Ranking The Student Sections

There’s obviously no scientific formula to rank a student section but having five Pac-12 student sections in the Bottom 20 sounds right.


19 thoughts on “Ranking The Student Sections

    1. News flash!
      100 days til kickoff of College Football.
      I’m crossing the days off on one of those cheesy State Farm paper calendars that the agent sends out at Christmastime.
      (Does anyone really think we need those?)

      190 days until the Trojans play the Bruins in FB.

      By then, I guess we’ll be at 1000 days since USC lost to the Bruins in either Bball or Fball. Helton (or midseason replacement) better not let that streak be broken.

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      1. Talk about class… let’s see what chippie thinks about 8 missed tackles on this single play. Did he care that London scored? Nope. Did he care that the players were so ill prepared? Nope. He just wanted to so his appreciation of a fine football player.

        Mud, dumb as dirt only wetter.

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      2. My Dear Friend Owns — What MORE does Biden need to do to earn the right to wear the uniform you’ve put Trump in…..?


      3. You better shape up MG, you’re the head scofflaw. When(if) I return during the season, you had better be on your toes. Several retired judges told me personally that many of your motions were nearly indecipherable.


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      4. Thank you for including that “if” in your reply……

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  1. Don’t know why it wasn’t mentioned before but our former Oline coach (Drevno) is now an analyst for the ruins… doesn’t this make 3 former coaches on their staff??

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  2. Part of that is because of Larry Scott, who went out of his way to make sure that we had no great teams in the Pac-12. If you start to get some great teams in the Pac-12, the cheering sections will improve. You shouldn’t expect great cheering sections when there is nothing to cheer about.

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    1. I’m headed to the beach in Kihei to try this exercise out right now….

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  3. What?!
    We have to wait all the way till Monday?! Nothing till “Winners & Losers”?!


    1. I can see we’re gonna have to improvise till Monday.
      Okay, time for everybody to declare the name of the sappiest film they ever saw…..
      I’ll start: Forest Gump…..


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