USC Saturday Notes: Quick Look At Spring Practice Policy

When USC starts spring practice Tuesday, this will throw a wrench in the plans of some “media.”

From the athletic dept.: “Please do not go to the McKay Center tunnel to photograph players as they enter practice; security will remove you and your practice viewing access will be revoked.”

That will significantly cut down on twitter pictures/videos, thankfully.

Also: How much security do they need when USC is closed to all non-essential personnel and visitors?


16 thoughts on “USC Saturday Notes: Quick Look At Spring Practice Policy

  1. A “Saturday night photo” would have been much better. Even a Baxter gut photo. Just saying for future reference, when the blogger pops the cork before finishing up work for the day.

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      1. Owns has a very strict rule on moral victories: Only UCLA can claim them…

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      2. Guys — The only thing Enfield needs to say before today’s game: “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

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    1. Good guess, pt. And he passed his wish along to Bohn…..who ran it by Folt….and word came back down the line….

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      1. I think, from here in, USC is going to reserve the right to end practices in secret….which is fine….. let teams see certain stuff for the first time on the field….

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