USC Morning Buzz: A Defense Of Max Nikias

First, some of you think Carol Folt doesn’t care about sports.
  • Meanwhile, a USC alumnus sent me this regarding Max Nikias still getting paid millions by the university.

“I know nobody likes the optics, but it’s like a coaching buyout, except coaches don’t also come with academic tenure. Honoring his contract (including the office on campus) was way less expensive and messy than a lawsuit would have been. 

“Nikias was never accused of actually being involved in any of the scandals, just having a leadership style that fostered them. It’s not like he was caught doing drugs with a prostitute in a hotel room like the med school dean . . . and I recall that dean got a severance package and going-away reception, too.”

Do you agree or disagree?

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Defense Of Max Nikias

  1. Only reason why Folt is there is so that she can scam on men’s rear ends. She is useless. There is a problem with the photo, she doen’t have a joint in her pie hole.

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  2. The only thing worse off than SC right now are the freshman that are entering ugly, knowing that they will get there asses handed to them in football, basketball, baseball, track and field, water, polo, and volleyball for the next 4 to 5 years.

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  3. Without evidence of malfeasance, not much else could be done with Nikias.

    The med school dean getting a golden parachute? Really? With incentives like that in place, USC just keeps asking for trouble.

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      1. There’s malfeasance…. and then there’s ‘dumber than cat shit’…..

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  4. The fact that Nikias does not have blood on his hands is a joke!!
    He was the CEO!! There is something called “tone at the top” in the corporate governance world. Unfortunately, USC is managed by self-indulgent crooks trying to take as much as possible.

    USC acts like a little non-profit when trouble hits to shield itself. If USC was a public company, a fund manager would try to get some seats on the board to change direction. USC needs Carl Icahn or Elliott Mgt to shake things up.

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    1. ..But it’s not a public company —[it could— one day— become a sort of state run company, though, if it continues throwing good money after bad and goes into receivership]….

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  5. Yup- Max the Greek Tycoon is erasing all USC’s debt caused by his bad management skills while in office. The problem is Folt, Bone, and Caruso have to have him around because they can’t bring in any money to the university by themselves.. Caruso, has too much power they need to remove him from the Board.

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    1. “Needing” to do something and “Doing” something are two VERY different things, as you know, tommyd……


    2. With the stock market surge, the endowment is riding high and it is easier for Folt to fail in raising donations. Things will be different if the market crashes again and wipes out the endowment. That is when some accountability might creep back in.



    Our best hope is he runs for mayor, or President and leaves USC alone.

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      1. …Small Compliment Department: Caruso would probably run Los Angeles better than it’s last 4 Mayors….


  7. Or Perhaps it is a Caruso and Max Nikias tag team for President in 4 years. Caruso might substitute Carol Folt as his VP running mate to pick up more votes across the country. Helton, would be a good candidate as Caruso’s press secretary.

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      1. P.S.
        Helton could be employed as sacrificial lamb in hostage exchange with mad dog drug cartel …..


  8. Michael: Maybe Uncle Fester Clay will move to Lahaina, Maui after he is canned after the season. I can see him sipping Mai Tai’s in a Aloha Shirt right at the Hyatt Regency Bar on Kaanapali Beach with the hope that Don Ho is still performing at the hotel with his hula dancers. Sadly, every drink, and every bit of sq footage he owns will be on USC’s buck.

    Uncle Fester should have hired Norm Chow to be his offensive coordinator rather than Graham Harrell It’s too late now….and the reason he did not hire Chow is because he would make him look even more inferior.

    Book em Dano———In memory of Jack Lord “Hawaii Five O”

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