Does USC Need Another Receiver From Texas?

Jake Smith, a wide receiver who played at Texas the past two seasons, is transferring to USC.

Smith had 568 yards receiving and nine touchdowns the past two years. He might a good pickup. Smith started six games last season but missed three with a hamstring injury.

But receivers tend to be a dime a dozen and wouldn’t it better to get an offensive lineman instead?

How many ex-Texas players does USC need, by the way?

26 thoughts on “Does USC Need Another Receiver From Texas?

  1. 20 per exTexas coach. We have a lot in common with Texas. Big hats, enjoying beef, and love of horses to mention a few. What sends them back to Texas after the get here is the taxation without representation. In Texas your car is licensed at a much cheaper price and gas which come from down the street isn’t taxed at 50% of the purchase price plus tax. Road repairs are made with money collected for road repairs. Here in California, road repair funds pay for trains that go nowhere to advance an agenda of the ruling party. Roads paid for with gas taxes are sold to toll operators, that charge by the mile. Don’t get me started on the gas nozzles, which are supposed to catch fumes and put them back into the tank. Just know they were ordered by Jerry Brown and made by a company owned by Jerry Brown because governors can get away with that.
    So the answer to the question how many Texas players do we need? As many as we can get here to pay taxes.

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      1. “I love America too
        Maybe I love it as much as you
        Enough to fight
        Against the Stars & Stripes
        Of Corruption”
        —My Friend, Jello Biafra


      2. I’ll always remember staying up too late at night as a young student-athlete to watch Johnny Carson’s. Always had a reference to “Governor Moonbeam” in the monologue.


    1. USC needs another WR like Helton needs another hole in his head.

      Wait, Helton may need another hole in his head to drain the shit he has for brains.


  2. Jake Smith actually pretty highly-rated HS player … #49 in the nation … Bru McCoy #9 that same year. However beware of the #ClayHeltonEffect which is ubiquitous at #USC.


  3. Hmmm, based on avg/recruit, seems we’re I a world of hurt.

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    1. Another SUCC NFL bust?

      New York Jets
      Veteran in danger: Chuma Edoga, OT

      Why he could get cut: Edoga has started 12 games since being drafted in the third round in 2019 but has slipped so far down the depth chart that his roster spot is in jeopardy. He’s no better than the fourth tackle, behind Mekhi Becton, George Fant and the recently signed Morgan Moses. Edoga was a risky pick at the time because of inconsistent play and off-the-field concerns, but the hope was that he’d mature and grow into his potential. — Rich Cimini

      I guess Chuma didn’t!

      The Jets continue to draft worthless SUCC players and wind up getting screwed!

      #SUCC FB: Tough as a Ladybug.


      1. Just Rent,

        How is Rosen doing? He was to win a Super Bowl with the Cardinals and then with Miami. We haven’t heard from him. Did he slip in spa and break his throwing hand, because it sure did look like it when he was playing. LMAO

        U Clowns Lose Again.

        PS: In all sincerity and honesty, I am sorry for the loss of Terry Donohue. God Bless him and may he RIP.

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  4. Well we just landed an OT, but he is a 3 star and we were competing against just a handful of schools that are not top programs.

    Clay Helton, Graham Harrell, Clay McGuire. Do any of these guys make an OL player believe they will land in the NFL? The only way that USC gets top linemen and develops the offense to SC standards is if McGuire delivers an incredible line on the field this year. I am wishing McGuire the best luck, but very doubtful it will happen.

    It just feels like there is a true lack of management skill at SC. They try to sell recruits on NIL and the LA scene, instead of creating a program that will truly convince recruits that USC is on the rebound as a player development program. You cant sell the fluff, you need to sell the meat. And if you dont have meat, you are in trouble.

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      1. Pudly76 – You are living in the past, which is where Clay Helton is living. The oline players you refer to were recruited during the years when Sam Darnold carried the team on his shoulders and Clay was still living off the recruits from his precedessors. But as soon as Clay’s lack of talent was revealed, we have failed to recruit any o-line players that will be NFL players.

        Do you really think the current o-line has a single first round draft pick on it? Will it even have any players that get drafted in any round?

        It takes time to build a program, but it also takes some time to destroy a program. Helton has been working to destroy this program every year. Failures to land the top players and failure to land the best coaches and failures to build the right organization and lead it.

        I am not rooting against the team. I hope they do great. But there has been a constant destruction of the greatness of SC football. And it starts/ends with Helton.

        I fear that McGuire will strike out with every single 4 star lineman we are recruiting. Because McGuire simply does not have the resume that would attract them. He should never have been hired at SC, even if he is a good coach. SC deserves a o-line coach that is top 5 or top 10 in the country.

        I’m still celebrating the wins at SC. But I fear those wins are going to collapse if the team does not deliver on the field.


      2. This year’s draft is now… this is the same things people said last year.
        Same sh!t, different day..


  5. He’s a darn good receiver. I’ve seen his film. But another receiver? SC will have one of the best receiving crews in america. You’ll have a number of guys transferring out. You just can’t give all those guys playing time. But how about some O-Linemen? SC has one of the best recruiting teams in the country when it comes to skill positions. They have one of the worst in the country when it comes to O-Linemen. And their O-Line coach is nothing to scream about either. You win games on the LOS.

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  6. Business as usual on the O-Line……Oregon gets a 5 star and they are going to get Dave Luli, a 4 star that SC has been persuing big time(Oregon gets him). Meanwhile, SC gets another 3 star project. I’ve seen his film. He looks pretty good. He definitely sustains his blocks. But you can’t help asking why the really good O-Line prospects don’t want to go to USC. Neither do the really good O-Line coaches. For receivers and d-backs, SC recruits like Alabama. For O-Linemen, they recruit like Boise State.

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  7. But why does #CarolFolt hate USC football and its fans!?

    RT @PresidentFolt 7/6: Led by our 3 NCAA Championship teams (@USCBeach, @USCWaterPolo, and
    @USC_Track_Field), USC placed a strong 6th in the @LDirectorsCup. Proud of the hard work, skill, and determination of our @USC student athletes. #FightOn


    1. Charles,

      Dolt hates SC because she went to the bong captial university of the world, UC Santa, pass the bong, Barbara. Most UC students hate private schools. I bet she hated SC when she was token. That belief is still in here, I bet. She is more into being the center of attention than the team succeeding. What do you expect from the progressive, left wing, socialist wing nuts. No wonder the threads on a nut go to the right when tighenting. If you go left, you loose it by being loose.


  8. I firmly believe SUCC FB squad won’t be complete until they add receivers from Delaware and Rhode Island.

    #SUCC FB: Tough as thin-sliced ham.


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