Evan Mobley Turns Pro

Everyone knew Evan Mobley was turning pro but he found a way to make money off it.

Mobley announced his decision to enter the NBA Draft by making an NFT “rookie card” that will be auctioned off April 16.


25 thoughts on “Evan Mobley Turns Pro

  1. Best of luck to the big fella, and thanks for the great season. The games against Drake, Kansas, and Oregon represent some of the best USC hoops in a long time.

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    1. The Kansas game will be remembered for as long as there is a USC…..
      [Special Note. The BIG game for UCLA —the one they think was the bestest & super proudest of —was the one in which they got bounced out of the NCAA finals…… which is too bad cuz, given UCLA’s economic situation, they may not get another chance]…….

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      1. For a 7 footer was over rated. He avg. a big deal 16.4 pts.
        per game. Never scored 30 pts. in any one game all season.
        The Oregon and Gonzaga big men out played his ass big
        time. His brother, I. White, and Taj Eaddy were the reasons
        Trojans got to the Elite Eight.


      2. “S” said UCLA football would beat USC football……………………………….wrong.

        “S” said basketball PAC 12 wasn’t better than basketball SEC…wrong.

        “S” says young Mobley overrated?….wrong…..

        Once upon a time, I dropped 34 points, on the road, in the SoCal CIF basketball playoffs, no 3 point line…. Young Mobley doing great! Great USC player and representative….thanks big guy! It was fun watching you and the entire team battle!


      3. Mobley’s very quick off his feet, and has the ability to elevate his shot to higher levels, and constantly poses a defensive threat. He didn’t seem bothered when not getting shots here and there in games, which illustrates understanding and maturity for the game, but certainly doesn’t diminish his skill level to score upon and defend anyone on the other side, except maybe the guards, even then I wouldn’t say he couldn’t because he’s extremely athletic and agile, without being fragile…..


  2. Andyain’twinning’s cafeteria ticket takes a hike.

    Evan “Stick Legs” Mobley will be playing for his Daddy in the North Korean Pro League by 2023.


    1. I think u have him confused with Liangelo Ball.
      Or is he still in Japan or China trying to negotiate his return for stealing sunglasses?
      Owns I’m kidding!
      But seriously doesn’t that remind u of being on a school field trip and someone ends up at the Zoo police station from your class handcuffed until their parents drive 80 miles to San Diego and pick then up?😀

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  3. Today, Cronin lands commitments from a major 6′ 10″ xfer and a Class of ’22, 5 star guard.

    Andyain’twinning lands the booger and his daddy and loses E. Mobley. Does Chuckie Buggs have a brother? Just asking for a friend.



    1. This just might be the one that gets the little guy and the midget their FIRST win over the Trojans… trouble is, doing it on paper don’t count for diddly squat.

      The next win for the sow midget over the Trojans on any floor will be his first, or is my math wrong?? Hey little man.

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      1. bruin basketball 2021/22 is deserving of the all ESPN attention they’re getting….. but it always seems like the bruins find a way of eating shit in the end…..

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      2. Dear Pisley, you hummingbird penis, how exactly does “diddly squat” differ from just “squat?” I mean in what way does “diddly” enhance the noun “squat?”

        Just asking for a friend.


      3. Sorta like being the preseason favorite, or winning the first 3 quarters of a football game or the first 39 minutes of a basketball game, it means nothing

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  4. Gee MG they lost two major players. The difference is UCLA didn’t pussy out of the tournament like Clown U pussy’d out of to a bowl game invitation after the debacle in Pac-12 champ game.

    MG excuse: Wooool we lost 2 players to injuries in the Oregon game – f**kin’ LOL. Po’ po’ SUCC pussy’s, folded their tents, took their flat ball, and went home to mommy for warm milk, cookies and kisses.

    UCLA vs Gonzaga was the game of the 2020 – 2021 NCAA BB Tournament.


    1. Only if you never watched the ruins play. Anyone who’d seen them play knew they were extremely capable of giving a game away no matter the score as long as the clock has 0:00:01….

      Hahahahaha 🖕🏽

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      1. Losing at the buzzer is how they’ve lost their most important games lately. I guarantee their won’t be any Bruins who are up drunk late Saturday night watching their Gonzaga game they recorded on DVR just like we can’t watch that Texas game. They’re all still sick to their stomachs.

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