USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Giveth And Taketh

In the USC newsletter, some positions are proving elusive for USC in recruiting.

And it’s time to revisit a memorable comment from a USC practice.

  • Former USC linebacker Palaie Gaoteote has been seen in photos with other Ohio State linebackers but his transfer has still not been announced.
  • Phil and Penny Knight have made a second $500 million gift to the University of Oregon’s new science campus. The Knights founded the campus with a $500 million gift in 2016.

20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Giveth And Taketh

  1. Tight ends are “elusive” in our recruiting? Here is our TE with the position national ranking

    Erik Krimmenhoek #22
    Josh Falo #4
    Jude Wolfe #8
    Ethan Rae #22
    Lake McRee #22
    Michael Trigg #4

    Scottie, you might want to rethink that elusive take. The OLine? Yes, we have not done well there. But we have talent at TE.

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      1. We recruit them and underuse them. Although I would argue Drake London is used like a tight end. Almost all of his catches are over the middle or downfield in seams, routes a traditional tight end would run. Trigg will most likely be that guy for us after London.

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      2. Clarification Department: This is a continuing homework assignment. By the time everybody on your list has graduated (or left), I’m betting their combined total will be fewer than 1000 yards (meaning something like 5 yards a game)….
        Also —Just noticed that our O-Line is ranked as equal to perennial bottom feeder Oregon State’s O-Line in several college preview publications. That kind of O-Line recruiting would get a coach of any of the top teams in the SEC or Big Ten kicked out on his ass….

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      3. Solution to TE problem —let’s call everybody over 250 pounds and 6’5″ who’s caught a ball over the middle a tight end…..
        [Note: I admire your allegiance to Trojan football —but let’s face it: Harrell is well known for being one dimensional — last year we had our most one dimensional offense since 2001….and we had the talent to be VERY multi-dimensional].

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      4. I also hope for a change in our schemes, which will only happen with Clay and GH gone. But I also think the sky isn’t falling. Also, lots on here want student body left and student body right 70’s football, not me. Football is still physical and we need a run game, but modern successful offenses throw it. That’s at all levels. Don’t care if we don’t have a fullback. Don’t really care if we don’t have a traditional tight end. Don’t care if we are no longer tailback U. I just want to see a real head coach with a real culture come in and win.

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    1. In the “new age” of FB, a guy like Drake London looks somewhat like a TE.

      If you want a slow footed TE who is first a blocker and then a receiver with very few
      routes that can stretch a defense and open up the field for your WR’s (and RB’s out of the backfield), then go to Iowa, Wisconsin, etc.


  2. HARRELL /HELTON think they can win without using the tight ends, and running backs. Our offensive linemen just stand straight up, and don’t know how to run block. Take a look at some film of 67 especially the SC -UCLA game when OJ made his famous run. Same thing goes on Reggie Bush’s famous run vs. Fresno State in 2004.

    We use to have athletes on the offensive line!! I guess Helton believes he can win a national championship with fat/slow lineman, or that lineman are also not important in an air raid “flag football conference”

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    1. It’s amazing that Helton has SUCH a blind spot about the importance of the O-Line. It’s like a tennis player with no backhand. A boxer with no jab. It just makes it too easy for opponents to exploit you.


  3. I think we have plenty of players at the TE position and since we really dont use them, it makes no sense to recruit more.

    With all the focus on building a recruiting department, it feels like incompetence is still the over-riding factor in a Clay Helton football team. They spent their time using NIL and trips to a beach house or other LA attractions as the hook for athletes. What would really bring in the top talent is to show them that you have a real plan for turning around SC and making it a national champ and they can be part of the rebuild. But that would mean that you actually need to have a turnaround plan…

    GH and the offense are doing a horrible job so far of recruiting for their side of the ball. We are losing recruiting battles right and left. I believe that few top athletes will commit until they see the offense on the field and see if GH has learned anything. TO and his coaches seem to be able to land talent, despite the problems with Clay and GH.

    I wonder if Folt/Caruso would have turned down the 500 million from a donor because they didnt want to be indebted to them? Will the BOT ever decide that Caruso needs to be canned from his position?

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    1. The Board standing up to Caruso? Yeah, that’ll be the day…..


  4. As I look at the WR recruiting, I really wonder why we are not even in the running for most of the top 10 or even 20 receivers in the country? Is it that receivers like Amon Ra didnt do that well in the draft? Is it because Keary is not a good recruiter or coach?

    You would think that SC could win big at this position. We are recruiting some top talent at cornerback, so you would think we could sell the top receivers on the ability to train versus the best secondary. Devin Brown looks like a top QB, along with Dart and Moss, so the QB room will be stacked with talent.

    If we are an air raid offense, why are we not getting the top receivers? Overall, I think that the ability of USC is based solely on the position coaches now, because the overall program is seen as not competitive with the nation’s best.


  5. Scooter,

    You did not mention that yesterday, July 5th, was John Mckay’s birthday. I am amazd that you did not do that since you are very good with SC’s history. Maybe you can write a blog about him. Thank you.

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  6. Scooter,

    You did not report about Terry Donohue’s passing on Sunday. Yes he is a ruin, but with him, he seemed like a goo guy. Hopefully SC will show class and acknowledge his passing by sending flowers, kind words, or something to say that they honor Terry. But knowing Dolt and Bone, they won’t do a thing.

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  7. The Knight’s have many more $billions to pour into that shambolic University before it will ever amount to much. When last I checked–about 12 months ago–The University of Oregon ranked about #350 out of 800 American universities (per the WSJ metric which gives the first 40% of weight in its metric to student financial performance in their first 10 years after graduation).

    USC? #19 in 2021. I like what we offer our students and student-athletes.

    Last time I checked Nike continued to make its $Billions off of shoes and clothing made via child labor and impoverished sweat shops in 3rd world countries. Personally, I’d prefer not to take $billions from such people. My Allbirds are way more sexy–and way more comfy, too.

    Andrew Viterbi? Pretty Good guy, I think.


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