COVID-19 Already Issue At First Practice

Star defensive end Drake Jackson did not practice today because he is in COVID-19 health and safety protocols, per Clay Helton.

Jackson is supposed to be return next week. Isaac Taylor Stuart missed practice because of the birth of his first child.

16 thoughts on “COVID-19 Already Issue At First Practice

  1. “Star defensive end Drake Jackson”?


    Jackson arrived at USC as a 3 or 4 star and now after playing 2 years under Clay Helton he is a 1 star. Sounds about right.

    It didn’t take long for opposing teams to figure out Jackson. He was so bad last year that opposing teams RB’s were chip blocking him, frustrating the hell out of him. That’s what happens when these recruits aren’t taught D1/Pro level technique, no development they just regress.


  2. Anybody remember a long long time ago USC Was going to play I’m passing team, A sports writer asked McKay what he thought of that, his answer you show me a passing team and I will show you a losing team. I hope Helton and Harrell are reading this.

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  3. If Helton was a real leader he’d make everyone get vaxxed and then they wouldn’t have to worry about this crap. If everybody is vaxxed they’d know it was a break through case and that’s the extent of it. I mean, do you really think there’s anyone even slightly affiliated with the Alabama Football program? Saban ain’t having that and he’s in backwards-ass Alabama. I guarantee you the whole SEC is fully vaxxed.


    1. Sheeet! More unassailable fact/truth and up to the minute science/knowledge than I’ve ever seen in one place before.


      1. It ain’t about the science. It’s about protecting the money. Saban ain’t taking that risk with his team. Say you’re a player, you don’t get vaxxed, and you catch COVID – you don’t think the NFL will hold that over your head until the end of time?

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      2. Good rebuttal.


  4. All usc students, staff, and faculty are required to show proof of vaccination before resuming on campus activities. Break through case?


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