Saturday Buzz: USC Roster Full Of “Veteran” Players

It’s probably best not to call USC a young team this season, thanks to the extra year of eligibility granted to players.

Defensive lineman Caleb Tremblay is 24. Tailback Vavae Maleapeai is 23. Safety Micah Croom is 23. Offensive lineman Bernard Schirmer is 24. Snapper Damon Johnson is 23. Offensive lineman Frank Martin is 23.

Of course, no one compares to punter Ben Griffiths, who is 29.

USC should feel right at home when it faces BYU in terms of players’ ages.

  • I’m guessing USC baseball got those seven suspended players back. The Trojans have won 7 of 8 and overcame a 4-1 deficit in the ninth inning vs. much-feared UCLA last night.

71 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: USC Roster Full Of “Veteran” Players

    1. sow gives up 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th inning to prove that the ruins still haven’t learned their lesson. Football, basketball, baseball…..

      Hahahahaha 💋

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      1. 2020 – 21 Water Polo NC match in SUCC’s own dirty pool:

        UCLA 7 – Clown U 6

        #Some things never change.


      2. Sow was ranked #2 in preseason polls… and their dropping like a rock‼️ You’re right, some things never change.

        Hahahahaha ✌🏾💥✌️💥✌🏾💥

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      3. My summary of my 51 years a Trojan fan and 42 years a member of the family:

        Bruins? Front runners.
        Trojans? Fight on.

        As a kid I watched the Bruins dominate College hoops, watching on either KTLA or KTTV or KHJ. Whatever channel had the Bruins. I thought they were epic, but couldn’t understand why they sucked at the important sport
        (though Dick Vermeil made things interesting–for a while).

        Front runners lack spirit. Lack soul. When the going gets tough? Fold.
        I find U Oregon similarly inclined as a front-runners school. The #350 out of 788 University in America.

        At least you may earn a fair education at UCLA and enjoy plenty of victories in many sports and hang out in a slightly tidier neighborhood.

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      4. Michael, You might be the best person to advise owns that if he shows up here today, that the “kick me” sign attached to his backside should be in small font, not in the 60 point capital letters he has right now. SMDH about our little buddy…

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      5. USC beats UCLA yet again!! This is getting embarrasing for UCLA. Not only are they losing, they are choking big time. Do they have anyone on their intra-mural teams they can promote to help out?

        Well, maybe we can give them water polo so it at least looks like they can compete in something…anything.

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      6. Gone are the days of Tommy Prothro, Dick Vermeil, the long line of hoops coaches. Now it is mick cronin and show cause chip kelly. I mean, if they were willing to hire a corrupt coach, they could have hired much better than chip, worse power 5 record in the last 3 years. It is good our little buddy lives in a fantasy world, the reality of westwood is not pleasant.

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      7. 67 —Here’s my favorite Westwood story (cuz it really sums the whole place up). A law school friend and I went to see the Ali/Foreman fight at the Bruin Theater. A Westwood asshole and his wife, all dressed up like they were going to the opera, sat next to us —making dumb statements all fight long (“Ali’s tired –he’s starting to give up”). When Ali clocked Foreman in the 8th and was setting up to throw the right hander that would end it, my friend yelled out “knock him out, Ali! Knock the fucker out!” The Westwood guy squeaked ,”Please….there are ladies present!”

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      8. 67 — Yeah, I’d really stay away from the capital letters….

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      1. I hear you BK. I must have posted “Play Stepp!” 50 times the last three seasons. Great attitude. 6′ tall, 235, he has run electronic 4.42. We’ve seen him carry 4 guys on his back for 5 extra yards. Ordinarily I would presume “coaches know what they are doing, but with clay, I no longer ascribe to that philosophy. They say he has trouble catching the ball and pass-blocking. If true, then coach him up!

        He could have been the second coming of Lendale, but with more discipline. I bet he tears it up for the ‘Huskers next season. Fight on, Big Markese.


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      2. We all wanted to see Stepps carry 15-18 times a game for the Trojans.
        He’s gone, and we’re thin at RB.


  1. The base ball game was exciting and it cam down to the last out. There were two outs when SC scored four runs. Beat the ruins again today.

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  2. Memo to: Dear Pisley

    It’s not where you start; it’s where you finish that counts.

    UCLA 7 – SUCC 6 – The Bruins win their (not they’re) 119th NCAA NC in the bozo’s dirty pool.

    SUCC: perennial Avis Clowns


    1. JO “It’s not where you start; it’s where you finish that counts.”
      So in other words, you lost AGAIN.

      You know you are in trouble when you have to keep resorting to a water polo win. “oh, yea, sonny, mabye we did lose to USC in all of those sports…and maybe they do own Pauley…..but let me tell you about the time we beat them in water polo.”

      JO just keeps on giving.

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    2. As always owns, you sow ruin wannabe, you’ve managed to stick your head further up where the sun don’t shine…

      Ruins start ahead in football, go up multiple scores.. then choka

      sow voted top team in Pac12 men’s BB, finish what?? 4th or 5th, haha

      Sow takes lead in game vs Trojans, a double digit lead at that, only to choka

      Ruins go into the last 4 games this season with a chance to still win the conference and maybe the conference tourney. In all games they lead until it matters (as you put it) and lose ALL 4.

      Yup, it’s how you finish.

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      1. You know what two things I’m thinking at this moment? (1) This is some funny shit Pudly is typing up today…..(2) I really, really, really hope we don’t have to eat it after the Alabama and Oregon games…..

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      2. Don’t know why… I haven’t made any predictions regarding either game as opposed to “mr. pride goes before the fall”…
        Although I do feel comfortable and confident about our talent and game plan.

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      3. May I add I hope we win and they lose?

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      4. And yet Pisley, there (not their or they’re) we are, after a 4 game losing streak, in the sweet 16. In 2 years Cronin does what it took Andyain’twinning 8 years to achieve.

        And Cronin didn’t have to buy 2 recruit’s Ta-Ta to make it happen.

        But Pisley, you stinking POS , I’d be remiss if I didn’t give Clown U some well deserved acclamation:

        “SUCC is #1 in payouts for college lawsuits, defeating MSU and Penn State by 100s of millions $$. At a total of $1.1 bill, this is one for the record books. SUC administration knew for over 30 years that their perv gyno was abusing women…somewhere near 17k they estimate. If this isn’t the epitome of SUC arrogance, nothing is. Then there’s their legal expenses….hopefully, victims will use their settlement $$$ to send their children elsewhere. Max Nikias, still wandering around the SUC campus, should be thanked for dramatically raising the university’s profile. Maybe there will b a ceremony MC’d by our friend Carmen Puliafito.”

        ~SCcuha from BG.

        SUCC: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ ferever, and proud of it.


      5. You are the lowest form of life. A bandwaggonner. You wanted them to quit out of embarrassment. It was I who said they should go to the tourney, not you. You impotent little, little man. You said they should stay home and hide….what a crappy fan you make.

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      1. Absolutely MG, SUCC is #1, especially in cash payouts to settle ugly, scuzzy lawsuits and merited NCAA Div. 1 team sanctions.

        #”Isawthemoneyandtookit” ~ Reggie Bush.


      2. I’m only guessing —but generally these huge settlements only make for great headlines. I know that huge fines levied on major companies NEVER get paid — there’s just a splashy headline, a couple of installments made….and, then, things start to get a bit muddled. It’s not like the working press is going to bother checking the docket to see how things are progressing.
        On top of that, an impressive fraction of this award is going straight to lawyers —- who will wind up returning it to USC in one form or another.
        I don’t say any of this gleefully. Victims should be compensated. But the reported totals of settlements and what actually gets paid out are two separate animals.
        That said, USC is #1 in inexcusable fuck ups over the last decade.

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      3. I get a sense that Owns would look at rapturous Playboy Centerfold and find flaws with her toenails.

        When you look at the Med School’s development during Cokin’ Carmen’s time, it is incredible. Indeed, Pusher Puliafilito stole two of UCLA’s best and most esteemed Neurologists to start our Regenerative Neurobiology program. I don’t care much about Water Polo, but I love it when we whip UCLA’s @$$ in the Medical world!

        I think the Med School went from #40ish out of 120 to now top 20 (or better) during the run.

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    1. JO’s posts are typically so rambling and incoherent it is never quite clear what he is saying, but ultimately they nearly always boomerang back on him.

      One thing we can certain about that UCLA leads in are faculty who spy for China. Or in healthy athletes who deprive handicap people from getting parking placards. Or players who shoplift in China. Or those that plot to murder a judge and NFL cheerleader (D. Henley). Or in UCLA fans that hang out at USC blogs.

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      1. And you act like you don’t remember Rodney Alcala who is said to have killed 25+ women… of course he couldn’t graduate, think it had something to do with the 7 yr old girl he raped and left for dead on his kitchen floor.


    2. I think USC athletes have more Olympic Gold Medals than most countries, ‘Smoky.

      Don’t know how UCLA is doing in that metric (fair, I would assume, but…)

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  3. Roster management at SC has been pathetic. There are so many players at SC who have not contributed and will not contribute to the team. When Helton couldnt get top recruits to sign up, he filled the roster up with much lower ranked recruits that will just take up scholarships. It is a much better idea to simply not hand out all the scholarships if you are getting players who will never hit the field. Save them for the next year.

    It will take another 2-3 years to fill up with higher ranked recruits and flush out the remaining dead wood in the program. In that time, we will have many younger players on the field, because the older players are not ever going to get on-field.

    A top-notch program like Alabama is going to bring in guys and develop them while the juniors and seniors play and then bring the younger players in behind the older players.

    The future of SC is Donte Williams. He is going to be the HC after Helton’s contract runs out. Here is the path forward. 2021 – establish a top 20 defense and figure out whether the air raid and Graham Harrell should stick around – either GH figures out how to combine the air raid concepts with a run game (similar to Oklahoma) or he is gone. 2021 is also the year that the team improves from a really great S&C program under Stiner. So we start to develop player talent from this point forwrad. And finally 2021 is the 2nd year of really strong recruiting by SC, top 5-7 recruiting class. 2022 is the year the defense gets dominant and is a top 10 defense. Todd Orlando’s reputation is repaired and he gets a head coaching job after the season. The problems on the offensive side of the ball are sorted in 2022. The big question is whether Slovis will return, or whether Dart or Moss takes over the QB position. The team dominates the Pac-12 and is a contender for the CFP. Donte Williams is either the co-DC or DC if TO leaves, by the end of this football season. 2023 is the final year under Helton, but it is the year we actually qualify for the CFP, however, Helton is not really running the team by this time, it is Donte’s team. It is announced before the season begins that Helton is stepping aside so that a new generation of coaches can take on the challenge and Donte is the future HC.

    So by 2024, the Clay Helton era is over and USC fans are happy. Donte is relentless in his pursuit of excellence and has the youngest, most player-centric football coaching staff of the blue-blood programs. USC is consistently in the top 3 recruiting teams every year from this time forward and a CFP contender every year, although the CFP will likely be broadened to include more teams.

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  4. That’s correct Pisley, I said the Bruins should not accept a tournament bid should one be offered. That was my opinion! Cronin doesn’t solicit my advice anymore then Helton gives a sh*t about your advice.

    There’s (Not there, their, they’re) difference Pisley, you whiny little AH, between you and I. I will man up to my blog comment blunders/fake news/loser prognostications w/o the need to take a short vacation(7 – 10 days).

    Now let’s return to just prior to the Stanford vs UCLA game. The Bruins clearly stated, win or lose, they (not there, their, they’re) would not accept a Bowl bid.

    Now flash forward to the post Pac-12 FB Championship game fallout that followed the 5 – 0 bozo loss to a 3-2 Oregon team, AT the crumbling mausoleum.

    The Boner announces that SUCC, the any team, anywhere, anytime blowhard FB team would not accept a Bowl bid – here pussy, pussy, pussy. With their (not there or they’re) 5-1 record Clown U would have been in line for a rich bowl bid.

    So tell us Pisley, you whiny SUCC pissant, why did SUCC PUSSY out of a rich bowl game they (not they’re) earned via mucho luck. Sounds like SUCC FB took their (not they’re) ball and went home to momma.

    #Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.

    ~Mike Tyson


      1. First –New Rule: Nobody but nobody gets in trouble for mistakes or misspellings on this site from now on–cuz we’re replying to each other during quick breaks in our regular routine (okay, okay —for me, quick breaks from walking or sitting at the beach—but still…).
        Second — I don’t blame Helton for opting outta the bowl game. He just lost his best receiver —and ONLY quarterback.

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      2. P. S.
        Additional hashtag to last post……
        [Henry Fonda in “Once Upon A Time in The West: “You had a chance to get out —and you didn’t take it”]…..

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    1. Bandwagoner!!
      Good time charlie
      Johnny come lately
      Gutless wonder

      All apply when describing owns. I don’t think they should play anymore😂

      💥✌🏾💥✌️💥✌🏾💥 🖕🏽🖕🏽

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      1. Once again Pisley the douchbag is bailed out by MG using cheap bozo FB excuses. Our QB was hurt, and a receiver was hurt – BFD! Clown U had B/U QB’s and a menagerie of wide receivers. No, SUCC took it’s ball and went home to momma.

        Face it SUCC AH’s, bozo FB pussed out on their (not there or they’re) “any team, anywhere, anytime,” BULLSH*T. I mean SUCC paid $ to UC Davis not to play the Toejam pussies.

        You didn’t hear UCLA whining about its missing BB players. You didn’t hear UCLA FB or BB whining about losing to the bozo’s with just seconds left in the game.

        Tomorrow is fish or cut bait time. Can’t wait. FU*K SUCC’s weeny whiners!


      2. Owns —I DID hear whining —after the football game….AND after the basketball game. Not from the UCLA players…..

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      1. Cal75,
        What a terribly inappropriate post for that spelling mistake of yours to occur…..
        [Maybe we should honor Rialto’s all purpose excuse: no editing function]…..

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      1. I did enjoy it when Owns gave me his version of Ash’s (Bruce Campbell’s) ‘fortress wall speech’ from Army of Darkness: “Oh, the little pussies all want to run home, crying to mamma!”

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      2. I think the Duke behaved well around Geraldine — [he coulda maybe showed a little more sympathy when Vittorio bought the farm]..

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      3. For some reason or another Alan Dershowitz never liked the Kleinfeld character —[whatever he used to be, Prof. Dershowitz has turned into one of the precious few defenders of civil liberties in this country —he’ll be remembered for his bravery in condemning what’s going on]….

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  5. Beat Gonzaga….Can it happen maybe, but if we play like we have there is a chance. MAKE HISTORY TOMORROW AFTERNOON TROJANS. You gotta believe “YES WE CAN”.

    Uncle Phil Knight CEO of the University of Oregon and Nike is not happy that the money he is giving the Ducks is not producing a return on his investment.


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