USC Notes: The Varsity Blues Scandal Movie Is Out

I have not seen the new Netflix documentary, “Operation Varsity Blues,” but this photo depicting former USC administrator Donna Heinel will no doubt catch the attention of those who worked in the athletic dept.

Actress Angela Nicholas plays Heinel. And that’s Matthew Modine as mastermind Rick Singer.

The docu-drama uses real conversations caught on tape and I’ve heard USC doesn’t look good in it (big shock). And I can’t believe they didn’t copy Heinel’s spiky haircut.

  • The USC newsletter, with answers to this morning’s column questions, is out.
  • USC forward Evan Mobley was one of 10 players selected to the John Wooden Award All-American team. The others were Jared Butler (Baylor), Kofi Cockburn (Illinois), Cade Cunningham (Oklahoma State), Hunter Dickinson (Michigan), Ayo Dosunmu (Illinois), Luka Garza (Iowa), Corey Kispert (Gonzaga), Jalen Suggs (Gonzaga) and Drew Timme (Gonzaga). 

USC basketball is still on message this week:

23 thoughts on “USC Notes: The Varsity Blues Scandal Movie Is Out

  1. Open Letter To Scott:
    The photo accompanying “If It’s Friday” column ruined breakfast. As long as we have to see them from time to time, can we restrict photos of Bohn to him giving his “it’s all about the seed” speech? And the Carol ones to her receiving her Most Valuable Player trophy?

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      1. My favorite scene is before his match he’s I’m the dark warming up by himself then jumps rope, he’s introduced by the PA Announcer and he burst into the gym.

        You’re not a competitor if that scene doesn’t fire u up!


      1. Why did he “deserve” anything? It sure seems like his own decisions determined the nature of his last act.


  2. I watched the movie and was waiting for Scott cameo but it never came. I thought all things USC run through Scott the puppet master? I’m thinking Scott maybe had a thing for Donna?

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    1. Scott’s scene was “Cancelled”……
      #…DueTo10YearPhotoOfS.W.ReadingDr Seuss….


      1. It’s endings like this that have our bruin friends triggered.

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  3. Time to move on from these scandals, why dwell in them?

    What we need is leadership at SC that doesnt operate on a cowardly basis. Think big, act smart. That is what is dangerous about SC right now, it is all risk management.

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    1. But….something could possibly, conceivably go wrong if we thought “big”….


  4. The difference between a wannabe sow and a real ruin?
    “ Walton said. “We the alumni at UCLA, we are incredibly proud of the job Mick Cronin has done. This guy has come in and he has got the team in shape, playing hard, playing together as a team, playing to win. And they improve over time and that is the job of a coach and the Bruins are representative of the Conference of Champions. Absolutely fantastic.”

    owns…” they should stay home and hide..” while I go to my room and cry like a little, little man.

    One you can respect, the other not so much.


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