Is This The Season That Catches Up With Clay Helton?

There is a school of thought within the Pac-12 Conference that this could be the season that catches up with Clay Helton.

You could pinpoint things like the offensive line or even some ordinary aspects of the defense.

But some of it goes back to last season, when USC eked out some victories it easily could have lost and probably would have dropped more games if not for the COVID-shortened season.

“With everything going on there, sooner or later it has to catch up (with Helton),” a Pac-12 coach said. “I’m not sure how formidable they will be compared to some recent teams that had a lot of talent even if it didn’t always look like it.”

23 thoughts on “Is This The Season That Catches Up With Clay Helton?

    1. That would assume Own’s had a house which we all know he lives in his mom’s basement. So technically he would be Own’s moms gardener.

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      1. Ricki, Rikki, Rikki, so grade school C- clever. Also, my mom’s basement is better than your sidewalk cardboard hovel you share with rest of the homeless in No. SFV.



    2. Heltons career as Head Coach reminds me of the coach who succeeded Tom Osborne at Nebraska.
      He was “Winning” but his team’s became softer each game and he was eventually shown the door.


  1. USC Not Worried About QB Change?

    Scott Wolf
    May 19

    “USC coaches continue to rave about freshman QB Jaxson Dart.

    One coach who has been watching spring practice films told me the only thing Dart is missing is reps.”

    “He’s got as much talent as any freshman I’ve seen,” the USC coach said. “I really think he can play this season. If for some reason we need another quarterback, which is not unusual for any team during a season, he easily could step in and flourish.”

    So Slovis not only has to worry his suspect health behind the weak bozo O/L, he now has to worry about his #1 QB status ’cause of his lack of mobility and the “rave” assessment of the freshman Mr. J. Dart.



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  2. YES…this is it for CLAY……might happen right after the UCLA game. UCLA, will be the surprise team in the Pac 12 this season. Chip, knows if he doesn’t has a good season this season he will be gone for sure, and with a returning All Pac 12 QB this is their chance to sneak up on some teams

    Sorry Clay you can’t fool anyone any longer even if you praise the lord. The lord knows you are not a head football coach, and so should you.

    Any assistant football coach should not consider SC for a 1 year resume builder because Helton will be gone, and so will most of his assistants at the conclusion of the season.


  3. No the season that caught up with Helton was 2018. They just ignored it. With bandwagon fans opting for NFL teams and the alumni not giving a ship (stupid spell check) I expect Helton to be around until the end of the football program.
    If they let Helton go I’ll have to program my spellcheck with the new guy’s name. The fact that my iPhone has a USC cover keeps me out of Bestbuy for fear of offending the Cal Tech crowd.

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  4. USC’s FB schedule for 2020 was going to be brutal, as we all know. A 7-5 record likely would have cost the HC his job. Unlike the pessimists here, I like that the players won 3 games on last second heroics during the COVID shortened season. These Trojans have character and desire.

    In contrast, the schedule for 2021 is likely the most favorable for USC since the 1940’s.
    If I were the AD, I’d expect at least a 10-2 record, a win in the Pac 12 conf champ game, and a win on New Years Day to save HC CH job. At 9-3, there is no post-season outcome which should save the HC his job.

    Indeed UCLA’s offense will be potent, but I like the recent changes to USC’s defense and hope that Foreman has a great Frosh year. Losing Max Williams hurts. The Safeties will play well. Inside LB has been a chronic problem since Cam Smith (a Sark recruit) left, and I have concerns.

    Todd McShay–who probably knows more about CFB & QBs than anyone on this site has Slovis #2 draft pick in the “way too early” 2022 NFL draft. If the kid is healthy, he’ll have a fine year even with his top 3 WR’s having left (Pittman, ARSB, Vaughs) recently.
    Probably 125 of the 128 D1 programs in CFB would love to have Slovis on their sideline, but y’all keep on hatin’.

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    1. Can you drop a little ice in mine too, Bourbon. There’s one other kid on defense not getting much mention, and I feel he’s gonna contribute more and more as the season wears on, and his name’s Raesjon the former Coach O commit.

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    2. I agree about Slovis, Bourbon. If he gets improved blocking and better schemes he could be awesome. I will never root against the Trojans, but a good season for the team might calm the Helton hatred. Helton was hired to stabilize the atmosphere on the field. With his losing quality players to the transfer portal, there is definitely not much stability in the program. The NCAA was formed to stabilize college football, just look at how corrupt it has become. Helton is a microcosm of the NCAA

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      1. Which top players did Helton lose? The big running back who couldn’t stay healthy? Maybe the littler running back who couldn’t stay healthy? Or the tight end who couldn’t get healthy? The wide receiver who was passed by freshman on the depth chart? Sounds like we only lose our top guys when you write it, but on reflection it seems they were close to being starters and all but the wider receiver were always hurt.

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  5. He’ll have to do a lot better than what he has done so far to get my support. CBS rated their top 65 coaches. CH was number 48. He was 7th in the pack-12. Of the 5 that he was ahead of, 3 were basically new coaches (Arizona and Washington and Colorado). Then there was Oregon State. I actually think that I would put Jonathan Smith ahead of Helton. He’s an excellent coach but he’s at Oregon State. The only guy that I would clearly give the advantage to Helton is the coach at Washington State and he’s relatively new also.

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  6. people like fffffolt can never admit they were wrong, so she will order only a charade exit ,maybe promotion in some twisted way for hellton,and only at her feeling it is the proper time for such a charade.

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  7. Tony Orlando needs to pull his head out of his ass. You don’t play Drake Jackson as a lber. You play him as a de. If you get Jackson and Forman as de’s, they could wreck havoc.

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    1. I’m curious to see how this works out. He and his family have been heavily involved in all decisions so there had to be something that swayed them to allow the switch. And remember he had no spring or summer camp to practice and learn his new position last year, just the 6 games.


  8. Honestly this is wishful thinking for those who want to get rid of Helton (myself included). He’s going to win enough for Folt to justify not making a change. If she had no problem thumbing her nose at us once, what’s to stop her from doing it again?


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