A Story About Carl’s Restaurant

A reader told me he regularly dined at Carl’s restaurant.

The drive-in could be a little complicated based on what he said.

“It was really busy before the sorority curfew at 10:15 (p.m.),” he said. “There were lanes to park in for the drive-in, and if you were thee fourth car, and the first guy wanted to leave, then the other three cars had to move out of the way.”

5 thoughts on “A Story About Carl’s Restaurant

  1. Those were the days. Can you imagine what it would be like asking three drivers to move THEIR cars for YOUR convenience today?


  2. Wow. what a picture of Carl’s way back when. This shot must have been in the 40’s way before my time when my mother was at USC.

    Take a look at the car’s parked outside the restaurant- heavy metal with bumpers. Gas prices in those days were dirt cheap, but makes me wonder what type of gas mileage those cars received. Most of them looked like tanks, but boy did they look powerful, and comfortable compared to the plastic cars with no bumpers we see today.

    Scott– it would be good to see a picture of the menu. from Carl’s back in the 40’s. A beer must have been .15 cents, and a burger and fries .25 cents. What was tuitiion at USC in the 40’s.??

    Really enjoy seeing some of the history and the culture around USC . The area has changed alot over time, and in the late 60’s became a little dangerous around USC at night. I believe there use to be a Pioneer Chicken right across the Coliseum also which later became a KFC. Murray’s tickets was across the street on the south side of the coliseum.

    Really nice to see how the area has evolved over the years, and even greater to see the development along Figueroa St. all the way to downtown. Felix Chevrolet, and the “Big Cat” survived it all-“Habla Espanol at Felix Chevrolet” was the big advertising gig they had on TV, and the radio. Rumor has it Clay Helton will be hired to sell used cars at Felix Chevrolet beginning in January of 2022.

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    1. Murray’s cleaned my clock a few times….

      A/C D/C front row at the Forum cost me a month’s salary at Murrays.
      Also lost a lot of high frequency hearing that night.

      Worth it.


  3. Pretty sure that by the time I arrived on campus (1975) there was no longer a sorority curfew per se, but the houses still had house mothers, men were not allowed on the second floor, and “likes to have a good time” did not necessarily imply fun-loving in an innocent sense.


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