Notes: A USC-UCLA Sweet 16 Fact

Some people have asked about this: USC and UCLA are in the Sweet 16 together for the third time (2021, 2007, 2001).

  • USC is currently a 2-point favorite over Oregon.
  • Today’s USC newsletter has a funny story about inside reaction to Clay Helton’s comments.
  • Here’s a follow-up to this morning’s post, when I asked if Oregon State was complaining about a lack of respect from not making the Sweet 16?

12 thoughts on “Notes: A USC-UCLA Sweet 16 Fact

    1. btw, 67, why did USC choose THIS week to nationally embarrass itself with that billion plus settlement? Why not wait until after the tournament? Why interfere with our team’s place in the sun?

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      1. Bourbon — I agree [The problem is we can’t put Folt and her conscious or unconscious contempt for USC Athletics behind us too]……

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  1. Wayne Tinkle is a good man, and a pretty good coach. USC has to earn respect in college basketball starting this Sunday night. Oregon, has two big scorers a game if we hold them both down to 24- 30 points combined we have a good chance to win and advance.

    Rebounding- We must keep Oregon off the glass, and use our height advantage.
    Agressiveness- The entire nation thinks USC is a soft team. It’s time to be physical like we were against Kanas.

    Free Throw Shooting- the game will be close we must shoot 68-70% to stay in the hunt in a close game,

    3 point shooting- USC must shoot 45-50% from the outside to open up the middle.

    Convince Sister Jean to pray and root for the Trojans. I like Loyola Chicago’s chances to make it to the Final 4

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    1. 45-50% from downtown is above reasonable expectations.
      At 38-40%, we win the game (assuming UO doesn’t shoot the 3 better than we do,)

      I agree that an above average night at the charity stripe would be welcomed.
      I think Trojan FT shooting has actually gotten worse in the past 2 months.

      Anyway, score in the paint, stay out of foul trouble, play intense defense and nail some key 3’s.

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      1. Nothing wrong with that checklist, Bourbon —-[although I’d also like to see Oregon have one of those Kansas-type nights]….

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      2. Michael:
        Like back in the “good ole’ days” (which is nearly the past Century of this rivalry), I think USC kinda has UCLA’s “number.” The Bruins kinda just wanna stay in the game with USC, while the Trojans go in with only victory on their minds.

        Oregon, on the other hand, is not of this mindset….
        The Trojans will need to play their best game of the year on Sunday.
        With both teams rested for a week, should be a thriller.

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  2. This year’s USC basketball team is an anomaly. Without the Mobley brothers, the team is poorly coached and would not win. Enfield got lucky for a year, but once the Mobley bros are gone, it will revert right back to a losing team.

    Unfortunately, we are stuck with Clay and Andy until their contracts expire.

    That is what happens when you pay 1.1 billion for a settlement.


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