Evan Mobley To Cavaliers

As expected, Evan Mobley goes to the Cavs at No. 3.

That ties O.J. Mayo as the highest draft pick ever for a USC player.

Did you see Andy Enfield was sitting at the Mobley table?

Probably wondering how he is going to get players with Jason Hart. Or sore about not getting his contract extension.


11 thoughts on “Evan Mobley To Cavaliers

  1. Mobley looks like a over-dressed pool service guy in that baby-marine blue disco suit; and having suffered the humiliations of Andyain’twinning’s BB program, last year’s 22 – 50 Cleveland Cavs is right where Mobley’s belongs. Mobley will be a stick among men in the frozen East.


    1. Owns you are a prick! Your picture says it all. Stick your head in a toilet
      and flush twice to drown your odor coming from being a ‘ruin no
      nothing smack talker. Selling beer now at the Rose Bowl since the
      football played there is worthless.


    1. love the storytelling in country music. i just cant stand rap music, there is nothing redeeming in most rap lyrics.


  2. hi folks ,schools in the east collapsing lack students colleges that is universities well time has past colleges by via amoung other things the internet !?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely, Edward


  3. hi folks, well oberon aaahhh suffers key injury !? in bb mavericks resign hardaway well need to trade and the 72 guy for something ?? hardaway has open shots mostly because of donsic and defense is a problem with him and 7 3 guy!? if moses can play should trade those two if possible!? sincerely, E


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