Heisman Trust Puts Reggie Bush Case Back With NCAA

The Heisman Trust released a statement today regarding Reggie Bush.

“Should the NCAA reinstate Bush’s 2005 status, the Heisman Trust looks forward to welcoming him back to the Heisman family.”

So it is up to the NCAA?

The way USC is slobbering over itself trying to rehabilitate Bush’s image, I suspect he will eventually get his Heisman back.

I just wish USC put this much effort into replace Clay Helton.

This is just within the last hour:


40 thoughts on “Heisman Trust Puts Reggie Bush Case Back With NCAA

  1. Does this mean the downtrodden athletic club will have to buy it back from the private collector?
    Don’t care what you think he did or didn’t do, it had no bearing on his ability to leave defensive players thinking they had seen a ghost. Give it back to the best player of that year.

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  2. Flow: “Slobbering?” Hardly. More like “pouncing” at the right time, much like the NCAA did over 10 years ago. The time is now. Make it loud and don’t let up and everything will be rightfully given back.

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  3. Selling Reggie Bush is easy for USC … Heisman winner, long NFL career, on Fox nationally every Saturday, USC fans love him. Mike Bohn can’t sell Clay Helton. Fans and alumni reject Clay Helton. Mike Bohn, if you can’t make this case to Carol Folt, GTFO!


  4. “Mike Bohn … PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! Coffee’s for closers.” “You call yourself a salesman you sonofabitch!?”


  5. Does anybody see Mark Emmert, the fair-haired boy and object of Carol Folt’s sexual fantasies and formerly of LSU and Washington, reinstating Reggie Bush!?


  6. What effort would you like the dept. to flex Scott? Create a time machine where you can go back in time and stop Swann from offering such a stupid contract?

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  7. Not that I disagree that we need to replace Clay Helton, BUT, it isnt going to happen before we see results on the field, so what purpose does the constant negativity serve? Every fan should simply hold Bohn/Helton to the standard they have created – competing for national championships.

    Regarding recruiting, although SC is ranked #13 and Oregon is #9 right now, the recruits that SC has landed are much more difference makers than Oregon. We have alot of local talent that we are in a very good position for and a couple national recruits that we really need to land, but this class is shaping up well. And quite frankly, our recruiting department must be doing a good job at identifying under-the-radar talent, as Devin Brown is going to rise quickly after his Elite 11 performance. Ty Kana is also way underrated and will rise during his senior year.

    I’m glad we are working hard to recruit a few top linemen, instead of a whole bunch of lower level talent. We have plenty of bodies on the roster already, we need talent that can contribute for multiple years, not more bodies who will never play. By the way, teams like Wisconsin recruit 3 star o-line players and make them into one of the toughest lines in the country, so it can be done with the right coaching and S&C.

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    1. Oregon has more commits right now too. Let’s see what happens as the summer then this season goes on. If we don’t win, this class will likely fall apart anyway.

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      1. I should add that I think we will win — in spite of Clay. There is talent on every rung of the ladder beneath him.

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      2. He is set up with all the resources and talent he needs to win, both in recruiting and the games themselves. Bohn lobbed a pretty easy ball onto clay’s side of the court, what will he be able to do with it??

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      3. Pudly, not Pudley —it’s still pretty early in the morning here in Maui……
        not that Cal75 would recognize that as a legal defense….

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      4. I must admit that it feels like even if we win 10 games and go to a decent bowl game and win it, that Clay Helton just doesnt deserve to get a contract extension. It feels like Bohn/Sosna/TO have done all the hard work and that if there is any justice in this world, Clay should be held accountable for putting the USC program in the bad shape of the past few years.

        But with all the craziness I see around me, I am starting to believe that looking for justice in our country is a fool’s errand. It will just frustrate you.

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      5. Justice flies in the face of many now… if it doesn’t produce the desired result they just cancel it. Cosby being in jail was more important than doing the right thing in court or even by the court.
        That said, I’m not seeing a 10 win team fire it’s coach unless there’s a certain quality to those losses that leave a palpable stench… sorta like when chippie comes from way ahead to lose.

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    1. Devin is the real deal, no question —but I wish I saw a little more on the ball. Max used to throw that kind of ball on the 20-25 yard endzone throw—the kind that has the same speed as a fade….but isn’t a fade.

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      1. What is real impressive is that USC might have super talented QBs in back-to-back years. Obviously at some point someone is going to transfer out, but I think they would get great training under GH as a QB and can land at a top program with the ability to play right away.

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      2. No body is even talking about Moss because he had his final season cancelled and came in this spring a bit rusty. His name may well come up again too.

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  8. Bill Plaschke in an interview today on 24/7…

    “They are a national brand,” Plaschke said. “They are the PAC-12’s one national brand. Even more so than UCLA in basketball, USC in football, that sport, that school, that team is the one national brand in that conference. They don’t need the conference anymore. I’m sure that new commissioner is going to be trying to kiss USC’s butt to try and make sure to keep them happy.

    “USC’s been great for so long. They’ve established themselves as a cornerstone. Control your own fate, go independent.”

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    1. If we can go independent and still play the U. C. schools —Cal & UCLA —I say go for it……
      #IndependenceIsNice —

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    2. Does anyone think much is proven in the Elite 11 showcases? A lot of QB’s look great until they face the kind of brute pressure Clemson (or even Oregon) brings.

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      1. We’ll see, JT is playing in GA, and DJU is at clemson and Bryce is at bama and all starting this year… should give us an idea.
        Then there was that kid just graduated from clemson, didn’t he go number 1 in the draft?

        Anyway, there are no guarantees in this world.

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      2. Good point —by the time a coach actually finds out how a young QB handles a rough & ready & motivated defense, it’s too late. We found out the hard way with Corps & Browne & that guy who started the Sun Bowl after Barkley got hurt against UCLA —but mostly our coaches recruited the right guys.

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