If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

It’s time for some Friday USC notes and history.

  • The best thing I heard from a USC administrator on the Caryl Smith Gilbert-Mike Bohn negotiations before she left for Georgia, where Bohn never made a counter-offer.

“Bohn got tricked by her, thinking she was bluffing,” the administrator said. “She wasn’t.”

Don’t be surprised if Smith Gilbert tries to steal a couple athletes (sprinters) from new coach Quincy Watts.

  • Ronnie Lott, Anthony Davis, Clay Helton, Kedon Slovis and John Jackson III were among those who attended the Lott Trophy Watch List luncheon on Tuesday.

A USC booster who attended the event said Helton kept his head buried downward when a former staffer Helton fired was introduced at the luncheon.

  • Pac-12 Football Media Day will be held in-person on Tuesday, July 27 at the W Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. Commissioner George Kliavkoff, Senior Associate Commissioner of Football Operations Merton Hanks and Vice President of Officiating David Coleman will be there along with all 12 head coaches, two players from each team and all 12 athletic directors.
  • Would you be happy if USC ever played in the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl?
  • Former USC WR Amon-Ra St. Brown has signed a contract with the Detroit Lions. Chargers running back Josh Kelley, who was Pick 112 last year, signed a four-year deal worth a little more than $4 million with a base salary of $610,000.
  • Arizona State athletic director Ray Anderson didn’t seem overly concerned about the NCAA investigation in an interview with the Arizona Republic.

“We’re going forward. That’s something that we can’t control,” Anderson said. “It can’t be something that bogs us down. We’re heading forward with our off season.”

  • Actor James Hong, who has had more than 600 acting roles over six decades, is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hong was a civil engineering major at USC.
  • And now for some history:
  • When the Pro Bowl was held annually at the Coliseum, USC was Ground Zero. In 1958, the East team practiced at Cromwell Field and Frank Gifford, who played for the East, was the guest speaker at the Phi Sigma Kappa athletic alumni banquet. Gifford received an award and narrated film of a New York Giants game at the dinner, which drew more than 150 to the fraternity.
  • In 1957, the USC Homecoming Dance drew 1,700 to the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The crowd was so big the Homecoming Chairman was forced to ask the hotel for another ballroom.
  • There will be no Marv Goux items this week!
  • Oddsmaker Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder made UCLA two-point favorites before the 1969 Crosstown Rivalry vs. USC.

“I think the whole difference is at quarterback,” Snyder said. “The Trojans don’t have a passing attack, and that’s worth the two points. No college quarterback is worth much more, certainly not as much as seven.”

USC won the game, 14-12, on a 32-yard touchdown pass from QB Jimmy Jones to WR Sam Dickerson with 1:32 left to play.

It was a controversial play with UCLA fans believing Dickerson did not catch the ball inbounds but two refs signaled a TD.

  • Here was a pre-game quote from UCLA wide receiver Mike Garratt.

“I just hope USC’s luck runs out against us this year,” Garratt said. “If we play our normal game and they play their normal game, and don’t get any of their ridiculous breaks, I think we could beat them pretty badly.”

Imagine how Garratt felt after the game?

Here’s a nice photo of tailback Clarence Davis vs. Oregon State in 1969. Davis gained 181 yards against the Beavers. I always liked the old school single bar face mask worn by the Oregon State player (center).

Front row: Jack Shinholser, guard (Florida State). Second row: Casimir Banaszek, end (Northwestern); Stan Dzura, tackle (California); Bill Yearby, tackle (Michigan); Aaron Brown, end (Minnesota). Third row: Bill Cody, linebacker (Auburn); Carl McAdams, linebacker (Oklahoma); Tom Cecchini, linebacker (Michigan). Back row: Rodger Bird, halfback (Kentucky); Bruce Bennett, safety (Florida); Mike Garrett, halfback (USC).

This is the Playboy All-American defensive team in 1965. Yes, the defense. And that’s Heisman Trophy winning tailback Mike Garrett at halfback (cornerback).

“Garrett is not to be found on Hugh Hefner’s offensive team. Instead, the Playboy pollsters invited Mike to Chicago to have his picture taken as a defensive halfback — a position Mike would love to play, but can’t because of Coach John McKay’s conforming platoon system,” a newspaper report said at the time.

The tailbacks who made the Playboy team were Floyd Little of Syracuse and Nick Eddy of Notre Dame. Little and Rodger Bird of Kentucky were the Parade magazine team running backs.

Here’s the Playboy 1965 offensive All-Americans.

Front row: Paul Crane, center (Alabama); Jerry Burns, Coach of the Year (Iowa). Second row: Karl Noonan, end (Iowa); George Rice, tackle (Louisiana State); Stan Hindman, guard (Mississippi); Dick Arrington, guard (Notre Dame); John Niland, tackle (Iowa); Rick Kestner, end (Kentucky). Third row: Nick Eddy, halfback (Notre Dame); Gary Snook, quarterback (Iowa); Floyd Little, halfback (Syracuse). Rear: Jim Grabowski, fullback (Illinois).

57 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. This is so late I don’t even know if we should post!
    [But it was worth waiting for]!
    Great stuff, Scott!


  2. I made bad boy comments about this post coming in late —and I was censored (as I should be for my ingratitude).
    Great stuff, Scott. Sorry about any (deleted) comments about suing you for not meeting your (our) deadline.


  3. Of course the Playboy all-American list was always the best list to follow–for obvious reasons. You could count on several Trojans to make the list each Summer.

    Hard to argue with the Floyd Little pick. Though Garrett won the Heisman, Little had a great career in the AFL/NFL and might have eclipsed MG in the pros. MG had the SBIV victory, though.
    (I’m sure someone here on the Board will send some stats my way to trounce me on this point).

    Irrespective, after Little’s NCAA career, Syracuse (New York) swiftly descended into CFB irrelevance–albeit with a tiny resurgence during the McNabb years. Never coming back are they? Cautionary tale.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. After careful consideration [and without any supporting “stats”] I declare Mike more fun to watch than Floyd. I remember MG muffing the catch on a punt, recovering his own fumble, looking up at two guys about to kill him, juking both of them …and taking off for a long return. Every Trojan in the stands was left smiling.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. According to the poster “Me”, Bohn’s counter offer was in his pocket the whole time, it was his back up…Qunicy Watts.

    That’s why Bohn took an unnecessary trip to Oregon and offered the position to a handful of coaches who all declined, saying tbey weren’t interested.

    Bohn humiliating himself and USC was the plan all along.

    The poster “Me” said that Bohn doesn’t want to be accused of not doing an extensive search when it comes to his hiring process, even if it means making an ass out of himself for all to see.




    1. Seems funny but you didn’t miss where Scott said, Bohn thought Smith Gilbert was bluffing. I mentioned that too. The part about Bohn having the Quincy gambit was freestyle rhetoric. Or maybe satire.
      And satire is better than a flat tire. And Bruin attitude is like a flat tire, you ain’t going nowhere until you change it.
      I liked the idea of Garrett playing both ways, I knew they did in high school, but that the platoon system was in effect by the time he made it to college level. I am wondering about the Jimmy Kibble (not a typo) bowl. More information is needed.
      It’s good to be Me.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m still chuckling…

        “Satire is better than a flat tire. And Bruin attitude is like a flat tire, you ain’t going nowhere until you change it.”

        Bruin attitude? Pfffffttttt.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Toobuma,

      you keep saying that Bohn went to oregon to pretnd that he was looking for a coach. You are an idiot. No one said he was looking for a coach. Waht do they teach you at kindergarten u aka ugly? What a maroon. Quote from Bugs Bunny

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Grabowski had a great career with the Pack.
    I’m not sure Snook had any career in the NFL.
    Eddy was a star for ND but suffered an injury getting off the train for the 1966 game (of the Century) with Bubba Smith’s Michigan State and was “never the same.”

    1965–USC was just starting to grow its credibility in the CFB world. Many more Playboy All Americans would follow.

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  6. Alot of good news for USC football fans this week and I see more good news coming in the next couple weeks. The recruiting analysts at 247 are starting to talk about how USC’s recruiting is getting better as it goes forward. ASU might be crippled by the violations, we will have to see whether there are any serious penalties or changes that come out of it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think Herm is there for the long run, but ASU has been quite quick to fire coaches lately. Nevertheless, if a significant penalty is imposed (self- or otherwise), should the ASU recruits be allowed to “portalize” immediately?

      (portalize distinct from porta-loo)

      Liked by 2 people

    2. gamete,

      SC could have 5 start recruits at each position but it is the oc, dc, and head coach that decides what they players will do. Helton and Harrell are idiots. Orlando needs to put Drake Jackson back at de. Other than that he is not bad. Helton will destroy the team. Get rid of that bum.


    3. USC has mever had a problem with recruiting. Even during the sanction years USC hauled in a couple of #1 rankings and a bunch of top 10 classes.

      It’s Helton not being able to develop the talent that’s the problem the Trojans are now facing with recruiting.

      The idiot Helton’s main priority is always WR’s and DB’s. The idiot never focuses on offensive linemen or TE’s that can block.

      USC year in and year out up until they finished last in football recruiting in the PAC 12 a couple of years ago…have always been able to recruit.

      USC has by far the most 4 and 5 star recruits in the PAC 12 and the idiot Clay Helton still managed to finish 5 – 7.

      The problem with recruiting now is Clay Helton, kids are figuring out that players aren’t bring developed at USC like they used to be.

      Helton is a joke, a third rate coach at best, get rid of him, Harrell and that stupid air raid offense…problem solved.


  7. Ronnie Lott, Anthony Davis, Clay Helton, Kedon Slovis and John Jackson III were among those who attended the Lott Trophy Watch List luncheon on Tuesday.

    A USC booster who attended the event said Helton kept his head buried downward when a former staffer Helton fired was introduced at the luncheon.

    WTF? was Slovis and Helton doing there, serving H’orderves?

    Helton must have been stuffing the grape leaves and Slovis was filling the deviled eggs.


    1. I dunno, but I’d rather attend the Lott IMPACT over any stupid Heisman show.
      What a circus is the Downtown Athletic Club event now.
      (though I do like the Nissan Commercials).

      I dunno, but…
      as we run out of stuff to talk about this Summer, maybe we should look at the Lott IMPACT, the winners, and their impact after that trophy.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Maybe we could also spend a few moments discussing Lott’s personal “impact” on the concept of manhood —here’s a guy who was “team first” and never cried about his ‘feelings’ ….

        Liked by 2 people

  8. “Don’t be surprised if Smith Gilbert tries to steal a couple athletes (sprinters) from new coach Quincy Watts.” S Wolf.

    QW’s got a Gold Medal, tons of karma, a degree from USC, and is a beloved member of the USC Family. He can boast tons of personal life-experience and sell a glorious 100 year USC history of Olympic success–esp in the sprints. He represents the #19 ranked University in America.

    Wish CSG well. She can sell her sprinters on the idea that they may graduate from the #147 ranked University in America and #3 best school in the State of Georgia–just a few clicks above Spellman College (#150). Go dawgs.

    It’s great to be a Trojan. For life.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. The catch.

    Sam Dickerson…
    Erik Affholter…
    Drake London…
    (am I missing any?)

    Fer cripesake, when will the bruin “loyalists” stop crying about all these great USC catches and move on?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There’s the great catch at the end of the last UCLA game [and the great catches at the end of every Larry Smith coached USC/UCLA game]….

      Liked by 2 people

  10. Mike Bohn –is a used car salesman, and apparently does not know how to close a deal which is a key ingredient in being a successful car salesman, and an AD. I think the reason she left is surely for the money, but just as important Mike Bohn is very difficult to work for, and wants things his way or the highway.

    Of well, I think Quincy Watts will do a fabulous job as the new Track Coach. Perhaps, he can hire TT Terry to be one his key assistants once the Olympics are over with.


    1. True True.
      IMHO, TT gonna’ be busy making money on the T&F pro circuit, but yes we need an awesome female sprint coach to complement our Field coaches and QW.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Who in their cotton pickin’ mind decided to name a bowl game after a KROQ flunky. Jimmy Kimmel is another piece of crap. He is not funny and he is an idiot. How in the world did they choose his name for a bowl game? If that is the case, then instead of the Jimmy Kimmel blow, I want to name it the Gypse Boots bowl game. At lease he attended SC games


  12. Does anyone remember when USC played a game right after the replay challenge was instituted? They won the replay challenge as the ruling on the field stood. But then the team who had lost the challenge challenged the ruling of the replay. This was against the rules a ruling is final, but the refs allowed a second challenge and awarded the ruling to the other team.
    The refs broke the rules and awarded the the other team a touchdown.
    Well I bitch about that play all of the time. I was in the newspaper and calling in to radio shows. ( before blogging) and the league admitted they were wrong.
    So I just smile when someone mentions the “Bush Push” or “The catch” because I know what the results will be. Nothing, bubkis nada zilch. The league just said, “That’s part of the game when humans are involved.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Bush Push is now a part of GOAL LINE FB!
      Leave it to #5 to revolutionize the game!

      Besides maybe Tyreek Hill, does ANYONE BEFORE* OR SINCE have Reggie’s moves?
      Video game moves in real life.

      *Crazy Legs Hirsch wasn’t so crazy, IMHO.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. After that game Charlie Weis changed, mentally, physically and spiritually. He seemed more like a UCLA coach than a real college coach…..

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I have studied Tony Dorsett, Gayle Sayers, and others, but Bush had the greatest moves I have ever witnessed.


    2. I remember USC getting an interception, having it reviewed which turned out to be an intetception, only the refs upon review called roughing the passer that they said they noticed after the fact and gave the ball back to the opponent who I think was Colorado.


      1. Yep. USC 12-0 (or better) vs the CU Buffs.
        Only Helton has had close games vs CU.
        Someday a USC HC is gonna lose to CU.

        If it is this year, then sayonara.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Frank Gifford was the ‘guest’ speaker at the Phi Sigma Kappa luncheon. Lol.
    Well shit howdy, he was a Phi Sig. Long commute.
    As well as Route 66 & Adam 12 boy wonder Marty Milner.
    Go Omega Dueteron.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes —but they wouldn’t appear in separate pictures…..


  14. Rumor has it that Clay Helton has lined up a position with the Pasadena Tournament of Roses after this season. He has a real chance to move up in that organization, and will look sharp running around on a scooter on New Year’s day in a white suit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Oh, look at that ladies and gentlemen! Riding up on a white stallion & waving to the crowd is disgraced former USC football coach, Clay Helton. Not often you see a 20 gallon hat! & that saddle he’s planted in is trimmed in real silver and gold and worth over a half million dollars!”


  15. My kid is playing a basketball tourney with a kid who is 3 start lineman who is offered by USC. Most likely headed to Utah though. He’s not heavily recruited by us, they are shooting for higher rated kids. But the kid is huge and can move like crazy. Can’t imagine what the top tier guys are like. It’s impressive to watch this giant kid play hoops.

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