Sunday Buzz: It’s USC-Oregon Game Day

Back to Indianapolis!

It’s another NCAA Tournament Game Day, which means we will have a live blog tonight for USC-Oregon.

This morning is your chance to pick the score. CBS Sports polled six of its writers/pundits: Three picked USC. Three picked Oregon.

USC is 22-0 when at least three of players score 10-or-more points and 2-7 when fewer than that reach double-figures. 

The Trojans have a size advantage and Tahj Eaddy made six 3-pointers when the teams met earlier this season. Oregon will want to shoot a lot of 3’s and Dana Altman has had nearly a week to prepare for the Trojans.

I hear Coach Bohn has flown back to Indianapolis for the game, so USC is all set.

Now what will the score be?

  • I found out Saturday that USC baseball is still without its seven suspended players. So the 4-game winning streak in the Pac-12 was even more impressive. UCLA snapped the streak with a 6-3 victory Saturday at Dedeaux Field.

42 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: It’s USC-Oregon Game Day

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  1. Trojans should be able to bring the same kind of defensive intensity as against Kansas and second half of Drake game. If they do that, they should win. Kansas has a good team and had no idea what hit them and had no idea what to do to counter it in the second half.

    Altman has had a week to prepare, but so has USC coaching staff. The “D” Trojans played last week requires good coaching and a good game plan (BTW, which coach is primarily responsible for their defensive responsibilities?)

    Oregon starting unit similar to Drake and Kansas, 3 guards, two forwards, both forwards only about 6’6″, giving up lots of height to the Mobleys.

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    1. Heck, even Peterson is 6’8”…. Trojans need to keep the pace slowed down and be deliberate on offense. So far defensively they’ve been able to keep teams from running on them all season, can they dominate the offensive boards making the quacks inbound the ball from the baseline??

      Looking forward to this evening’s game..

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      1. Should be a good one. Would love to see the ball go inside a lot for USC, minimizing long rebounds that can lead to a break and a quick quack 3.

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      2. While the defensive efficiency has been well publicized, many fail to appreciate that the USC offensive efficiency is amongst the best in D1.
        When the ball gets into the paint, it usually ends in 2. Our 3point shooters can be streaky, and when you have Mobley/Mobley/Goodwin, it can be tempting NOT to attempt the 3.

        ….if only someone knew how to shoot the “1”.

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  2. Dana Altman is by far the best coach in the Pac 12. He will have his team prepared. USC must play physical, and at the same high emotional level they played against Kansas. The key will be 1) Rebounding and play physical inside 2) Slow the game down don’t let Oregon turn this into a fast 3 point shooting contest3) Chris Duarte,is the best shooting guard in the country. If he’s on tonight look out which is probable so we must keep him at 20 or fewer points. 4) Oregon will put on full court pressure to increase the tempo of the game, and attempt to tire out our big men so we must hold on to the ball, and not turn it over. Oregon State, was effective operating a slow offensive game with plenty of picks against Oregon, and it took them out of rhythm which is the reason they defeated Oregon in the Pac 12 Tournament. USE the Clock Trojans don’t try to run with Oregon that’s their game because they lack size inside.

    Key Players- Issiah White and Goodwin. Issiah White is the real glue to this USC team, and will be a key to winning this game if he and Peterson can hold down Chris Duarte on the perimeter. Goodwin, must continue to clog up the middle defensively, and play physical on the offensive boards.

    We must shoot 70% at the foul line. This will be a close game every point will count.

    We probably won’t shoot as well from the 3pt line this time around against Oregon so we must play a balanced game starting with pounding the ball inside to the Mobley’s, and Goodwin with the ultimate goal to foul out the few Duck big men they have on their roster.

    Final Score- USC 77 Oregon 74. Ethan Anderson, hits a rare 3 point shot to win the game.

    Folks, I have a gut feeling the winner of this game makes it to the Final 4. To me USC can make history, and the team needs to play with their hearts tonight just like Oregon State has in the tournament with far less talent. Play to win it all tonight Trojans your as good as any team left in this tournament probably better, but you need to prove it tonight. Jam the ball inside please don’t try to win this game at the 3 point line only it’s not the strength of this team.

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    1. If only Trojans can replicate the D they played against Kansas. If they do, it isn’t close unless the basketball gods decide to steer a bunch of quack 3s into the bucket.

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      1. I wanna add a thought here—- we’ve all seen teams come out a little flat after a game in which they kicked ass & everything went their way. Enfield has to be preparing our guys for the moment it hits them, “oh, fuck –THIS one is going down to the final buzzer!”

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    2. That’s pretty much my assessment also.
      As I’ve stated prior, I’d like to see the Mobleys dish off to Goodwin repeatedly and have Chevez go for the easy MONSTER DUNX.

      USC 82 Ore 81 in 1 OT.

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      1. I’d be unspeakably happy if we got into the Elite by 1 point on last shot of first overtime….

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    3. The Mobley brothers need to take this game over. Evan needs to play a little more selfishly early in the game and force the defense to come to him.

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  3. Oregon expects Chris Duarte to win this game for the Ducks with some help from the other big guard. If USC can stay on him like glue, play team defense like they have been playing with a balance hit the open man offense we can win this thing. If we try to play Oregon’s game trying to win this game on the 3 point line the outcome will not favorable. Slow the game down Trojans work the clock it will take Oregon out of rhythm.

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    1. I’m throwing 2020 in the crapper, Pudly.
      Still, an interesting stat. The other thing in common with that list is that most of the programs (UCLA excepted) had a tidy winning record.

      Why did ASU, with such an electrifying, dynamic DT QB, lead the country in run game att? (I guess they had no experienced WR’s).

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  5. Watching Gonzaga vs Creighton. Gonzaga is not invincible. Creigton is being overwhelmed and shooting terribly. Creighton has no effective defense against a team that passes effectively. At this point, Creighton looks defeated and worn out. USC needs to present a relentless defense and not allow Creighton to go on runs.

    Oregon will be a real good test for USC.

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  6. Walton had this to say…
    “ We the alumni at UCLA, we are incredibly proud of the job Mick Cronin has done. This guy has come in and he has got the team in shape, playing hard, playing together as a team, playing to win. And they improve over time and that is the job of a coach and the Bruins are representative of the Conference of Champions. Absolutely fantastic.”

    owns had this to say…
    “They should just stay home.”

    One is a wannabe good time charlie, the other an actual alumn, I wonder who’s who?

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  7. Trojans be patient with your shots tonight don’t force up 3’s quickly or you will let Oregon get into rhythm. Force the ball down low Oregon, play physical inside the paint, and run the shot clock down on each possession.. We need to keep this game in the 60’s to win. This is how Oregon State beat them taking away the quick baskets, and quick 3’s by the Oregon Offense. We cannot keep up with this team trading 3 point shots we must win this game inside, and outside only if nothing else is there. Oregon does not have great size let’s take advantage of their weaknesses inside instead of trying to match up the 3’s where we are inconsistent. If we jam the ball down low we can get their few big men in foul trouble.

    “Yes we can make history tonight” if we play disciplenedomm/smart team basketball. Everyone thinks we need a great 3 point shooting game to win this is not our strength. We need to hit them hard in the paint on every possession, and dish out to our guards when their open. Inside and out attack Oregon’s weakness.


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    On to the Elite Eight game vs Michigan.

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