Ref’s Collapse At USC-Gonzaga Game May Have Saved Life

It turns out when referee Bert Smith collapsed during the USC-Gonzaga game, it probably saved his life.

Smith told the Indianapolis Star that Dr. Katie Trammell insisted on running tests that eventually detected a blood clot in his lung.

“She sits down next to the bed,” Smith said, “and she says: ‘I saw your fall tonight. Something doesn’t add up. I want to know why you fell.’ She checked a few things out, came back in, and took me through the car wash. Just a lot of tests. And they found out.

“She said: ‘I got the answer to the question. You went down because you had a blood clot in your lung.’”

Smith was put on blood thinners and two days later, the clot was discharged.

18 thoughts on “Ref’s Collapse At USC-Gonzaga Game May Have Saved Life

      1. Jake says this has been chronic and ongoing…

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    1. Okay, Scott! You wanted attention and drama? You got it!
      [Pudly: The link you provided contains the most unintentionally condescending comment on Helton’s USC football program I’ve ever read — outside of what Owns writes twice a day. There’s actually a sentence declaring something like, “this would REALLY be a story if it happened at a school with highly recruited players!” WTF?!]…….

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      1. Before we go overboard on Clay Travis’ continuation of this story, it should be mentioned that he and petros have a working relationship through their radio network often appearing on each other’s programs. So the attitude Travis exhibits is more than likely rooted in petros’ own prejudices.

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    2. The guy was in shape and ran a 4.6 forty. This is a brilliant idea by Helton. It solves the homeless problem and adds a new avenue for recruiting. #claysolvingworldproblems

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    1. Watching Mr. Smith fall back without protecting himself is chilling.
      Indeed great detective work by Dr. Trammell!
      Everyday heroes–all of ’em.

      Pulmonary Emboli continue to be a major cause of death in America–last I checked about 750,000 per year despite aggressive use of anti-coagulants by American Doctors and PAs/NPs. Silent killers.

      For us old guys (and the women we love), learn a little bit about this common killer (more deadly than COVID) and discuss your risk with your primary care provider (or cardiologist).

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      1. My theory: Scott does it on purpose —to increase the ‘fun’ factor. InsideUSC is like exchanging emails with your informed nextdoor neighbor — assuming, that is, your nextdoor neighbor had it out for USC.

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      2. Can I do the illustrations?

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