If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

I hear there is a photo floating around of the football imposter using a jacuzzi at the McKay Center.

“He’s pretty young looking and could pass as a college student,” said a member of USC campus security, who did not wish to be identified. “He is about 5-10 but I heard he wore No. 87 at practice. The guy who really wears 87 is 6-4, so that was a giveaway.”

With all the times USC special teams has had 10 men on the field this season, maybe the imposter should be on the punt return team this season.

Petros Papadakis has been all over the story this week on his show.

  • Here is what USC defensive line coach Vic So’oto said Thursday about the Trojans’ offensive line: “There’s a lot of the same guys, but it’s very competitive. I think they’re gonna take a jump.”

This doesn’t sound to me like the offensive line is going to be much better.

  • I hear the seven suspended USC baseball players should finally be back this weekend. We’ll see.
  • Linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu is still recovering from a knee injury and not participating in spring practice. Tuliaupupu has missed the past three seasons with foot/knee injuries.
  • Has UCLA announced it is building a statue of Mick Cronin yet? I’m only half-joking based on the reaction to making the Final Four.

And now for some history:

  • Don Buford was a talented tailback/outfielder at USC in the 1950’s. In 1958, he was named to the Notre Dame all-opponent team. It was a nice honor. The other tailback, Pete Dawkins of Army, won the Heisman Trophy that year. Another member of the team was Pitt tight end Mike Ditka.
  • Last week, I wrote about Linda Ronstadt performing at Cromwell Field before 2,000 fans in 1974. The show lost at least $8,000 because a crowd of 4,000 was expected by USC promoters. By 1977, Ronstadt sold out the Universal Amphitheatre for a week.
  • “I didn’t want it anyways. — Paul Hackett, 12/13/76”

The above was scrawled by an unknown USC assistant on the chalkboard of Hackett’s office after the then-USC quarterbacks coach interviewed for the Stanford job in 1976 but did not get it. Stanford hired Bill Walsh instead.

Hackett was only 29 at the time but the prank note indicates his already healthy ego was apparent to others even then.

“At first they actively pursued me (at Stanford), but I wasn’t interested,” Hackett said. “Then I was assured that everything would be very positive, so I pursued it. My age and experience were against me, but I flew up there and was interviewed. I’m young by head coach standards, though. Right now I’m happy where I am and that we’re going to the Rose Bowl. Walsh is a helluva coach and he used to be an assistant at Stanford.”

  • Did you know former Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian provided the inspiration for the Cardinal and Gold booster club?

Nick Pappas, the former USC player/assistant coach and the grandfather of USC booster clubs, had dinner in 1955 with Parseghian, Oklahoma assistant Gomer Jones and Nebraska coach Bill Glassford.

“Ara told me about a Quarterback Club he started at Northwestern,” Pappas said. “Northwestern is a private university. I never knew that. Anyway, Ara started this club to make ends meet. They charged $125 a year for memberships and gave members preferenced seating and a banquet, things like that.

“It seems the club was doing so well, they had to keep people out of it. Ara told me they weren’t about to get rid of him after that.”

  • Up until 1958, most USC athletic scholarships were funded by George Allan Hancock, who donated $7 million to the university and still has a building named after him on campus. Hancock Park is also named after him.

“When he left in 1958, (he founded Hancock College) Norman Topping, the president, told me I better get started on something,” Pappas said.

  • In 1960, Pappas started Cardinal and Gold. By 1974, Pappas had 850 members of Cardinal and Gold paying $500 a year and 2,500 in the Trojan Club.

“I know when a guy donates five bucks, he will give again,” Pappas said. “So I treat him with as much respect as anyone else. We think keeping things on a first name basis is the primary thing.”

  • Somewhere along the way USC has lost that friendly Pappas touch when dealing with fans/boosters and now has a CEO environment that makes fans feel like numbers.

If you are signed up for my USC newsletter, there will be a Friday Notes Column supplement this afternoon.


55 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. karma –you might remember Carol met an enthusiastic, gung ho Pappas- type at a basketball game 2 years ago….

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    2. I’ll offer to do the proofreading, as we know THAT will be required.
      CalSeventyFive could help also, but a real Trojan should have the job.

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      1. If it’s really gonna look authentic —-Scott needs to go with the horse that brung him —- no proofing.

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      2. Bourbon4me,

        Please, don’t sanatize Wolf’s book. No proof reading, rewriting, or editing should be allowed. Scooter has his unusal way of writing which is fun and frustrating at the same time to read.

        Wolf should write a book with the behind the scenes scenario, just like his Friday column. When he writes that, it is very interesting for reading.


      3. OK, so I’ve been duly b!tç#$l@pped off the proofreading detail.
        No punctuation nor grammar in the above noted tome?
        Fine wit dat. It’ll be a great read.

        I’ll take my 680 verbal SAT (99th percentile, Mr. CalSeventyFive) elsewhere.

        You’ll find me always in the fast lane, brother.


  1. Don Buford…..very nice Trojan. He and Bill Bordley were USC baseball coaches in spring 1983…..two of the nicer people you’d ever want to meet.

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    1. I recall Don Buford coming over to the USC bullpen during practice one day, and helping me with my delivery. Even though he was an all star “position”player, he had plenty of pitching knowledge. Bill Bordley, also a USC great, then pitching coach, and Don were very helpful.

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      1. Years later I saw Bill Bordley at the Reno Hilton. We had a laugh and he mentioned he had gone to work for the Secret Service. One of his assignments was guarding Chelsea Clinton. Bill was smart hilarious and unassuming, not to mention possibly the best pitcher ever at USC. So much so, they ordered a special draft for him turning pro.

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    2. Don Buford was an awesome LF for many years for the Baltimore Orioles.
      Hit for average. Hit for lil power. Run the bases, field. Decent Arm. Earned two rings with the O’s.

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      1. Yes, very successful, but an even better human being. He was helping me post op as I was struggling, barely pickingup the ball without eating multiple aspirins. He wasn’t aware of this, of course, he just pitched in and coached.

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    1. One thing is for sure, he won’t run block that many times in his career at USC as he did in that one game and he probably got better coaching in HS than he’ll get at USC.

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      1. Definitely looks like he was coached really well in HS. He decommitted from LSU to come here. He looks like a guy who can really open a hole. Can only imagine what Stepp could have done, running behind Ford.

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      2. “He looks like a guy who can really open a hole”

        – toejam1967

        By the time Helton gets done with him, the only hole that kid is going to be able to open is pudly’s asshole.


      3. tebow spends a lot —a whole (hole) lot — of time thinking about ONE particular thing….

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    2. Ford COULD make a difference, 67. Of course Stepp COULD have made a difference, too….

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  2. You are really going to drive this whole imposter thing into the ground. I certainly don’t care any longer. There is spring football happening, you may want to cover that.

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    1. Believe scottie thinks this is the watergate or Iran/contra of this century and will drive his Pulitzer nomination over the top… just ask petros.

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      1. Only someone with the depth of insight of Scottie could see that the imposter story was all that was missing from building everlasting world peace…

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      2. Gee Pisley, you tub of porcine lard, I wish Wolf would investigate why the 5-1 Mighty Pussy’s pussied out of a 2020 Bowl game invitation? It can’t only be because the Pussy’s had 2 players injured during the Oregon 31 – 24 loser/debacle? Just asking for a friend.


      3. owns takes his best shot and misses… much like his basketball team. How many come from ahead losses did they suffer this season alone?? Haha
        Oh but then there’s football which hasn’t won a meaningful game in years, but owns can’t admit it. Tell me again, when the rose bowl was empty for the Ok game, they had to GIVEAWAY 4 tickets for the price of one and still it was a ghost town. Yup, great stuff owns.

        Only you 🤡🖕🏽

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      4. I don’t see this as a world peace issue so much, 67. It’s more of a metaphysical issue — if the ‘imposter’ did jacuzzi with Carol, all things are POSSIBLE…..

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      5. Gee JO, you tub of porcine lard, I wish Wolf would investigate why the the mighy bruins collapsed—and I mean big time collapse, epic proportions, in this year’s football game. It can’t only be because the choka, choka, choka by the offense in this monumental collapse. I mean, wow, what a choke job. Just asking for a friend.

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  3. Don Buford also had a solid pro baseball career with the Baltimore Orioles. Won a couple of World Series titles and played with the likes of Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer and Frank Robinson. Was even managed by Earl Weaver.


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      1. Liked by 2 people

      1. -Covid #’s found to be exaggerated = snore
        -Biden found demented, given 1 year to live= snore
        -Told Biden is deceased, Harris laughs uncontrollably =snore
        -UCLA loses close game to Gonzaga = Let’s Talk!

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  4. Met and heard Nick Pappas speak years ago at a USC banquet. Our USC group was somewhat rowdy and at the start of the banquet we were warned to watch ourselves around Mr. Pappas. This was a guy we did not want to offend in any way.

    After his speech he comes down and stops to chat with us and he was just a wonderful guy with some really awesome stories. A really down to earth guy who sat with us like he was one of the guys, too.


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  5. How many times did the great Coach Bill Walsh beat USC while he was at Stanford?

    (I could look it up, but I’m feeling lazy and really don’t care. I know during my seasons as an undergrad we were 3-0-1)

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    1. Hackett was a great OC and a great QB coach. He brought “us” into the new age of a “balanced running/passing game.” JR was SMART ENOUGH to realize this change in the mid-late 70’s and effect the change. I think Hackett’s work with Vince Evans saved MR. Evan’s future career. The Big 10 and SEC schools were way behind JR and Hackett and we smoked all of them for another decade before they caught up. Likewise with USC vs ND.
      Hackett’s work with Paul McDonald was also important and set the bar for kids to come to USC TO PLAY QB.

      He was a really nice guy, which meant he was gonna have trouble as a HC.
      I think Mr. Wolf and the posters here ought to get off the Hate Hackett bus.
      Poor guy was just never meant to be a CEO/HC.*

      *Same might be said for Norv Turner. Really nice guy and really smart OC/QB coach. I always rooted for Norv while he coached the Chargers. Just couldn’t get them to 10 wins.

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      1. Very smart point.
        The difference between Hackett & Helton? Hackett was a superb QB coach.
        I respect Kiffin — he understands offensive football like few others. Why on earth did he give Helton —-Helton!!—- the keys to the car?

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    2. Sorry, Bourbon. Scott asked me to request that you look it up whether you “feel” like it or not…..

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      1. Bourbon — For context’s sake, the above is a game I used to have great fun with in Catholic School. I’d see a mate was dreaming in class while the priest was giving out homework and I’d put words in his mouth:
        -Me: Father, Edwards says he doesn’t feel like doing that assignment.
        – Priest: Well, you tell Edwards he’d better start feeling like it.
        -Me: Edwards says he’d like to see you make him start feeling like it.

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      2. Can’t believe you “Sister Mary-Margaret’d” me, Michael.

        Anyway, took the bait.
        1977 the Bill Walsh led Stanford team lost to USC 0-49. Genius?
        1978, the genius closed the gap and only lost 7-13.
        He was smart enough to bolt from the Farm after the humiliation vs Troy–just as a kid named Elway enrolled at Stanford for the 1979 season.
        Bill Walsh–true genius.

        You will embrace that the former SJSU Tight End and HS swimming coach at Washington High in Fremont CA did win the Golden Gloves in Boxing at SJSU.

        BTW, don’t ever “Sister Mary-Margaret” me again.
        I won’t be taking that bait again.

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      3. Ha! You are no Mike Edwards, Sir Bourbon! [Edwards was so busy tracing his own hand on his desk that he never heard the exchange between Father Anselm and myself].


  6. Man o man that latest Twitter post by BLVDbound is pure 🔥🔥🔥! Sure, at first glance it looks like just another tired pic of DTLA wrapped in a smoggy, haze, and yes, it’s probably the 200th time they’ve posted similar pics, but with this one you can really feel the juice. It’s this kind of orginal, top notch creative thinking that makes the investment in Clays BLVD the thing that puts us over the top!


  7. Po’ po’ Pisley, SUCC’s imbecile of the year, can’t explain why the 5-1 Mighty Pussy’s pussied out of a Bowl Game invitation. Oh the huge humiliation.

    The Any Team, anytime, anywhere bozo FB is BS. How much did the Mighty Pussy’s pay UC Davis to remove them from the Pussy’s future schedule.

    #Just asking for a friend, Three Ball.


    1. My friend Owns — Helton has apparently been reading your posts. About an hour ago he personally revoked the “any team, anytime, anywhere” mantra……

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Why would I have to explain it..? School made their statement, just like the chickenshit fan of the sow basketball team did when HE said they should stay home and not go to the tourney. Some pos fan that is…now he pretends he’s cock of the walk but he cackles like an old hen.. hey owns little buddy, how’s them Trojans do vs the ruins? Or maybe the quacks or the Beaves?
      Well let’s not quibble and gloat on BB, heard you did much better on the football field against us…. lead for 58 mins? Hahahahaha💋


      1. Their practice field is shorter — so the bruins play shorter games.
        [Like the Old Laurel & Hardy gag: “I don’t read so well in the daytime –I went to night school myself”]…..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Here’s the difference Pisley, you silly dick, UCLA played into the tournament and made it to the Final Four semi-final game. My opinion doesn’t mean squat to Cronin.

        SUCC FB, 5-1, on the other hand, pussied out of any Bowl game, folded its ripple and puke tent, and took its ball home to mommy for cookies and warm milk.

        Its true UCLA didn’t participate in the Pac-12 Championship game at the Crumbling Mausoleum and choka, choka, flop, flop, like the SUCC pussy’s did. The Pussy’s final play, a hail mary shovel pass (“Here you take it”) to an ineligible bozo lineman, who stumbles down the sideline like fat slob RB. Now that was funny!!!


      3. Still not focusing are you. Perhaps if your mom wouldn’t have waked you with that wallop up side your head since birth…
        First off, sow has never been forced to play a game that it didn’t know who the opponent was until midweek before the game. Until the announcement of our opponent, there were 3 possible different teams we might’ve played. The buffs went so far as to send a semi full of equipment half way here in the case they were chosen. So don’t let facts slow your roll. Funny thing is how you cried when they added a basketball makeup game to your schedule and they way you cried about having to face the mighty quacks (who we beat 3x) up north, bawaaah‼️
        And as far as traveling with a team to play an exhibition game during a pandemic, where the team would’ve been locked in the hotel the whole time didn’t make sense then nor does it now. You just keep hanging your hat on that nail, while we keep whipping your sorry asses.
        As far as funny goes, how about that ruin last season who tripped on the 3 pt line landing on his ass, letting a perfect pass sail over him and out of bounds, setting up yet another come from ahead loss. But I do need to give little mick credit. I thought that play and strategy was a one-off, but NO!! little mick and his team have perfected it and gone to the well often this season during their biggest moments…


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