USC Settles George Tyndall Case For More Than $1.1 Billion

USC is going to pay more than $1.1 billion to patients of former doctor George Tyndall, making it the largest payout for sexual abuse in college history.

The $1.1 billion figure includes a payout of $852 million for 710 women suing USC. The university previously agreed to pay $215 million in a federal lawsuit in 2018.

Michigan State paid $500 million in the Larry Nasser case, which involved sexual abuse of gymnasts and others.

Here’s an interesting quote from USC Board of Trustees chair Rick Caruso, who seemed to suggest former president Max Nikias needs to relinquish his on-campus office, faculty position and perhaps his role as a non-voting trustee.

“I think this is a time where Max really has to reflect on what’s best for the university, what’s best for the students, and make a decision himself,” Caruso told the Los Angeles Times. “I think there’s clarity to the answer to that, but I think that’s for him to answer.”

Caruso told the Times the money for the settlement will come from “from insurance proceeds as well as financial reserves, the deferment of capital projects, the sale of some `non-essential assets’ and belt tightening.”

I guess now we know where the money from selling the Mudd presidential estate in San Marino will go.

And why USC is increasing tuition next year.

21 thoughts on “USC Settles George Tyndall Case For More Than $1.1 Billion

  1. I think it’s wrong to yoke Max to George’s wagon. Am I the only one who remembers Max’s strong condemnation of the Med School Dean when news of the near death [from a drug overdose] of one of his students at a Pasadena hotel leaked out? Wasn’t it Max who bravely announced to the whole world, “Sometimes people of great power and talent get involved in these kinds of things”?! Or words to that effect.
    It would be a shame if a man of Max’s moral clarity were forced to leave campus over something like a billion dollar payout.

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  2. “I think there’s clarity to the answer to this situation ….but I personally would never presume to give such a clear answer …….I think it is up to someone else …..someone who has often shown us that he won’t give us a clear answer.”
    — ThePathOfRighteousnessIsComplex

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  3. “I think this is a time where Clay really has to reflect on what’s best for the university, what’s best for the Program, and make a decision himself,” Caruso told the Los Angeles Times. “I think there’s clarity to the answer to that, but I think that’s for him to answer.” Problem is Clay would give himself another Extension.

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    1. I guess that’s always a possible problem when a “decision maker” delegates his decision making to a guy who was supposed to get decided against…..

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  4. More than a million per person for getting felt up? Sign me up for that.

    I’m sorry, but it the size of these judgements are just ridiculous. We need a much better court system that is not purposely created to make lawyers rich. Remember, it is the lawyers who got 1/3 of that settlement, that is where the real money is.

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    1. Let me let you in on a little secret. Every time you read about a city, state or federal agency making a big payout to a terribly wrong victim —some lawyer [or collection of lawyers] is making a big payday. And…guess what?….a lot of times they are big contributors to the political party behind that agency…… and, in the form of future contributions, some of that big award makes it right back to that political party.

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      1. ‘Character’ is what you exhibit when your parents aren’t looking.

        Mr. Caruso seems to not want to be held accountable for much of any of the wrong turns SC has made.

        Is he afraid of something?

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  5. Damn, all UCLA had to pay for its Doctor’s perverted behavior is $73 million.

    So starting today, the bozo pool(s) will be drained, and the gym showers will only run cold in 5 sec. bursts.

    #SUCC takes Tyndall’s $1.1 Billion misunderstanding on chin.



    1. I like when you admit that we beat you like red headed step child in something else. We are number 1. I think though our 5.7 billion endowment plus insurance can take care of most of this. Winner is going to Win. Ding goes the Victory Bell!!! #whoisrunningthisclownshow? #notourproudestmoment

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      1. I don’t think so Ricki. The insurers will balk at any responsibility for the whole or faction of SUCC’s record $1.1 billion settlement.

        Clown U’s Administration, Max and his BOT sycophants knew for years of Doc Tyndall vile exploits and deliberately ignored female student complaints.

        As I write, there are Insurance co. attorney’s actively drawing up legal briefs to negate their company’s Tyndall financial responsibility.

        I’m not an attorney, but those Insurers have good case. Not only that, Tyndall is about to go on trial for his illegal behavior and he’s facing the possibility of dying in prison. If Tyndall pleads guilty for a reduced sentence or is adjudicated guilty, that’s just another arrow in the insurer’s quiver.

        And the apex AH in the Tyndall quagmire, C. L. ‘Max” Nikias is still a tenured SUCC Professor and lifetime member to the BOT. Those Nikias rewards were bestowed on Nikias AFTER Tyndall was busted!!!!!

        SUCC will eat the bulk of the Clown U’s fat, record-breaking settlement. D’oh


  6. I think Rick Caruso as Chairman of the Board should be accountable for some of these big mistakes going on lately at USC. This type of settlement is not acceptable, and will cripple USC for quite some time. Last time I checked didn’t the Board approve Clay’s Helton new contract with the huge buy out. Is Caruso really interested in the future of USC, or is being the Chairman of the Board a stepping stone to becoming the next Mayor of Los Angeles. He is now throwing all the trash at Max Nikias as though he was not aware of all the corruption going on at USC in the past 5 years. Sorry folks looks to me like they need to clean house at the top all the way down to the athletic department if things are going to improve regardless of how much money, or how weathy our leadership team is at usc.

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  7. If RICK CARUSO runs for mayor I would not vote for this idiot. He needs to take a long ride on his yacht with all his buddies who were involved in the USC admissions scandals, and then disappear from USC.

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