USC Wants A No. 1 Tailback

Clay Helton said today he wants a No. 1 tailback to emerge in 2021.

“We’d love to have a guy that can touch the ball from 22-25 times per game and a second guy comes in to spell him with 12-15 touches,” Helton said.

If I went based on what USC coaches tell me about spring practice performances, I would nominate Texas-transfer Keaontay Ingram for the No. 1 spot.

The only thing stopping that would be the soft spot Helton has for Vavae Malepeai. And we all know when Helton likes a player, it takes a lot to dislodge them.

21 thoughts on “USC Wants A No. 1 Tailback

  1. “When Helton likes a player, it takes a lot to dislodge them.”
    Yes….but….I don’t know if I would’ve put it quite that way.

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  2. Hmm…that would be roughly a total of 40 carries per game for the tailback position. That would be a huge change, as in 2020, it was only 26 carries per game (for an average of about 3.2 yards per carry). Ingram had 2 really good years at TX, averaging 5 yards one year, and nearly 6 the other year. Sub 4.5 speed, hard to bring down. And need to get Christon the ball – a lot. One of the fastest guys in college football.

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      1. We’ve talked about this before, Pudly. Some very talented football players, for reasons unknown, don’t have the bodies to withstand the punishment delivered in major college football.
        USC has had some high potential receivers and running backs recently—- players who were anything but malingerers —-who nevertheless spent the vast majority of their time in rehab.

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      2. Yeah many got theubtheir high school years, but not Markese. I believe he hasn’t had a full season since he was a sophomore in high school..
        Here’s hoping he recovers and goes on to a successful career.

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      3. I didn’t wanna mention it — but Markese looks like one of those potentially great running backs who is injury prone.
        btw, Noticed the quick correction.
        [We ALL must stop living in fear of Cal75] ….
        —Col. Kurtz, “Apocalypse Now”

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      4. It is hard to know what is happening with these guys, as so little info is given about their injuries. For example, Markese had an ankle ligament procedure that kept him out for over a year, when it was supposed to have been 6-8 weeks, announced right after his surgery. I mean, over a year is ACL recovery time, so the med staff was way off on that. It was never announced (as far as I knew) why the recovery time was so long. Then Markese had turf toe last season, which is really hard to recover from, and that can linger on for a long time if not completely healed. I hope he is not having issues with either of those previous injuries. Best of luck to the big fella.

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      5. I’d say Steppe takes a great photo. First time I’ve seen his running style in a still. Been awhile since I’ve seen a guy carry the rock that high like a loaf of bread with his whole body exposed to tacklers. But he needs to be on the school homing program guide. It’d sell out in Indiana.

        #Memories,What could haveBeen.

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    1. Ingram and Christon getting a combined 35-40 carries would revolutionize our offense. But —let’s face it — for that to happen Harrell would have to wake up one morning and say, “I’m essentially a quarterback coach who knows next to nothing about the run game…..especially what needs to be done to make our o-line first rate. I guess I have a lot of learning to do!”

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  3. To heck with a number one back. We want a nuymber one heac coach who can tell who the number one back will be. Helton is not a number one head coach. He might be in the mid on hundreds, say around 120th as the best head coach in the nation. I am giving him a break.

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  4. Dear Clay, when does the incessant bullshit from you ever end? Now you want to run the ball 20-25 times a game? You know damn good and well, “That’s not who we are.” From the movie The Outlaw Josie Wales. “Don’t piss on my neck and tell me it’s raining.”

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      1. [It’s probably best we don’t take this any further —no one wants to hear about Clay’s relationship with Carol….]

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  5. Well it says a lot that Markese entered the transfer portal and accepted a place at Nebraska. Nebraska!!!
    I guess his potential never intrigued Helton and company. It’s better to have played and gotten into a game or two than to never have shagged punts with the homeless guy.

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  6. Uncle Fester “Clay Helton” has again spoken on his hopes for the running game in 2021. If I recall correctly he said the same thing before last season.

    Do you really believe this is going to happen.? I think it is a used car sales pitch once again to please the fans. No way a USC running back gets the ball 40 times a games in this terrible “Air Raid” offense. The problem is they don’t know how to teach the running game, have slow offensive lineman who lack physicality, and it is obvious they don’t work on the running game enough in practice.

    John Mckay must be very upset up in heaven.


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