Clay Helton Is Oddsmakers’ Favorite

Here’s some preseason odds on who won’t be coaching the at the same school in 2022:

Clay Helton, USC -110

Justin Fuente, VA Tech +125

Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma +175

Scott Frost, Nebraska +250

Jim Harbaugh. Michigan +300

The cut was unrelated to the pandemic, which mostly came after th fiscal year. Instead, Scott’s bonus tied to media revenues was cut around $1.3 million, which explains the pay reduction.

32 thoughts on “Clay Helton Is Oddsmakers’ Favorite

    1. We did more than okay —we came out ahead. [I like the way Clay ruthlessly informed injury prone players via text to “look elsewhere for your hugs”]…

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      1. Remember the days when they posted the chart in the hall of the gym…and you’d out you weren’t starting?

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      2. It’ll probably take all night but try to figure out the missing word, Cal75…..

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    2. While I wished Stepps well and hoped for a 1000 yard season for him at Nb, missing Spring Ball will not sit well with Frost.

      So, I agree we picked up some very good talent in the portal.

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      1. Bourbon,

        I believe that he notifed Frost before spring ball. Besides, why work out with SC knowing that you are going to Nebrtaska. He will have the entire summer to memorize the play book, work out, and do through drills and practices, unoffiical, during he summer like they do at SC. Besides how hard it is to find a hole and go? LOLOL. He needs to work on his hands and pass blocking. He will be fine.

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      2. I agree with you PT. There is no real reason for him to put the extra carries on his legs, especially considering his health issues dating back to his junior year in high school.

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  1. I was showing the blog picture to some students and one of them asked if it was for football or baseball? I asked why. And the kid said that Clay looked like he was arguing a call in baseball, “He was safe I tell you!”
    I had to laugh out loud- that’s how clueless he looks I told them.

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    1. Rialto —If only! What was actually happening at the time was way worse: For no reason Clay called the ref over to say he intuited during halftime that Klimt’s “Beethoven Frieze” contained all known [and unknown] knowledge….

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    1. I really just hate tooting our horn again….. but…BEEP BEEP!

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      1. And —at midnight — those bones re-assemble into wraiths —and mount banshee horses …..and pour out into Westwood like in that Bald Mountain scene in Fantasia….

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  2. I love the odds on Helton will not be coaching USC in 2022. That hopefully means Graham Harrell and this stupid air raid offense is gone also.

    I love Scott’s Wolf’s picture he is so talented and created in the field of journalism. The picture tells the story: Helton thinks he is safe at USC, everyone else your out.

    Also love that the UCLA All-American basketball player is transferring to USC. Smart guy a USC degree is worth alot more money than a degree from UCLA.

    Rod Sherman, the former football wide receiver is the other player who transferred from UCLA to USC.

    Perhaps, OWN’s will leave the dark side (UCLA) now, and transfer to the TROJAN side where the sun shines brighter, and life is definitely more lucrative. We all look at OWNS as Darth Vader because he appears to be a Bruin , but in real life he is a Trojan otherwise known as Luke OWNS Skywalker.

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    1. Owns jumped up & cheered in his bed like Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers when USC beat UCLA at the buzzer…..

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  3. Tommyd, it’s a Volleyball player xfering to SUCC. Obviously, UCLA has no further need of Mr. Kobrine’s services.


  4. Sorry about that it is a UCLA All-American Volleyball player that is transferring to USC not a basketball player. Smart move!

    No question Scott’s Wolf’s picture of Clay Helton has alot of meaning to it. Helton, thinks he is safe with plenty of job security, if I were Clay I would be starting to pack. A loss to San Jose in football might cause a very quick departure.


  5. I don’t gamble (other than driving on I-5 on occasion), but a moneyline bet of -110 is not that thrilling or overwhelming. Likewise, a moneyline of +125 for Fuentes at Va Tech is not so overwhelming. Frost and Harbaugh received contract extensions.
    If Riley were to bolt, it would be to the Pro’s, but I’d not take those odds.

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    1. the Doncic is showing his talant to be the best in the nbc and boy are those black guys jealous of him hes being cheap fouled all over the place! poor labron paul gave him a little shoulder and hes moanin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sincerely, E


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