Discuss The USC-Gonzaga Game

For now, I will just say this: Let’s put to bed the debate over whether the 2021 or 2001 Trojans were the best?

That USC team pushed eventual national champions Duke the entire game and had some dodgy ref decisions to deal with. Tonight was just a push over.

64 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Gonzaga Game

    1. So MG, how much cash did drop on Andyain’twinning/bozo loss? I bet you couldn’t resist the SUCC +9 game spread based on SUCC’s Tournament juggernaut victories.

      Few took Andyain’twinning to the woodshed and beat the sh*t out of him. Poor Enwhine, he looked so humbled/humiliated after the game.


      1. Yeah BruinRob, it reminded me of the epic ass kicking of 1992 administered Indiana over #1 UCLA. Remember that one BruinRob? Bob Knight and the Hoosiers took UCLA and Jimmy “The Weasel” Harrick to the proverbial woodshed 106-79. Wasn’t that around the same time you began your illustrious career at the Cerritos McDonald’s on Alondra?


      1. tebow thinks it works like this — person makes up some bullshit & shows it to FBI, FBI has to turn over case to U.S Attorney, once U. S. Attorney gets case, U. S. Attorney has to file, once case is filed, Court has to deny all Gaetz’ pretrial motions and requests for dismissal, once case gets to jury, jury has to convict….


    2. You fools didn’t really think you were going to make the Final Four!!?? Did you?? There is a sale at home depot for six feet of rope. Don’t jump of the 37th street bridge…. I have to drive down to San Pedro later today. I don’t need the traffic.


  1. USC wasn’t good enough, just the way it is. Zaga is well coached and has terrific players, no shame in getting beat by an excellent team with an outstanding coach not to mention getting to the Elite 8.

    The question going forward, as Wolf pointed out, is do you give Enfield an extension. I say no. Who is clamoring to get him and the NCAA is still looking at him, plus he’s proved nothing in the time he’s a been at USC aside from hiring a dad of some very good players.

    If Enfield gets hired away it gives Bohn a chance to find his own guy.

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    1. “If you don’t think I can recruit, look at my wife.”
      …She is stunning.

      The dude has brought some top recruits into the program and delivered 20+ wins consistently. He’s not a great coach, but our history has not been replete with great coaches. After a lost decade of MBB, we are at least trending in the right direction.

      Next year the Trojans will be mid-pac 12 and we’ll have plenty to gripe about.

      Let’s enjoy two great seasons with a bunch of “W’s”.

      Last lost to UCLA was in the last decade.

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    2. Giving Enfield a contract extension would be like giving Helton a contract extension. Noone is clamoring for him.

      Let him show that he really has the ability to create a winning program, not just one year…

      This game showed that an Enfield coached team will never be a real contender, even with generational talent on the team.

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  2. We were who we thought we were. Inconsistent & sloppy. Enfield over achieved this year & I have nothing but respect for him. Can he build something like Gonzaga at ‘SC? I have my doubts. I think he’ll leave as soon as the next big job opens up (if he ever earns the look). My son, another SC alum feels Enfield can build it given the same time & support.

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    1. Enfield is a good coach. He’s just not a great coach. But, holy fuck, how could a university which keeps Helton justify saying adios to Enfield?

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      1. If SC didn’t have to pay a billion for Dr Finger Pie I doubt Gomer would still be there.

        You can’t extend Enfield when you hear the admin saying that it’s going to have to tighten their belt’s on spending and if he gets hired away, so be it, he’s someone else’s problem.

        And let’s be honest, aside from this year he hasn’t done much and the NCAA is still sniffing around, not a good look for her holiness Folt


      2. I honestly don’t think there’s such a thing as a “good look” for Folt…..


      3. I’m chuckling at the proposition that Enfield is leaving.
        Great money and a beach home in Taxafornia.

        There is no looming job offer in the NBA and no better job in NCAA MBB.



      4. So if you hit your thumb with a hammer, do you hit the other one to even out the pain?

        What does keeping Helton have to do with keeping Enfield? Both their contracts run through 2023 timeframe, so just let them run out. The football program is being turned around slowly and in a couple years, we can finally say adios to Helton.

        Bohn/Sosna can change plenty with Helton in place, recruiting, S&C, coaching staff.


      5. gametv –could you go over that hitting your thumb with a hammer thing one more time?


  3. A Pisley re-tweet:

    How Gonzaga and USC fared against their three mutual opponents this season:

    Gonzaga +12
    USC +34

    Gonzaga(3 Games) +17, +11, +10
    USC +26

    Santa Clara:
    Gonzaga +14
    USC +31
    Elite Eight Tournament Game
    Gonzaga 85 (+19)
    SUCC 66 (-19)

    Thanks Enfield. All hat and no game.


  4. I always root for SC, but I feel vindicated in my feelings I’ve shared about Enfield. One run, more than a one and done NCAA record at best every 15 or 20 years (with a little covid help) is not someone to feel good about. He’ll be right back to his poopy style of ball- running and three pointers, complete with the big lapses and the lack of answers. He’s a talent waster. Of course I’m sure lots of people are going to do their same number they’ve done with Helton for years.

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  5. I disagree. This SC team was really good. But Gonzaga was the fastest half court offense that I have ever seen. This was not a running rebel fast break offense like UNLV back in 1990. They came down and set up. But once they set their half court offense they ran it at mach 7 speed. The great Bobby Knight teams had great half court offenses but they never ran them this fast. This team had no weaknesses. They might as well just give them the trophy now. They are playing the last two games for show. I’d be shocked if anyone actually beat them.

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    1. They looked really talented and well-coached tonight.
      Suggs will play well in the NBA and have quality minutes.
      None of the rest on Zaga will amount to much after their NCAA career is over.
      Timme will take his act to the NBA and get B!tc#$l@pped by the real men up there during the garbage time which he earns.

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    2. The running, fast break I was speaking of was Enfield’s dunk city offense which he tried to implement until he had the Mobley bros and their father sitting on the bench.

      Everyone said it: Gonzaga when it’s facing better teams rushes into it’s offense early. They’re not “fast”, they set up fast, they immediately go for their entry pass, they’re screens, their cuts, hoping an idiotic opposing coach (cue Enfield) won’t be prepared for it, and best case, won’t tell his team to set up early and put a body on the other team as it tries the entry, cuts, picks. Those were the classic Enfield defensive lapses this year.

      The rushing and the guards not getting into their offense quickly until the clock was against them were the classic USC offensive problems. Those came up too.

      The guy is a talent waster. Several other PAC coaches, and a number of other coaches would have taken this talent to the NC. This won’t come around again. But USC’s fan base, the most tolerant of mediocrity relative to talent in the nation will happily stick with this staff, even less the father Mobley who was a really good assistant in terms of insisting on his sons not be sacrificed to Enfield’s Punk City offense.

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      1. We will do the same thing to UCLA. Coach doesn’t matter. It’s the Gonzaga system and this year’s team has all five “infinity stones.” It’s not Enfield, it’s the Zags.

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      2. Don’t fool yourself, you had shit competition in your league. Enfield pulled the same duh mistakes that cost USC a conference title that teams seemed to want to hand to them. This season was our season bc we had so much talent and all the chips land in our favor through the tourney. Count the blessings of Enfield.

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      3. With the exception of Suggs–who is a football player playing BB–none of Zags talent is extra-ordinary. Few is a super coach and has done more with less talent than just about anyone. Ultimately, I think the program will decline as recruits come to understand that they don’t play every day against strong competition and that their prospects OF EXCELLING in the NBA are not strong.

        “Come to Zaga and win a lot of games in College. Then…?”

        Few has a great system. Remains to be seen if he can get superstar (one and done) talent to come to Spokane. I do hope he doesn’t ruin a great career and give the NBA “a try.”

        Baylor-Zag will be an interesting matchup and I might just spend the night watching the game.


    1. I was absolutely rooting for the bRuins, BT.
      Most entertaining non-scoring BB game I’ve ever watched.

      Proud of lil Cronin, Juzang, and his team.

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  6. You need to at least extend Coach Enfield a year or two and make private the small SC buyout at the backend.

    Lets him recruit and doesn’t cost the school much if he needs to be shown the door. Also makes him fight for his job rather than go full Helton.

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    1. Can’t crow much, cuz after the loss to USC and loss in the Pac12 tourney Owns stated that the bRuins shouldn’t accept a bid to the Dance.

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      1. I can crow enough Bourbon.

        UCLA is on its way to the Final Four, and SUCC, a 19 point loser, is headed down the toilet.


      2. #hypocrite

        If you recall, knucklehead, when you glibly stated that UCLA should no go to the post-season (after 4 consecutive drubbings) I told you that Cronin and UCLA needed to accept a bid to the dance for the post-season reps, experience, etc. I’m a better Bruin fan than you are, bud.

        …And yes, I did date a bunch of lovely Bruin co-eds during my years in LA.

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      1. Let me calm your fears. There’s 2 chances that UCLA will beat Gonzage: 1) slim 2) none…..and none has a lot better chance than slim does.

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      1. Burn in hell, bruin bastard.
        (Sorry –that just slipped out, old friend. I honestly think most of the people on this site are proud of what the bruins have accomplished)….


      2. I rooted for UCLA as well as all the other Pac-12 teams. I hope they win. They won’t…..not against this Zags team. If they beat the Zags, that would be a miracle.

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  7. Evan Mobley- 5 rebounds…..sums it all up. It’s like he disappeared out there tonight. Defense—Wins Championships. UCLA proved defense is very important in the tournament. USC, shot poorly tonight, but the defense is what lost the game tonight. Gonzaga, punched holes in our defense…

    I give UCLA a chance in every game because they play defense which keeps them in every game. Cronin, has the respect of his players, and if you don’t play defense you ride the pine.

    Hats off to Mick Cronin and UCLA. I don’t believe anyone thought they could advance this far. Cronin, had his team prepared each and every game with a strong defensive game plan.

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  8. Bruins played well. First 4 to Final 4.

    Ok will be interesting to watch them play Gonzaga. Was SC that outcoached and outplayed or are the Zags that good?

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    1. the Zags veterans put it to this first time playing together trojans…they are that well oiled machine of veteran athletes…but I’ll take an elite 8 appearance anytime…who knows? maybe some eligible sc players will return.

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    2. IMHO, outcoached, Brad.
      Enfield did not have the fellas prepped in the first half. Game over.
      Second half, as the Trojans awakened…tie ballgame.

      So many easy buckets by Zaga running their O.
      They put a guy–any guy–at the high post and play through him.
      Great player movement without the ball.

      For most of the game, they shot poorly from 3 but picked it up at the end
      mostly during garbage time when a missed 3 meant nothing.

      Rewatch the first and second half. I like our talent and skill level.
      Came out flat and tired in the first half. Game over. Come home.

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  9. SC accomplished much for a team of athletes that never had played together at SC or under this coach.The pac12 know it all’s picked SC for about 6th in the conference,,,if anyone had said they would play in the elite 8,they would have been laughed at, kinda’ like the current bruin fans wanted ucla to stay at home. Gonzaga is the example of men who keep their commitments and scholarship promises, and get to clobber frosh/soph,and 1 yr transfers who never ever played together at SC.
    I think SC back court again let the front court down,but that was their pattern previous,but they did come through ,more hot than cold at the end. If these under classmen returned they could do a repeat , just need some better guards…but they won’t.

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    1. Agree.

      I’m thinking a vasovagal episode.
      Dehydration and anti-hypertension medicine?
      Hoping he is back to 100% TODAY!

      Watching him hit his head without protecting himself was gut wrenching.

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  10. Season’s Final Words:

    Last night there were signs of trouble for the USC Trojans’ basketball team before the game even started. Their opponent, the talented Gonzaga Bulldogs, instead of practicing jump-shots, were working on layups, slam-dunks and victory posturing.

    When the game started it was over after 2-minutes as SC called a time-out and had all the signs of a loser except raising a white flag. The only other sport that can be over at the 2-minute mark is boxing– Cassius Clay over Sonny Liston in their second fight or Joe Louis taking out the ‘Bum of the Month.’

    Bulldogs’ fans politely covered their mouths stifling laughs, whereas Trojans covered yawns. I too laughed all through the second half after I turned my t.v. to ‘I love Lucy’ reruns.

    The Trojans were pretty cocky upon first sight of the Gonzaga team. They had never seen so many White-Men on a basketball team before.

    White-Men. You know– a type of Homo sapien that cannot jump.

    Well, these Gonzaga boys didn’t have to jump because they knew how to fly. Of course, it helps when after stealing the ball you have a 15-foot head-start on your opponent.

    Next game Troy should ask that the ball come equipped with handles.

    The Bulldogs played the Trojans so tightly, they thought they might have to buy them engagement rings.

    But alas, no matter. On the SC campus Trojan basketball trails only football and Women’s lacrosse in popularity. There are often more cardboard cutouts at their games than actual people.

    Besides, these silly Elite-8s are old-hat to Our Boys. We go these things like clockwork, every 30-years-or-so on average.

    So now the party is over, and there is only one more thing left to say:
    “Goodnight, Gracie!”

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  11. My two cents on Enfield’s extension. Don’t give him an extension this year. Wait until next year. He will lose a lot of talent. Let us see how he rebuilds and how far he goes in league and if fortunate enough, in the tournament.

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