More Reggie Bush Revisionism

I can’t figure out the point of this statement.

Is it OK to “break a rule” but not “cheat.”?

How many hundreds of cases investigated by the NCAA did not give an athlete a competitive advantage?

Marv Goux sold player tickets to help the players. He broke the rules. Did he cheat? Did the players run faster?

Reggie Bush broke the rules and knew he broke them. The NCAA overreacted. But revisionist history doesn’t help anyone.

38 thoughts on “More Reggie Bush Revisionism

  1. To be more specific, I prefer to say that USC didn’t financially induce Reggie Bush to play at USC. USC won it on the field in 2004 and 2005.

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    1. USC and the #CorruptNCAA made a boatload of money off of Reggie Bush…maybe they should reimburse him and give him back his Heisman.


      1. DAILYNEWS

        JULY 7, 2021 AT 1:58 AM

        Since none of the remaining Heisman Winners ever took a dime in college,


  2. Yes, Bush was a great football player, there is no denying that.
    What I am bothered by is the disregard he had for his team mates.
    They are the ones that have suffered the most from this whole episode.
    Self serving, egotistical, and selfish are the best adjectives for the likes of
    R Bush.

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      1. SUCC deserves the Reggie Bush legacy: An avaricious, egotistical disregard for the SUCC FB program.

        Lest you forget Pisley, you sanctimonious AH, Bush’s illegal agent activities is directly responsible for the epic decline of SUCC’s prior FB SUCCess – Bush begat St. Pat, etc.


      2. Spoken like a true loser. You need him not to be recognized as you already have fallen into the abyss and can’t get out. The school wasn’t penalized for what Reggie did. They were penalized for the false impression that they knew. Which by all legal standards hasn’t been proven.
        Regardless of the fact that you worship at the altar of the biggest cheat in sports history, one johnnie wooden who was outed by his own players, both verbally and in print.

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  3. Most of the Bush case was on his parents. More over too much was made up as a shake down of Bush by a wannabe sports agent. Then the SEC powers that run the NCAA wanted to take USC down because they were becoming the better team in the country.
    Miami pulled something much worse, but got a bandaid solution. Fig Newton’s dad took cash to direct his son to a school. The NCAA said, no penalties because it was his dad.
    Let’s just say Bush was not as evil as some Bruins say he was.

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    1. I never said Bush was evil. I said he was stinking greedy and more importantly, he got CAUGHT. Bush begat Sark!


      1. You’re a no good LIAR. What did they catch HIM doing. What could they PROVE HE DID?

        Not a f’n thing. They punished the school for what his stepfather took and the fact the school should’ve known. You misrepresentations show your no better than a low class LIAR.


  4. Pisley, you petrified road apple, Coach Wooden didn’t need to cheat to win BB NC’s. He never hired a recruit’s Ta-Ta to secure LOI. He never lost an Elite Eight tournament game by 19 points, and lastly, Sam Gilbert was never a member of a UCLA BB team.

    On the other hand, Bush, the greedy AH, threw Clown U FB under the bus for illegal, personal monetary gain – show Bush the money tit, he’ll SUCC on it like an alky on his bottle.

    Dear Pisley, the cockroach, crawls on his belly to worship at the alter of Bush’s two-bit greed.

    #SUCCFB: Tough as hummingbird fart.
    #Decommitment U


    1. UCLA is ranked number one again…among the dirtiest basketball programs in the history of NCAA hoops:

      “If the UCLA teams of the late 1960s and early 1970s were subjected to the kind of scrutiny Jerry Tarkanian and his players have been, UCLA would probably have to forfeit about eight national titles and be on probation for the next 100 years.” Who would so slander UCLA, particularly during the era of saintly coach John Wooden? Their own legendary center, Bill Walton. Booster Sam Gilbert funneled so much money to players that NCAA probationary poster boy Jerry Tarkanian quipped, “The only team with a higher payroll was the Lakers.” The NCAA didn’t take action until 1981, by which point Wooden and his ten titles had been retired for six years.”

      Everybody knows this, including all of Wooden’s coaching contemporaries (Dean Smith, Bobby Knight). They all went on record about Wooden BS’ing thaty he didn’t know what Sam Gilbert, a mobster, was doing.

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      1. Snore squared ’67.

        BTW ’67, Walton smokes too much weed, and Gilbert never a thing to do with what happened on the BB court. Get a grip ’67, unlike SUCC, UCLA never got caught.


      2. Where’d he start smoking weed?? In the hallowed offices of johnie cheatin wooden….
        Who gave him his first puff??

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      3. You’re missing Owns’ larger point, Pudly: One day Walton smoked so much hash cured marijuana that he began to hear voices telling him that a more intensive probe of the UCLA program —that he was part of—- would reveal the same kind of violations Tarkanian was accused of, specifically massive amounts of illegal recruiting. How do I know Owns is right on this one? Cuz that’s the same thing that happens to me every time I smoke too much –I began having very detailed fantasies about recruiting violations.

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  5. All parties are better off if the trophy is returned to Reggie now. Heisman Trust benefits zero by keeping the trophy. Everyone knows that the NCAA’s punishment of USC was light years over the top, ridiculously so, and they don’t look quite so bad if they agree to have Reggie’s records reinstated.

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    1. Like Pete said –“Everybody knows who won those games …and everybody knows Reggie won the Heisman…”
      —Fred Astaire

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    2. Bush got caught breaking the rules, hence he wasn’t eligible for HT consideration. Bush begat Lynn Swann.

      #SUCCFB: Tough as pizza dough.


  6. The general populous is ignorant to think players are not compensated to play at winning colleges. Has been happening for decades.

    I know usc doesnt cheat cause the team sucks.

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  7. what rule did they PROVE reggie broke…we know the parents/agent may have,and he wasted his money trying to obligate reggie; and ncaa broke their law with false and misleading information and framed and punished both sc/reggie with no real evidence, they just inferred all are guility by mere association, doing what they accused sc/reggie of doing.

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    1. In a sense, the NCAA admitted they didn’t believe they had to PROVE Reggie broke any rules when they denied USC the right to cross examine the ONE witness against Reggie……

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    2. So Leftwich, Bush’s family, unbeknownst to the clueless, innocent Reggie, negotiated an illegal agent agreement based on Reggie’s future NFL earnings – ridiculous!

      And Leftwich you’d have us believe Reggie didn’t have a clue about the family/agent deal after his unemployed parents moved into $10,000.00(?) a month home rental in an upscale neighborhood?

      So Reggie never questioned his parents on how they were suddenly able to afford $120,000k a year on a new crib w/o any income? “Gosh Reggie, ask us no questions and we’ll tell you no lies.” Yeah right!

      Lastly, after years of staunch denials and lies, Bush loses the Lyle Lake lawsuit.


      1. Most college kids don’t know shit about their parents’ finances —especially if one of their parents happens to be a con artist fleecing the rest of the family.

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  8. “Where’d he start smoking weed?? In the hallowed offices of johnie cheatin wooden….”
    “Who gave him his first puff??”………..~Dear Pisley

    I can’t remember PUFFING, or who PUFFED joints back in the day.

    Dear Pisley giggles BS after a “puff” (LOL) on a catnip bomber. Pisley is so f**king hip!

    PS: Pisley, “johnie” has two (2) n’s.

    SUCCFB: Tough as a wine-soaked, paper bag


  9. Goux (and his coterie) cost many Trojans (players, fans, alumni) 3 seasons of post-season play–1980, 82, 83 with the ticket scalping scheme.

    Personally, I have no problem with players selling tickets to provide them a little pocket change. Students at USC did it (and still do it) for decades. I often sold my marquis game tickets as a Med Student at USC and as a Surgeon at U Colorado and then watched the game on TV–if I wasn’t in a hospital working a 36 hour shift already. I needed the cash and it helped stretch the budget.

    The FB players did not receive a benefit that any other students did not receive–other than the fact that many of the players’ tickets were better than student section tickets. These players, often from disadvantaged neighborhoods and historically repressed racial groups, did not have the benefit of a rich, college-educated, legacy mommy and daddy.

    Yet, the NCAA punished these mostly Black Trojan players for 3 years out of the 4 that they played. None of the white kids suffered–really–as most were from upper middle class families (or better). History now shows the NCAA to be a cabal of racist, hypocritical sycophants.

    Personally, I’m hoping that College Hoops dies a rapid death and College Baseball follows the same course. Soccer will never reach a position of gravitas at the University level. The best players in the age group have better options professionally. Why would I want to buy a ticket or watch TV when the best at that age are not competing at the collegiate level?

    Maybe CFB can survive.

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  10. My answer to Wolf’s question above:

    Reggie Bush–Black, humble and no trophy.
    Johnny Manziel–White, still brash and outspoken and trophy.

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      1. Truth hurts, JO.

        Manziel admits to making serious bank signing tens of thousands of items while still a FB player at Texas AM. He makes some statement that he didn’t get the money for all the signatures until after he left CFB. Really Johnny? Still has his trophy.

        Go back and watch Bush’s acceptance speech at the Downtown Athletic club.
        Humble. Hard working CFB who modeled himself after his mentor– Ladanian Tomlinson–who was the hardest-working RB in the NFL at the time.


  11. Memo to: MG

    So you’re going with the po,’ po,’ gullible Reggie routine?

    MG, it doesn’t take a genius like Pisley to understand that moving up to the Eastside from a rundown mobile home park requires an infusion of new, hitherto, unavailable cash.

    I’m willing to give Bush credit for a bright brain; just not when it started to rain green-inked paper at the new Bush Family crib.

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    1. I don’t want to go overboard defending Reggie. There is some truth to what you’re saying.


      1. MG, just spit balling here, but had Bush mentioned his problems(?)with his step-father to the AD, Emperor Garrett might have squared that situation away post-haste.

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      2. Actually, that would’ve been a great outcome. Bush stays clean. School survives. Reggie gets to ‘divorce’ his stepdad 3 years earlier than he finally did.


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