Why Did Max Nikias Get A Golden Parachute?

If you are upset USC has been paying millions to Max Nikias for several years after he resigned, there’s a reason for it.

More than a few members of the Board of Trustees did not want Nikias to resign in 2018 despite all the scandals that rocked his presidency.

So he got an incredible “golden parachute” on his way out the door.

Just remember that the next time you get asked for a donation.

11 thoughts on “Why Did Max Nikias Get A Golden Parachute?

  1. Yeah, the Board of Bustees didn’t want him to resign because, like the BOB’s he was against the football program.


  2. Max brought in more money to this university through donations than any other USC President that is the main reason the Board of Trustees did not want him to resign, and overlooked 1) where the money was coming from 2) all the other crime and evil that was going during his tenure at the University.

    Obviously, at least some of main international donors love him for some reason please take a look at the amount of money he raised during his tenure. USC is keeping Max around because they value the money he continues to bring in over justice. Carol Folt might be much more ethical in her standards, but Max is the King when it comes to generating money for this university. Once Max is gone, and he should have been gone a long time ago Carol will need to bring in the bucks at this university or she will be gone.

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    1. Nuanced, tommyd.
      …and spot on.

      Professor Nikias was entrusted with the task of raising several $Billions over a short deadline. He exceeded the goal in less time than was allotted.

      I was in Med School at USC in the early 1980’s, and LAC USC Med provided a vast amount of moral and ethical instruction. The GYNE pervert was already on campus at the time. The President in the 1980’s should have canned the perv. Such behavior was not acceptable by any standard in the 1980’s.

      The Ophthalmologist–Med School President also brought in massive bucks and recruited great talent to the Med School during a time of quantum-leap progress in biotechnology. Sadly, the guy crashed and burned and took down some people with him.

      Nikias’ contract is being honored, though his legacy is tarnished. He’ll retire a very rich, unloved President–kinda’ like Rufus.


    1. I didn’t like your article …and couldn’t finish reading it…..
      [Note: I did enjoy Carol, in effect, saying –“Everyone says it impossible —but no one thinks it’s impossible”]….

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  3. Max is getting all of the benefits because it was written into his contract when he became president. It’s the same when a disgraced CEO has to resign from the company and yet somehow has valued stock and other perks in his pocket while he walks out the door.


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    1. As everyone knows, I’m all for hating people….but remind me: what are Max’s actual crimes? If there is so much evidence of impropriety, why hasn’t he been prosecuted? Why hasn’t he been sued individually [rather than simply joined in a general action against USC]?

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      1. LOL- Sitting on a fence, MG splits Nikias hairs. Just for openers, I would think that Nikias’ sweet embrace of St. Pat would qualify as gross “impropriety.”


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  4. Max is the real “money maker” for USC- that’s why he has a free ticket, and USC moves forward growing as a university using Max as the secret weapon. How do you think they received those huge endowments recently it was all because of Max. All the recent legal debts, and mistakes in the athletic department will all be paid off soon thanks to Max. Surely, the money coming in did come in because of Carol Folt, Caruso, or Helton. Max, is very gifted in collecting money from donors he was just not very good at leading a University or managing people.

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  5. Max is just a poor manager, but is good at raising money for USC through the Donors. Obviously his management skills are limited if he approved the hirings of Pat Haden, Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and of course Uncle Fester Clay Helton. Is he a criminal no just very good at bringing in money which is a talent the others people at this university lack.

    Folt may or not be a better manager, but definitely will not match up to Fast Max in raising money for the university.

    Is generating revenue for USC more important than everything else absolutely especially with some many overpaid personnel which has created the country club atmosphere.

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