Getting A Recruit’s Size Is Tricky Business

Wide receiver Kevin Green of Alemany committed to USC last weekend.

Now the question is how big is he?

Green is 5-foot-10, 155-pounds according to Rivals.

He is 5-11, 165 pounds according to 247.

And he is 5-11, 175 according to MaxPreps.

Good thing everyone is in agreement.

8 thoughts on “Getting A Recruit’s Size Is Tricky Business

  1. Plus or minus an inch is an earth shattering discrepancy. At his size it’ll be his speed and quickness that make the real difference…

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  2. Green won’t develop in size or with his catch passing ability under those Trojan clown coaches so what does it matter?


  3. The only Trojan players that gain size are the ones from the polynesian pipeline as they hurt themselves right out of the gate, continue to eat like pigs during their full ride waste of a scholarship as they ride the bench.

    4 years of medical treatment and all you can eat buffet at USC are what those clowns look forward to right out of high school. 1 out of 100 worth a damn.

    USC gets took everytime they sign one of those girls.


  4. I saw his films and he’s certainly not a speed demon. Watch his films and see how many times he is caught from behind. That doesn’t mean that he can’t become an excellent possession receiver but he doesn’t look like he is going to be able to take the top off the defensive secondary.


  5. who cares about greens size achilles is attacking with a savage fury!just sank a ship with chemicals from sri lanka! this is going to be a great month!!!!!!!! sincerely, edward


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