Marv Goux, The Cowboy

In today’s USC Notes Column Supplement, I talk some more about Marv Goux’s acting career and explain this photo I found today of Goux playing a cowboy.

20 thoughts on “Marv Goux, The Cowboy

  1. Marv was smart sticking to football he does not have the looks to have made it in hollywood. At best, I see him as a replacement for Columbo or for Jackie Gleason on the Honeymooner. Now that I think about Carol Folt is a dead ringer for Carol Burnett or when she is having a good makeup day “Trixy” Jackie Gleason’s wife on the Honeymooners.

    Now Clay Helton is a different story. Gomer Pyle Jr or Arnold Ziffel from Green Acres, or like I have said all along Uncle Fester from the Adams family.

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      1. Very civilized of you to say you just “think” Trixy was Norton’s wife….


  2. The Fastest football player in pads USC has ever had, and this does include while driving a Ford Bronco?
    A) Earl Mccullough
    B) Edesel Garrison
    C) Quincy Watts
    D) OJ Simpson
    E) Allen Carter
    F) Sultan Mccullough
    G) James Sims

    USC use to have fast guys at tailback, wide receiver, flanker, defensive end, linebacker and safety. Speed along with strong physical play on the offensive and defensive lines equals success because of match up difficulties for the opposing team.

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    1. Great list.
      Where do you put Kenan Christon in that list.

      Kinda’ like the Bob Hayes Dallas Cowboys experiment, many fast track athletes back in the 60’s and 70’s were terrible FB players.

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  3. Worried about Enfield and the Trojan basketball program? Well here’s a wrench in the works that will be fun to watch play out as a high school Junior decides to take instant gratification…

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    1. This story is hitting like a ton of bricks.
      A recruit previously committed to Zaga has also decommitted to sign with the G league.

      If a bunch of these HS stars opt out of the one-and-done NCAA-M hoops, what will happen to March Madness. Does mens hoops loose relevance?

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      1. And there is talk of a similar league for high profile football players too. The best thing about football is the frugality of the owners.
        There is real possibility that Isaiah Mobley goes this route this year. And why not, $1M/yr and no worries about passing that midterm…

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      2. More than likely. Large dollars/heavy bling trumps a Univ. education and a secure future. It’s sad, but true. How does an eighteen-year-old teenager comprehend life at 65 and a meager retirement fund?

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  4. Put the Rain Coat on him, grow the hair longer, add the bassett hound dog and the old renault or fiat covertible and Goux could have been a double for Columbo..

    There will never be another Columbo he was the greatest at solving crimes. No question he would have discovered who really killed USC football, and then asked “one more thing” and booked Nikias, Folt, Bohn, and “Uncle Fester” Clay Helton simultaneously.

    Rest in Peace Lieutenant Columo-Peter Falk. We sure miss you unique style.

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      1. I went to USC with one of Peter Falk’s daughters. He gave her Senate seats at The Forum which she gave me a couple times. This was around the time Gretzky came to the Kings. Really nice gal.

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    1. Hate to even partially disagree with you Columbo lovers —But —although the first few years of the show (Jack Cassidy, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick McGoohan, Robert Culp) were outstanding —Falk started falling in love with himself toward the end —and the show started getting written as though Columbo had the supernatural gift of KNOWING the murderer as soon as he saw him or her —with he next 55 minutes devoted to a kinda cruel cat and mouse game.

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      1. Michael, got to agree with your sentiment here but there wasn’t much mouse… there were no clues leaked or given, just the magically derived climax.

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      2. I remember one show with Louis Jordan as a gourmet chef who devised the perfect murder —-but Columbo took one look at him in sequence #1, scene #1 and knew it was him. The rest of the show was Falk torturing the guy with his groveling, poor boy-who-knows-the-score act.
        I wish they gave US some clue as to how he did it — like was he exposed to space dust or maybe have a second brain. It would have helped the illusion along. Costa Gavras once said he hated plots that depended on an unexplained assumption. “Why does Zorro keep risking his skin for strangers? Because he is Zorro!”

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  5. ESPN News flash:

    “WR Marquise Lee waived by San Francisco 49ers after signing Monday.”


    Time for Mr. Lee to join the other SUCC busts on Fox CFB report?


    1. Marqise Lee estimate earnings over his career:
      Year Salary Roster Bonus
      2018 $2,250,000 –
      2020 – –
      6 seasons $5,341,098

      27 or 28 years young.
      Survived homelessness and a mother who could not protect nor provide for him.
      Still has a functional brain (and a million dollar smile) with little or no CTE.
      Can come back to USC to finish his degree (if he has not earned his degree yet)–for free I might add.

      He’s not a bust in my circles.
      Always loved that kid.
      Glad he got out of the NFL


      1. Just curious Bourbon, based on Lee’s cumulative NFL stats, would you feel the same way if Lee’s 5million and change earnings had come out your pocket?

        Think of all the NFL HoF’er’s who didn’t earn a faction of the total of Lee’s earnings derived from a less than mediocre NFL semi-career.


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