Isaiah Mobley To Return For Junior Season

USC forward Isaiah Mobley announced tonight he would return for his junior season.

So Mobley wasn’t getting drafted?

Frankly, I’m not sure how big a deal this is. It’s not like Evan Mobley is coming back.

26 thoughts on “Isaiah Mobley To Return For Junior Season

      1. Mike M – agree. this could be very important for Enfield. Maybe without his older brother around, Isiah will step up even more.

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      1. That girl Kirsten Christon is another bust.

        Everytime that clown pudly claims a recruit is the next greatest thing since sliced bread…she turns out to be a bust.


        AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

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      1. It’s on Harrell if he doesn’t have a big year. He looks like Reggie on those short receptions —unstoppable. Not to make use of a weapon like that is a sin.


    1. NO one is happier about it being “almost that time” than Scott —he’s gotta be getting pretty sick of ‘imposter’ and Mike Bohn stories….

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    2. It will be interesting to see if they use Kenan this year. The offense is a really big question mark. There is alot of talent there on the field, but will the offensive line hold up at all? Will Graham Harrell understand how to construct a more balanced offense and effectively run the ball, or is this just beyond his abilities?

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      1. I think Graham understands much more than he’s given credit for… in my mind will he be stubborn yet again and refuse to adjust to what the defense gives us rather than forcing his offense to take the harder path.


  1. I Mobley, Goodwin, and maybe Coulibaly in the paint.

    Three incoming freshman who can shoot from the perimeter.
    Some other experienced, strong returning Guards and Forwards.

    I like this team for 2021-2.

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      1. UCLA will be a pre-season top five team because every team member from the Final Four run returns! The Bruins are loaded!


    1. I’m thinking AH that Andyain’twinning would have rather been to the Final Four in lieu of winning 2 meaningless UCLA BB games and suffering a laughable 19 point defeat in their Elite Eight Tournament game.

      Cronin gets a contract extension; Andyain’twinning gets the Booger and his daddy.


      1. They’re looking to win it all this season.
        I want them to be undefeated and ranked #1 when they play USC.
        We’re just gonna handle buisness like we have been lately against them.
        Here’s the cold hard facts that Ucla fans need to remember. It’s a different ball game around here now.
        UCLA actually looks at the schedule and see’s USC and they think “Fu** we gotta play the Trojans!”

        They call him “AndyOwnsUcla”


      1. PT, you’re a funny Clownster. How many times has bozo BB had one of its recruits/coaches busted for illegal monetary payoffs?

        I mean Andyain’twinning (He didn’t know squat) employs the Mobley’s father as an ATM/Asst. BB coach. SUCC pays the father’s salary, and he in turn shovels payoff funds to #1 and #2 son bozo recruits.

        Net result: bozo BB takes a 19 point stick up the kazoo in a humiliating loss to Gonzaga in the Tournament Elite Eight semi-final round on national TV.

        Further net result: Andyain’twinning whines out loud he’s going take his ball and go elsewhere ’cause he doesn’t get a contract extension. Like the Boner cares!

        Plus further net result: Booger and his daddy xfer to Clown U. F**king Yuge and Andyain’twinning scores a lollipop game with his old employer, @ Florida Gulf Coast Univ. FGCU finished 7th last year in some goober, bayou BB conf.

        #Cue “Send in the Clowns”


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