USC Hires Lindsay Gottlieb

USC has signed Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Lindsay Gottlieb, the former Cal coach, to a six-year contract as its new women’s basketball coach.

Gottlieb had reportedly rebuffed USC initially before changing her mind.

The fact she took the job means USC is paying a lot more than it has traditionally because of what NBA assistants make and she is now one of the highest-paid coaches in the Pac-12, perhaps making more than all but Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer.

Women’s basketball advocates are probably disappointed Gottlieb settled for a Pac-12 job, which she already had before, after being an NBA assistant. Some hoped she might be an NBA head coach one day.

“I went to the NBA to challenge myself at the highest levels of the game of basketball and was fully invested in that journey,” Gottlieb said.
“However, the commitment of President Carol Folt and athletic director Mike Bohn to women’s basketball at USC, and to my vision of success, made it clear that NOW is the right time to come here and use all my coaching experience to partner with the young women in the program, the administration and our future student-athletes to make USC women’s basketball the most dynamic program in the country.” 

Gottlieb and USC men’s basketball coach Andy Enfield have the same agent: Bret Just.

17 thoughts on “USC Hires Lindsay Gottlieb

  1. Bohn had to spice up the offer, he included weekend hiking trips with Folt, masked up of course, and Friday night BBQ’s with Gomer, panties are optional for both gigs per Michael Guarino

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  2. This is a great hire. I have been as disappointed as anyone with the foibles of the USC athletic department, but it’s OK Scott to give a positive review without the constant negative takes about USC. Considering that the national champ and runner-up were both from the Pac 12, not sure why you needed to write…”Women’s basketball advocates are probably disappointed Gottlieb settled for a Pac-12 job.” This does give me encouragement that Bohn might be able to hire a really good football head coach after this coming season.

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  3. I guess they must’ve read scottie’s column today and ran out and threw all that money at her… I’m just wondering how this fits with those saying that money is holding up the firing and hiring of football coaches.

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      1. It was for moral reasons……


    1. Folt to Bohn: “Basketball is a relatively civilized sport —let’s put ALL our resources into it…”

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  4. USC investing in sports is not good news for Gomer. USC didn’t need to fire the previous women’s head bb coach who had an 58.4% winning % at SC…especially with the scandals. USC is actually investing in sports. Other than hiring George Raveling, when has USC ever invested in any of its sports? Helton will publicly state that he loves the hire, yet deep down inside, this hire could be a signal of changes to come.

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  5. Ho much money does women’s basketball bring in? and why did we offer a substantial increase in pay for a great coach, when we refuse to fire either Helton or Enfield and get a good head coach for the men’s programs that actually make money?

    is this because our school now cares more about “equity” than about intelligent financial decisions?

    world turned upside down by liberal morons, and I dont mean every democrat, just the ones that are too stupid to allow differences between people based on merit/results.


  6. Great hire!
    I’m looking forward to watching USC WBB again.
    I think Coach Gottlieb will be an “instant winner.”

    Time–also–to get WVB (hardcourt) back to challenging for Natty’s.
    Men’s and women’s Track and Field looking strong, per usual..
    All programs (except maybe baseball) moving in the right direction.

    Great time to be a Trojan, don’t you think?

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    1. Truthfully, all I care about is getting to the football playoffs….
      That said, I’m happy for the women’s basketball team —we’ll see a very different team on the court in the upcoming season…


  7. Meh, another questionable hire, someone who hasn’t accomplished much, a single final 4 and a bunch of bow outs in 7 or 8 years at Cal. Women’s hoops isn’t men, there are not tons of Catholic schools and small schools with top flight programs– major woman’s programs should do much more. A 59% P12 coach, who tied for 1st once in 7 seasons? She averaged 6th place in the conference. Wtf is up with SC these days?


  8. 6 year contract is too long for these coaches. I bet Cal was only paying her 200,000 a year, and I bet Bone gave her a buy out package of 3 years if she is fired before the end of her contract.
    I don’t see SC overtaking Stanford, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, and Arizona State with Gottlieb as coach so we can see if Bone’s hire works out. I can tell you this it will not take 6 years to find out more like 3.

    Great deal for Coach Gottlieb. I hope she produces by year 3.
    All these coaches today including Helton are millionaires, and have little pressure to produce victories especially at SC.

    Looks like Bone made a good hire especially after he offered only a slight raise to the UCLA Assistant Coach who wanted the job which I hear was quite insulting so she turned down the job.

    Bone has his eye on Luke Fickle his buddy at Cincy to replace Helton. We can see if he can get approval from Princess Folt to buy out his contract. I personally am not sold on him, but he would abandon the air raid, and believes football games are won on the line of scrimmage with good offensive and defensive lines.


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