Caleb Tremblay Enters Transfer Portal

USC defensive lineman Caleb Tremblay announced today he would enter the NCAA transfer portal.

Tremblay, 24, was one of the oldest players on the team. But there is a lot of depth on the defensive line, especially with players like Tuli Tuipulotu and the big role expected for incoming freshman Korey Foreman.

So it’s a smart move to transfer.

29 thoughts on “Caleb Tremblay Enters Transfer Portal

      1. I don’t get the sense that’s happening. Most stuff here is a rehash of others’ work already and he seems to have little real interest in football anymore. It a shame.

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      2. Looks like the backup center’s injury isn’t as serious as some predicted, thank goodness.

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      3. Well, really, really good if Scott is right about Bohn meeting with football players next week to announce a new coach (“Hi — I stopped by to say you’ll be finishing spring practice with a new coach…”)…..

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      4. Too bad his dad didn’t pick up the phone and request more playing time for his son. Imagine if every mom and dad called Clay the week of their first game and demanded playing time for their kid?

        Clay, “These kids are such warriors and competitors, they can’t wait to take it out on San Jose State. The competition level has been so high, everyone is going to play.”
        Scott, “Is it true you received phone calls from every parent demanding playing time?”
        Clay, puts his arms together so that his wrists touch, “Scotty, you know my hands are tied.”

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      5. Pudly –I don’t know where you get your priorities. There’s football, sure. But, then, there’s LORI.. And THE IMPOSTER.

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      6. I just now wrote a reply to your post, Pudly —but the motherfucking idiot who moderates censored it….

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  1. I was under the impression that Scott was referring to the Women’s BB team meeting with Bohn as they are ready to hire a new WBB coach. We all wish it was the FB team.

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  2. if he is transferring as a Senior, then he needs to count towards the 85 man roster of any team that takes him. Caleb was a JC transfer to USC for the 2018 class. It might be difficult for Caleb to get a ride. I might have just stayed at USC and received another year of free schooling at a top 25 university.

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      1. Whatever your status, won’t USC always be as good (or better) a place as any for a free ride?

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      2. If he has nfl aspirations he might feel he needs to supply more tape and that he may not get as much here. But it’s always been my feeling that if you have talent the league will find you anyway, why not get your masters just in case….

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    1. Scott is doing wonders with what he has — it’s just slim pickings right now. But…. if something unnatural comes out about why Helton allowed the “Imposter” to stick around for 3 weeks —well, that changes everything…..

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      2. If the line can improve a LITTLE bit from last year (and they really should be able to —the talent is there), this team can take the conference and wind up in a first tier bowl [and be competitive against whomever they face].

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