At USC Pro Day?

  1. Send Vera -Tucker to the Raiders. He’ll be happy there. I disagree with the thought that only Vera-Tucker goes first day. I think St. Brown has the diamond in the rough quality, which make him a first rounder.

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    1. Is ARSB the prototypical fast/strong/elusive slot receiver, or is he a perimeter WR? He was TOUGH as NAILS during his 3 (2.5) seasons with us.


  2. Helton- looks like the Bob’s Big Boy Hamburger logo with a Darth Vadar mask on. Only USC would promote a guy like this to head coach. Other than USC who else would hire this guy other than North Texas, or Abilene Christian. He has done nothing at USC, and did nothing before he came to USC.

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    1. Oh, I remember. But I think Clay looks more like William Bendix in “Life of Riley” —check it out…..


  3. William Bendix is another good one. Uncle Fester in the Adams’ family might be the best fit. He certainly does not look or act like a football coach. Perhaps, a used car salesman like Cal Worthington should be his next move: “Go See Clay at Mesquite, Texas Dodge . The laid back good old boy image might work in Texas but not in Southern California.

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    1. Yes, Uncle Fester!
      In episode #1 of the Adams Family television series, Gomez asked if Morticia thought he should go check on Uncle Fester [who hadn’t emerged from his room for something like 72 hours]. Morticia replied, “No —if he’s sleeping we shouldn’t bother him….and if he’s dead, what would be the point?”
      How many times has this scene been played out by the Coordinators regarding Clay’s condition?


    2. Go see clay! Go see clay! And his dog Folt!
      Well at least you can’t get pussy cow! pussy cow! , mixed up in it like when we we’re kids growing up. Lol.


  4. Uncle Fester (Clay Helton) is a member of the fictional Addams/and USC Football Family. He was played by Jackie Coogan (Clay Helton) in the original television series, by Christopher Lloyd in the two feature films, by Nick Kroll in the 2019 animated.
    USC should be embarrassed they hired and have retained Uncle Fester (Clay Helton)as their football coach. He is a dead look alike for Uncle Fester. For now on instead of Gomer he should be now called Uncle Fester for many more reasons then just his looks.

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    1. btw, when Helton is finally shown the door, what do you wanna bet he gives the Nixon “gentleman, you’re not gonna have Helton to kick around anymore!” speech?


  5. The Raiders not should of not only be looking at Vera Tucker either. Hufanga, Tufele, St Brown and Marlon should be on their radar also. They need play makers on both sides of the ball period.
    That’s what’s wrong with Mayock he doesn’t know how to draft by taking the best player possible. He reaches on players just like his predecessor Reggie McKenzie use to do. If the Raiders don’t make the playoffs this year. He will be fired right after they are eliminated just Reggie was.


    1. trojanboogs,

      The Raiders picked up a couple of receivers last year, one being a Aghlor, the ex Philly receiver and USC player. Raiders coud use another receiver but defensive players would help

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