USC Morning Buzz: The Hype Is Not Quite The Same A Year Later

USC hired Mick White, who graduated from Oklahoma State last week, as assistant director of football video production.

And it did with little fanfare. Look at the reaction from Mike Bohn-lackey Brandon Sosna a year ago when the LSU video guys were hired.

White a tweet announcing his hire but perhaps because it got burned, the athletic dept. was a little more restrained this time around.

15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Hype Is Not Quite The Same A Year Later

  1. Like all aspects of football, video production is an important feature of a winning program. You don’t see Alabama using the Trojan Marching Band arrangement of tusk for their band. But Hollywood used the TMB to play the Alabama band in Forest Gump. And the words “UCLA sucks”are in the lyrics of the Fleetwood Mac song.
    The main reason the video production team is news is that they can detain Helton for makeup before a game. It may take hours to make his insipid look into that of a liver eating fierce coach.
    The last group was fired because they couldn’t wipe the stupid look off Helton’s face. They even staged a pandemic to make him wear a mask according to rumors herein. Did you notice there were no pictures of Helton with his mouth open last season?

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      1. I think tedious is more appropriate. Will Ferrell milks a joke until it’s dead and the mourners have left the funeral. The only running joke in a Will Ferrell movie is the whole movie being a joke. And yes I’ve seen most of them.

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      2. I dare anyone to watch the scene of Will roaming the streets as a fired “Anchorman” without weeping….or watch the bear cage scene at San Diego Zoo without cheering….

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      3. Oh, Justy Ownsie —- What did you think of Will’s one hour special on “W”?

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      4. Mud again reminds us of the strength of the sow media/cinema dept compared to the lowly Trojan academy awards trophy case..

        bumd as dirt, only wetter.

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      5. Personally, I found “The Other Guys” to be one of Ferrell’s greatest cinematic accomplishments–snubbed by the Screen Actor’s Guild and certainly worthy of an Academy Award consideration. Mark Wahlberg–no shrinking violet himself–struggled to shine on the screen when next to Mr. Ferrell. And then there was Eva Mendez….

        Anyone who does not appreciate the brilliance of “Frank the Tank” or Ricky Bobbey?
        Well I just don’t know..

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    1. SUCC’s opponent – St. Joseph’s in honor of St. Pat, or SUCC gets the cupcake – a Booger and his daddy showcase.


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