USC-Gonzaga Live Blog

Never even close. Gonzaga wins, 85-66.

Its’s now 56-34 so USC has not gotten off to a better start in the second half.

Gonzaga leads 49-30 at halftime. Zags have 1 turnover. USC has 7. Trojans shooting 36 percent, 30 percent on 3’s

USC has no answer for Drew Timme or anyone else.

The ref appears OK and is taken off by a stretcher.

The game is stopped after a referee collapsed.

It’s now 11-4.

USC down 7-0 early but cuts it to 7-4.

Amanda Enfield was at the Happy Hour and FaceTimed Andy for the fans. There were about 30 USC fans there including former star safety Mark Carrier.

23 thoughts on “USC-Gonzaga Live Blog

  1. OMG!


    Eva Mobley is getting run out the building

    Eva is no match for the big boys



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    1. It’s a whole lot more than coaching. We could have Gregg Popovich on the bench and we would still get run out of the building. Talent matters.

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      1. You must be new to basketball. Gonzaga knows exactly what USC is trying to do and designed a defense for it. Coaching in basketball actually matters, way more than any of the other major sports. If you switched Enfield with Cronin UCLA wouldn’t have even made the tournament.


      2. I’m a high school basketball coach and have coached for 15 plus years. You could literally roll out the ball without a coach and Gonzaga would beat us. I agree they run a great offensive system, but if you think a 1-2-2 zone press is revolutionary, you are mistaken. Gonzaga is just more athletic and more skilled across the board. Few is a superior coach, but we are way undermanned.

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  2. Passing the ball, cutting to the basket, screening, pick and roll, give and go, and defensive effort. These are all staples of TEAM Basketball. Run and gun, jacking up threes, over dribbling, and making no effort on defense. Right now that’s Gonzaga and USC.

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  3. Talent is basketball is great to have. We have more talent, but the other team is much better prepared, and coached. Their offense has a plan of how to attack a defense our team does not therefore poor ball movement, and alot of guys just standing around. Evan Mobley is not attacking on offense, and the whole team looks confused.

    Unless SC gets off to a good start in the 2nd half this game is over.


    1. We do not have even close to the same talent. Not even close. I think Mobley would start, not one other guy could crack their lineup. This is not just Mark Few out coaching us, this is a team that is clearly more athletic and skilled as well.

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      1. We’re OK and I’m just an OK coach. I love it and if I were better I’d make a living doing it. But, to answer your question- yes, better players almost always win in basketball at every level. Does LeBron end up with the best coach in the league year after year? Did Kerr forget how to coach when Steph and Klay got hurt? Talent matters more than sets. Gonzaga has it on a whole other level than we do.


  4. Zags 49 – 30 at half time.

    Andyain’twinning has the Zags right where he wants them.

    Where the hell are the blog Clownster’s? Must I assume they’re on the bozo BB bandwagon to oblivion.


  5. Uhh… Owns this is ugly and Gonzaga is obviously superior. I would tread lightly for the moment as UCLA is up next against a #1 seed. Part of me wants a Pac12 team in the Final Four but your subsequent delirium makes me think otherwise.


  6. USC wasn’t good enough, period. Zaga has better players and coaches, no shame in getting beat by a better team and making it to the final 8.

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    1. Agreed. Better players. Better coaching. [Not even Mike Bohn’s presence made a difference]….


  7. Look at their offense—they move at all times. We stand around…. I don’t see the great talent at Gonzaga I see team basketball Timme will play in the NBA maybe 2nd round, Suggs is superior no question probably overall the most talented. Kispert probably will play in the NBA also.

    This Gonzago team is like the 76 Indiana team- Scott May, Benson, Abernathy, and Quinn Buckley. All great team players none had great NBA careers but knew how to play basketball especially fundamentals.

    One of the best college basketball teams in the last 10 years. The best team won no question.


  8. This was a mismatch from the start and all these people that thought we had a chance haven’t watched Gonzaga … Out Coached … Better Prepared and just an embarrassing performance from the start

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