Lynn Swann Sighting

Lynn Swann has kept an extremely low profile since he was fired as USC athletic director.

But he has surfaced this week — unsurprisingly — at The Masters golf tournament. Swann is a member of Augusta National Golf Course.

He got a mention in this story today.

9 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Sighting

    1. Swann caused USC football fans bigger problems than his Pebble Beach wardrobe…….

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  1. “ I’ve been working on some stories and will have some entertaining tales tomorrow…”


    I’ve been on pins and needles waiting on this story.

    Thanks wolf.

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    1. The story Scott was referring to was the ‘imposter’ (love that name) eating with the team, cavorting in the jacuzzi with Carol and getting engaged to USC’s Head of Security.

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      1. I’m hoping that you would understand my desire for a profanity- laced tirade- however I am a Mental Health Professional & it’s morally wrong. I’m amazed at how my blood “ boils “ when I have to see the man who has ruined my 45 year fatuously with USC football. I’m happy that I’m now going on three years of keeping my money in my pocket instead of my $2500 donation to the athletic department and season tickets. I’m hoping that by game 3 with dwindling attendance that Bohn is forced to fire the Moron & name Donte Williams interim head coach & let’s see if he’s the heir apparent to Eddie O ( I believe he will be) if I am correct I will “ fork” over the money necessary to put the past to rest Finally- I will be on the path to righteousness. Right now I’m rooting for San Jose State Thanks Enfield!!

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  2. Scooter,

    I thought you were going to say that he rented a room from Just Rent in his two story carboard box in Cerritos. Swann is not a nice guy.


  3. This time we need a proven head coach instead of some moron assistant like Uncle Fester who had no experience or success even as a assistant. Donte Williams is not our next head coach perhaps he can recruit, but it is too big of a gamble for USC to hire another assistant coach. Paul Hackett, was one of the great quarterback coaches and offensive coordinators, but was not head coach material for a number of reason.

    When Clay Helton is put on a hot air balloon and shipped out of town we need a proven/currently successful head coach period to re-build this program. The head coaching job at usc pays very well. Let’s not mess around promoting, and then overpaying an assistant coach past history proves that is usually a big mistake starting with Ted Tollner,


  4. Lynn Swann is a complete pompous Ass and Jerk.. He Joins another Augusta Member, Pat Haden, with that same description!!


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