Where Will Alijah Vera-Tucker Get Drafted?

Zach Wilson went No. 2. Is he worth it?

Trey Lance No. 3? Is he worth it?

I know Jared Goff and Carsen Wentz weren’t worth it.

Penei Sewell is worth it.

Is Alijah Vera-Tucker destined for being picked between 15-20? We will see.

18 thoughts on “Where Will Alijah Vera-Tucker Get Drafted?

  1. Trey Lance looks worth it. Zach Wilson I predict a bust. Darnold is better than him. Sewell worth it, and picked too late. Bengals should protect Burrow. Plenty of great receivers. St. Brown for one.

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    1. Say what? Darnold was traded for peanuts so the Jets could draft Wilson. Obviously Ms. Levis, FB Professionals don’t agree with you assessment of Zach Wilson. At this point in time Darnold is a NFL bust.


  2. That girl Vera Tucker, the only thing she can block is the sun if she was standing next to little pudlyfudgepacker69


    1. The former Redlands East Valley standout that somehow the Bruins screwed up! Couldn’t be lay for them. Then goes to Miami and now gets drafted in the first round! Way to go Chip!

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      1. I would take Chip over Clueless Clay any day of week and twice on Sunday…only a fucking idiot wouldn’t.


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