USC Morning Buzz: Plenty To Say About Football

I’ll have more on basketball, but football demands some coverage here. OK, maybe one basketball note:

  • I guarantee you Coach Bohn had some mixed emotions when UCLA won Tuesday night. It added to the Pac-12’s financial haul (more than $35 million for the payout period) but he was pretty bitter when Mick Cronin left Cincinnati for UCLA and that had to hurt watching him get to the Final Four on the heels of a USC loss.
  • Wide receiver Tahj Washington, who had 43 receptions for 743 yards and 6 TDs at Memphis last season, has announced he is transferring to USC. That’s great but another receiver? Can an offensive tackle transfer to USC?
  • USC held its first spring practice Tuesday and had redshirt freshman Courtland Ford at left tackle. That is who the coaches prefer wins the job. Whether it actually happens, we’ll see.
  • Here was the first-team offensive line: LT Ford, LG Andrew Vorhees, C Brett Neilon, RG Liam Jimmons RT Jalen McKenzie.

Frankly, this just makes things even clearer how the offensive line is the big concern/weakness for the fall.

  • Linebackers Ralen Goforth and Drake Jackson, wide receiver Bru McCoy and cornerback Chris Steele missed practice.
  • Now I want to address this football video:

There is a lot that can be said, especially the first 53 seconds, which are fairly disastrous.

But focus on the 40-second mark. What is being said?

“Who’s trying to eat? If you’re trying to eat, you don’t belong at USC. USC is full of elite people, that’s why we’re in the Elite Eight.

“That’s why we’re going to go dominate. OK. Elite people in the Elite Eight, go trying to eat. Fight on!”

Confused? This is a position coach at USC, ladies and gentleman.

First, he says if you are trying to eat, you don’t belong at USC. Then he says USC is in the Elite Eight, “go trying to eat.”

Is eating good or bad?

Is this a Texas thing?

Do players buy this shtick?

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Plenty To Say About Football

  1. These transfers that we are bringing in are really quality players. But can we get a few quality O-Lineman? Between the 2021 commits and the transfer portal we got three 3-star O-Lineman and also an O-Line coach who has a resume that is less than impressive.

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  2. Because the local paper correspondent was at the NCAA tournament, they had a substitute write about football. She was a parrot of Clay Helton, so if I want news I will have to come here.
    Anyway from what I’m reading, USC basketball was another one trick team. Defend that trick and you’ve beat them. As for football news there is none except it might be said there is no quarterback competition this season.

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    1. Dear Scott,
      I presume USC’s (hopefully) junior assistant coach was trying to say something about ‘not falling for & eating the cheese in the mousetrap and, thereby, staying alive, wise & hungry’ [a phrase I’ve heard various basketball coaches use to keep winning team from becoming complacent]…. but he got confused mid sentence and started endorsing the cheese. Which would be fatal…in this particular analogy. It happens [when you don’t understand the core concept of the mousetrap].


      1. Watched the USC video again. And I think I know where we’re heading. Everybody needs to go to the 9 year old YouTube video of the wild eyed coach telling the press he needs “more dogs —no more cats going meow, meow — you look at those cats at the screen door & they’re just going meow and scratching….we need dogs!”
        #Helton: “NowTHAT’SACoach!”


      1. Drop 8 into a lazy zone coverage and dare the QB to scamper to the sidelines for a series of 8 yard gains….

        After 3 such gains, the DC has to be a little more “honest.”

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      2. Don’t make fun, karma. Gomer knows EXACTLY what he wants from an offense: Lots & Lots of passes….


    1. If I were a gambling man (most certainly not), I go to Vegas and drop a ton on Kedon not completing the season–even though USC has the most ridiculously easy patsy schedule that I’ve ever witnessed since I started watching in 1969. He’s a great kid and working on putting weight, but we won’t develop an O-line to protect him “overnight.”

      Learn to scamper, my boy.

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      1. Dear Slovis: Learn how to discern when “it” isn’t there about a second faster than last season….and throw the ball outta bounds (all the way outta bounds —not that thing you did against Oregon). Also know when to hit the dirt….with the ball tucked safely away.

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      2. Here is some good news for you trOJan fans…. Jack Sears is seeking to transfer back to Usc. Here is a quote “I think it’s time I started playing ball for Usc. I transfer back, coach Helton gets a life time contract, if coach Helton doesn’t get an extension I stay at Boise State.


  3. What a way to finish her college basketball season, Eva Mobley being run out the building in an NCAA tournament game, broadcast on national television.

    Eva should take her daddy/coach with her when she leaves USC because that guy was about as useful as tits on a fish.

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      1. That wind woulda knocked anybody down….
        [Ordinarily, I would feel bad for a guy tripping —but this particular tripper ran for President knowing he wasn’t up to it]…..


  4. NCAA Kicks Oregon St. Beavers out of hotel in the middle of the night after Elite 8 loss

    The Oregon State Beavers men’s basketball team made an improbable run that no one saw coming.

    But on Monday night, the No.12  Beavers fell to the No. 2 Houston Cougars 67-61 in the Elite 8.

    The Cinderella story for the Beavers came to an end, but it was a valiant effort.

    You would think the NCAA would do everything they can to make sure a team like the Beavers would be treated like royalty, especially after making it to the Elite 8.

    Well, that sadly isn’t what happened.

    According to Nick Daschel of the Oregonian, the NCAA didn’t have the nicest parting gift for the Beavers after their loss to Houston.

    Instead of letting the Beavs fly out the next morning, the NCAA told them to pack up and get on a 1:15 am flight back to Eugene.

    The team arrived in Corvallis at 4 am Tuesday.

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    1. That’s because the pac 12 has a lame duck commissioner with no balls and the University’s get treated as such. Especially when he has a chance to stick up for his conference and rip into tournament committee. Instead he lets them off the hook with some lame ass Covid excuse. No back bone no balls. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Larry Scott, grifter! The worst commissioner ever in sports.

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  5. Day 1 spring ball in the books. As good a day as any to get my ’21-’22 season bitching, moaning, and griping re: Charles Chas/Clay Crabtree-Helton out for some stretchin, striders & ice cream. Seasons comin soon. Before ya know it the temp is in the 70s and Clays talkin’ Pac 12 South Division Championship contention. Before getting started, full disclosure: Most of the time I know nothing. Rest of the time I know next to nothing.

    # 1. The vibe of the well wishes vid up above feels Hallmark Card-ish. Them folks look as happy as Amazon warehouse worker bees. Imagine… BLVD Studios, Chaired by Clay, producing fictional tales of kumbaya.

    #2. Sam Darnold is getting a raw deal. He’s what? 23? The Jets blow organizationally, he hasn’t had a competent head coach since Ortiz at San Clemente, and he’s gonna find himself out of a starting job unless things don’t change soon. Shit like this happens when a college head coach that loved to refer to himself as a “QB coach by trade” is none of those things. Thanks to the man above, at least he’s principled.


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    1. The Piglet is by definition an NFL bust. Just because he was drafted by a losing team, it doesn’t mean he has to play like a loser. I mean how do you eradicate chronic bad game QB judgment. Nothing kills a drive like a well-thrown interception.


      1. Hey Owns congratulations, your team is on the front page of the Press Enterprise. Also is your home (couch) still on fire in Westwood or have the civilized bruin students stopped dancing around it?


      2. How is Josh Rosen doing BruinRob? Maybe he can back up Brett Hundley. Oops, I forgot, Hundley is a clip board holder. When is Rosen going to make all those teams who passed on him pay? Last thing BruinRob, you can’t say shit about ucla going to the Final Four because three weeks ago you whined like the little bitch that you are by stating that ucla should decline an invitation to the tournament.


  6. Always great to be a Trojan….

    A few “losses” in the past week for USC.

    Nevertheless, on the good news side, Kobe’s young daughter has fought through a terrible year and been accepted to USC undergrad.
    Fight On, Natalia!
    Welcome to the Family.

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    1. Meanwhile Joe or Jane Nobody didn’t get accepted even though they had better grades and test scores because their daddy wasn’t a famous basketball player who tragically died in a plane crash

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  7. Mick Cronin proves one thing. Good coaching matters. Enfield/Helton are just not good coaches. I think that Bohn/Sosna are focusing on rebuilding the roster quality and getting S&C improved will also help alot. We might need to wait for a good head coach.

    I personally think that SC will do much better than expected this coming year, although it will be a defensively-led team. But if Kedon is back to form and if they have some semblance of a running game, the offense might be pretty hard to stop.

    Assuming Dart/Moss comes along, we will have a much improved backup if Slovis gets injured.

    This is going to be the first full year of practices for the defense with the new staff. Along with some talented athletes joining the team, I think we are on track for real improvements.

    Of course, a quality HC would be able to improve things much faster. The current coaching staff is not going to remain in place for long, as both TO and GH will try to jump ship once they have a good opportunity. The problem is that it is increasingly difficult to recruit quality coaches with Helton as HC, since everyone believes he will not remain HC beyond his contract term, (or less).


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