Max Nikias Still Getting Millions From USC

USC’s federal tax returns show Max Nikias is still the highest-paid employee on campus per USA Today!

Excerpt: “According to the university’s just-released tax filings, Nikias received another $5.2 million in compensation — more than any other university employee. His base pay was $1.4 million. He also received $1.5 million in “bonus and incentive” pay, plus another $1.9 million in “other reportable compensation,” including lodging costs for his use of the university’s presidential home through April 2019. The remaining compensation was largely from a retirement plan and other deferred compensation.”

Here is a statement from the USC Board of Trustees: “The compensation reflects money owed to him for salary, retirement and other benefits, some of which date back to the employment agreement he entered into when he became President in 2010.”

Did Nikias draw up his own contract to be president and have the board rubber stamp it?


21 thoughts on “Max Nikias Still Getting Millions From USC

    1. Why are you such an asshole? Another typical conservative no nothing
      poster. Get out of town and enjoy the midlands with the rest of the
      hicks. You are not worth a firing squad, maybe an electric chair to clear
      your brain cells. Can’t fathom you went to USC .

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      1. S,

        Who said I went to SC? Also, I am sure you enjoy the anitfa antics who destroyed property, killed people, items, stole, while your commie atheist democrap party watched and did not do a damn thing. If i had been a shop owner, I would have shot first then ask questions. People who have put their blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, money, and time into something they believe in and see it grow is alot better than seeing aholes destroy something that they have no conneciton to. When you invest into a business and see it burn down you will understand and will be a conservative and not a socialist that lives off the Federal and State money line. Yes, I have owned my own business and yes it was broken into and yes i had to pay for the repairs out of my pocket. No city, state, or federal program helped me. so fu#k off and kiss my ass you no good sun of a bit#h.

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      2. Second S’s motion.

        Unfortunately, some people are born with hare-lips; PT was born with a low IQ, hare-brain. Had PT been born in Sparta, he would have thrown on a hill to die of exposure.


      3. People may not endorse PT’s political views —but the electric chair?
        Thrown on a hill in Sparta and forced to die of exposure?
        [The more I think about it, the more confused I get about the whole Ancient Sparta idea. Are we talking time travel? Rebuilding ancient Sparta]?


  1. I believe in the firing squad. on the first line up let us get Max, Folt, Helton, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Newsome, Feinstein, Chen, and Caruso taken caree of . Then get Bohn on the watch list.


  2. $1.4 million in base pay? Really? That might make him the highest paid non-med school faculty in the country. Good job, Rick Caruso.

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    1. Something about this arrangement doesn’t smell right, 67. In fact, something smells quite bad….

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  3. In the days when the US functioned without trillion dollar deficits educators wore sweaters and drove Chevys…….today they wear 5,000 dollar suits and drive BMW’s……and the same thieves tell us that education should be paid for by the government so there will be an open pocketbook for their taking.
    Leftists are liberals all the way until their salaries are discussed. Suddenly they become conservative capitalists with free market principals.

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    1. Everyone’s politics seem to veer right when you start talking about THEIR salary and THEIR property, Fred….


  4. What the heck is up here? Is there absolutely no oversight by the Board of Trustees?

    I really wonder if Nikias and Helton know where some bodies are buried and are blackmailing the board members for these ridiculous pay-outs. Did they hire Folt because she needed a job so bad that she would just go along with it?

    Why does SC still have to still have this stench around it?


  5. How you could pay that guy 5.2 mil is a mystery to me. He was about as much a hindrance to the football program as Haden and Swann….maybe more. The guy was a European who didn’t know the difference between a football and a watermellon and was actively against bringing back SC’s glory days in football regardless of what he said outwardly. He had no business sense at all. He was a typical educational elite who probably never worked a real job in his life(like most of our politicians today). Anyone who doesn’t support the football program is not a good business person. It always makes money. I remember I checked a few years ago(and nothing has changed) and that year SC spent 48 mil on their football program and made 88 mil. That’s a 40 million dollar profit. If you are not willing to go in that direction as a businessman, then you have another idealogical agenda that doesn’t allow you to go in that direction even if it is profitable. Sorry if this comment came out twice.


  6. Mad Max made some bucks beyond his base salary. Sadly, Clay Helton
    matches up pretty close to what Max was making, and yet Helton has done nothing to develop the USC program during his entire term at USC.

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    1. Usually, we don’t agree on political stuff —but, yes, Bush started a war he didn’t have to start ….and thousands of people died as a result. (While we’re at it, though, Hillary and Susan Rice and Samantha Power successfully pushed for an unnecessary war in Libya —-and thousands are still dying as a result of that power grab).


      1. Michael:
        Last time I checked, the Iran-Iraq war of the early 1980’s–which was mostly initiated by Hussein–cost over 800,000 lives. Saddam got to experiment with his new-found WMD, employing his biological/chemical weapons to great effect against a more powerful opponent. Most would say that Saddam got his taste for killing from that conflict.

        I still recall as a young undergrad seeing the images of the heaps of dead bodies on the Iran/Iraq border–dead in place–from these WMD. Best I know, a lot of the people who died in place were his own people.

        “W”–a mass murderer?


    2. And the late Hugo Chavez (may the Devil torment his soul) was a man to admire, JO?

      I used to track the CPI* of Venezuela–as a cocktail party discussion joke. It was routinely in the 300% range during Chavez’ later years. This means that the average, hard-working, Venezuelan was seeing the cost of his coffee and toilet paper triple every year. Chavez was no less a petro-dictator than kleptocrat Vlad Putin, the Saud family, the Ayatollah of Iran, and–of course, the most heinous of all–Saddam Hussein.

      Your lack of depth of knowledge and understanding of Modern World events is embarrassing, Just Owns. I can see why the more literate on this board routinely insult you.

      The OVERWHELMING majority of the murdering which occurred in Iraq was opportunistic sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni (and to a lesser degree Kurdish) with the main driver being the globe’s number one exporter of terrorism–the theocratic Republic of Iran. You picked the wrong “bogeyman” purely as it supports your Dem doctrinaire. On a routine basis you point out that you are not a man with an opinion to respect.

      *commonly known as the annualized inflation rate by less educated men.


  7. Just Rent,

    For a guy who thinks that a gloried JC is a great college, who have alot to learn. BTW, I have taken classes at ugly and they were JUST ordinary. There is nothing great about ugly.


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