Hungry In Indianapolis? Here’s A Tip

If you’re hungry and in Indianapolis, stop by the free USC Happy Hour at the JW Marriott’s High Velocity sports bar at 4 p.m. local time.

Tell them “Scott Wolf sent you.”

If you went Sunday, you got to hear athletic director Mike Bohn proudly introduce his No. 2, Brandon Sosna.

That was the admission price for the free food.

7 thoughts on “Hungry In Indianapolis? Here’s A Tip

  1. Gonzaga can be had despite 3 All-Americas and fourth player who could have been selected.

    Overall– Had a relatively easy conference schedule with the likes of San Diego and LMU, but had trouble with BYU.
    A very good 2-point shooting team, but did not play a USC-caliber defense;
    Excellent free-throw shooters;
    Not a particularly good rebounding team;
    Play well together;
    Not a tall team– Timme is 6’10”, Kispert 6’7″, and the balance are 6’5′ at best.

    Individual players:
    Timme– All-American but pros have him pegged as only a 32-50 pick; clever around the basket; only average rebounder
    Kispert– All-American; 4-year player; may be a Top-10 pick; best shooter on team at nearly 20 points per game; rebounding is suspect
    Suggs– ‘One-and-Done’ Frosh; best player despite only average shooter, taking but 10 shots per game; Top-5 NBA pick due to his upside potential;
    Ayayi– Just missed All-American status, but pros like his game, and is potential First-Round pick;
    Nembhard– Solid No. 5 player.

    Conclusion: Bulldogs are a fine team, but not one for the ages.
    Throttle its fast-breaking ways, subdue them to a half-court game, and they are less invincible;
    SC with its height will probably out-rebound them, but Gonzaga will probably out-shoot the Trojans, although SC’s length and tenacity will cause the Bulldogs trouble;
    If these teams played each other 10-times SC would not go 0-10. And as a 8-10 point betting favorite, that line seems to be a bit overdone;
    Has the potential to be one of the best games of the year.

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    1. If the win the NC they are clearly one for the ages. They had no troubles with BYU, beat them easily both times. They flipped the switch and routed them in 2nd half of the “close” game. This team is the most talented team in college basketball in the last decade. They smashed their way through the pre conference season playing really good teams. We only have one guy who would for sure be in their starting rotation. No backcourt guys would ever see the floor. This win would be our best ever for basketball program. Cannot be downplayed.


  2. Typical half ass administrators. When a team is on the cusp of doing something special, they want the spotlight to be on them. It reminds me of my junior year of high school and we played in the CIF Finals and we had this “athletic coordinator”, who we all hated,, try to get on our bus to Dodger Stadium. Our head coach physically threw his sorry ass off the bus in front of the whole team. That set the tempo for the game and we went out and kicked ass and won the title.


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