Unconventional Approach To Pro Day

Some people applauded earlier this week when former USC safety Talanoa Hufanga said he wasn’t working out at an elite gym for Pro Day but doing one-on-workouts with Troy Polamalu to help with the mental aspects of football.

Maybe he should have hired a trainer since he did only 12 reps on the benchpress. No one else is going to mention this, however.

The good thing for Hufanga is his film will get him drafted in the mid rounds and his other Pro Day marks were fine.

One of the frustrating things from Pro Day was I didn’t hear anyone list the 10-yard dash marks for Marlon Tuipulotu, who chose not to run the 40.

The 10-yard mark is actually more important for offensive and defensive linemen. So it should be made public.

Jay Tufele, who is about the same size as Tuipulotu, didn’t mind running the 40 and had a nice mark (4.97).

6 thoughts on “Unconventional Approach To Pro Day

  1. 1.1 billion seems like a simple settlement, but where is the money coming from, and if there was reserve money in the bank there it put a deep hole in that. So my question Carol Folt how are you going to recover the lost money maybe the answer is put more emphysis on athletics, and hire a good football coach.


  2. Georgie Porgie fingered pie. Poked the girls snd made them cry. Saved the film as a souvenir shoulda landed him in jail on his rear. How the school is responsible is beyond me, they’re willing to pay and that’s key.

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  3. Problem is the school has culpability since it new and was afraid to terminate due to the fact that he would sue them for termination and then it would get out. So instead of doing the right thing, they did the right thing for the schools reputation. The biggest lunacy was after all those wrong moves, the ultimately made the stupid move. They left the predator in the same spot to do it again after they were aware of the problem and told him not to do it again. They don’t even know how to be good at being bad. 70% of his misdeeds came after they knew about his bad deeds. So yes the Dr did these things, but the university could have prevented 70% of the crimes and didn’t cause it would look bad and couldn’t even simply remove him from the ability to have access. They could have simply moved him to an administrative position or bought him out. And he couldn’t have touched 70% of the girls. This is still not doing the right thing… but its better than what they did.


  4. While Folt would probably handle this type of issue much better, I really question the leadership skills of her administration. Where is the big vision for turning the page at SC and leveraging the unique attributes of the school to make it the ultimate West Coast academic institution?

    On the issue of Clay Helton, I think they are going to keep him through his contract. Bohn/Sosna are doing a good job of hiring quality coaches (Stiner, Orlando, So’Oto, Williams, Naviar). My guess is that on the offensive side they have allowed Harrell to make the decisions, but that he has one year to prove his offense can dominate, or he is gone. My guess is that Donte will be developed as the next head coach, to make over after Helton’s contract expires.


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