USC Mails It In Off Field Too

A generic, dull, football media guide cover because no one cares at the top.

I look at how USC is losing this battle too in today’s newsletter.

Look at Oklahoma by comparison:

30 thoughts on “USC Mails It In Off Field Too

    1. This sums up USC over the last 10 years…

      The Three Stooges, Kiffin, Sarkisian and Helton.

      Name one thing any of those clowns did right.

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      1. Generally, yes —- but he had trouble mixing tequila with ecstasy.

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      2. Fans who were close to the field after the Stanford game said that when Sark jumped on Haden’s back he was screaming, “It’s me, Babe! Paul Bunyan!”

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      3. Please don’t attach your name to Obama. Tebow was a loser in the pros
        and a religious zellout. Kiffin won 10 games when team on probation,
        and Sark won national title with Alabama. Helton did win Rose Bowl
        in dramatic fashion. What have you done along with all the total
        idiots that post on this site?


  1. hi sports fans,croations bus hit by a laser rocket !!!!!???? alot of bus problems!? lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely, EEEEEEEEEE


      1. Box score? We don’t need no stinkin’ box score! ucla was so close to winning that game! Just another minute or so and victory would have been within grasp!

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      2. True. I heard the plan in the late 4th quarter was to score, then go for 2 four times in a row….then clinch it with a 70 yard field goal….

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    1. Don’t be so fast on the trigger. Everything isn’t black or white. Even if you’d like it to be! There are all kinds of 48-14 ballgames. Sometimes they’re runaways —sometimes they’re real close contests…..

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  2. Scottie, you think that the OU media guide is better? Really? Focused on the coach, Lincoln Riley. Not one player photo on the cover.

    We can imagine what you would say if USC had done that motif, with Traveler replacing Boomer Sooner and Clay replacing Lincoln Riley.

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  3. Agree that USC’s marketing/comm staff is horrible. But it all flows from the top down. There is a lack of overall management talent and it shows across many areas.

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  4. Hard to believe Sarkisian got a second chance to be a head coach especially at a big program like Texas. If most of us behaved like that on a big stage our careers would probably be over, or put in a reverse direction for quite some time. Not saying Sark doesn’t deserve a second chance it just happened too quickly with very little penalty for very poor behavior and performance at USC.

    In regards to the media guides. Our media guide compared to Oklahoma’s is just another example of how the program has slipped in recent years. Remember Mike Bohn, and Carol Folt probably had to grant approval before it went to print, and also remember Folt came from UCSB where burning down banks grabbed all the news in her era over athletics, and Mr. Bohn came from Kansas where football is a very low level sport.

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  5. Nobody knows why Scott has an OK media guide. It’s a secret. However the cat’s outa the bag now. As part of the realignment of conferences he’s been traded to Oklahoma. Pretty soon he’s going to be “Inside Oklahoma” the Sooners the Betters.

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