USC Saturday Buzz: Does Anyone Else Notice These Things?

I’m running this picture above of Clay Helton’s press conference Friday because as you can see, a measly two TV stations showed up for practice No. 1. That’s an awful turn out from the electronic media.

I went back and checked the previous four years and there were always 3-4 TV stations at the first practice since 2017. But maybe interest in USC football has changed. Thanks, Helton!

Isn’t the goal to maximize interest? Especially in the NIL era?

Here’s how it looked the first practice of 2017:

  • Here’s the first thing Helton said Friday: “I can’t credit (new strength coach) Bobby Stiner enough for producing a really conditioned football team. A strong football team.”
  • Here’s the first thing Helton said after practice No. 1 in 2019: “I commend (new strength coach) Aaron Ausmus, for the team him and his staff put together. These guys are in shape. They’re strong.”
  • Helton counts on us all not noticing these types of things.
  • Meanwhile, wide receiver Jake Smith, who transferred from Texas, will be “out for an extended period of time” according to Helton and may require foot surgery.

So a receiver some expected to contribute immediately is damaged goods?

39 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Does Anyone Else Notice These Things?

  1. One question: Was Helton giggling like John Candy describing his favorite banjo album in Planes & Trains when he exclaimed the players “were strong”? That’s how he delivered the line in 2019. And 2018. And 2017.

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      1. Clay is actually pretty good at reading people (he sure as hell knows friend from foe). That’s why its funny he’s so unaware of how easy HE is to read. Whenever he’s pretending to be letting folks in on a private epiphany (“The guys came back so strong this year. Whoa! Thanks to our new conditioning coach!”, “Coach Callaway is driving the O-Line to the breaking point. They may hate him now but I know they’ll love him come our first game!”, “Truthfully, this is the tightest Band Of Brothers I’ve seen since I got here!”) he always chuckles to add an air of spontaneity to what is now a well rehearsed set of lies.

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  2. Channel 2 and Channel 9 are owed by the CBS, so that counts as 2 stations. Channel 4 has wall to wall Olympic Coverage so they get a pass. Channel 11 & Channel 13 owned by Fox have always had terrible local sports coverage. Not sure about Channel 7 not being there but they’re owned by Disney who recently signed up the SEC so maybe local affiliates were advised to deemphasize PAC 12 this year.

    What’s your point Scotty? You still are not getting press credentials this year or for that matter, ever!!

    Again a weak post from an ex-journalism major making a living Outside USC.

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    1. I think that was a bit of a reach my friend. I agree with you in general,- but if there’s negative news you can usually count on Scott to be right, and this was an example.

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      1. I like the idea of showing your loyalty to USC. I think it’s admirable. But Scott’s larger point is there’s been an obvious drop off in enthusiasm when it comes to USC football under Helton. USC is no longer a team big name teams need to schedule to impress the pollsters. Attendance at games is off by about 30,000 from the Carroll days (and 20,000 from the Kiffin and Sark days).
        Funny thing is: Truly mediocre people are making sure things stay this way. Whatever her bullshit stated list of reasons, Folt didn’t want Meyer for ONE reason: his bigness would remind her of her smallness.

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  3. The only news we have thus far is Drake Jackson in C19 protocol, Isiah at the birth of his kid, and Jake Smith is out.

    Any of you fellas living in LA willing to get a press pass and do some reporting?

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    1. Stand blindfolded in a darkened, windowless basement and you’ll still come up with more than that while googling RHOBH….

      Integrity at its finest

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  4. Second take, I’ll agree with Scott’s critics here. When the best expectations is to come in second in a conference that is the 5th strongest among what’s about to be the Power 4, one can expect poor media coverage. And since Helton hasn’t changed any of his bad coaching, why should we expect him to change his bad quotes? As for the transfer kid who won’t really be on the field, blame it on Chinatown Jake. He’ll have plenty of free time to visit down there after classes. #ReceivingCorpSuddenlyThinningALittle

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    1. Lest we forget — in order to win a single game Slovis is gonna need DEPENDABLE receivers. At this moment that word applies to ONE person: Drake London. Unless a trio of guys steps up big in fall practice (and, of course, games) we are in for trouble. [And —remember — Slovis won’t have a lot of time back there to wait for guys to be where he expects them to be]…….

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      1. While none of the receivers except London are proven receivers, I like the combination of speed and size.

        I actually think that Stiner was a real huge step forward. He is a pro. The focus on physical performance is the fastest way to improve team execution. A bodybuilder who looks the part, but has no stamina is not going to deliver results on the field – that is the type of S&C program we had last year.

        It seems to me that we have alot of players with injury histories and I feel like it is a result of not being able to land top talent that doesnt have an injury history. Why did we pick up Jake Smith out of the transfer portal if the kid still had an injury? I’m sure that Texas was happy to dump him off the roster and free up one more scholarship.

        SC is now #32 in recruiting. No momentum. Kids are waiting to see how SC plays this year, because they know if the team loses more than 2 games, Helton is likely gone and most of the staff might change.

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      2. You can bet “The Drake” won’t sail under the radar this year; opposing teams will scheme their defenses to minimize the Slovis to London effectiveness.

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      3. Pudly —It has been said Chip was applauding London’s extraordinary effort —but it looked to me like he was doing that coach-thing: clapping after an opponent score as if to say ‘now let’s do it to them!’

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  5. Pete Carroll was charismatic, articulate, charming, funny, enthusiastic, a handsome guy with wavy hair, etc … and he was a WINNER. Clay Helton is B-O-R-I-N-G and a LOSER. And this git is currently the public face of the University of Southern California.

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      1. I didn’t want to say it (cuz he’s your next Mayor or Supervisor or something) …but, yeah, Folt is his doing……

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      2. all they really care about is the millions they make ruining a hapless sc football ex-dynasty


      1. Well, there’s the whole area of….um…. I guess you could say he hasn’t …. uh….could I have 48 hours on this one?

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  6. Speaking of WRs, has anyone heard an update on Kyle Ford? He had ACL surgery what seems like ages ago. I remember watching a video of him running on the treadmill a few months after the surgery at over 20 MPH, and this must have been at least 9 months ago. What gives? Seems that he was at practice yesterday. Tremendous potential, hope he is healthy.

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      1. Guess I will start reading the other USC websites for updates. I thought “Inside USC” was inside USC…

        BTW, WTF did Scottie do to get a permanent ban from attending practice? Is it just what he did with Kiffin? Or something more recent? Besides constantly lobbing grenades at Helton…Surely he could get a fake press pass and wear a fake beard and shades?

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  7. Sucks that Jake Smith is injured and will miss significant time.

    But, it shouldn’t be a concern because hasn’t USC recruited a bajillion receivers the last two and three years?


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