USC Target Makai Lemon Commits To Oklahoma

Wide receiver Makai Lemon, a top 15 player in the Class of 2023, committed to Oklahoma on Saturday.

Lemon was a major target for USC. He will join fellow Los Alamitos prospect Malachi Nelson, who USC also heavily pursued.

I wrote how USC botched the recruitment of Nelson. I don’t know if they mishandled Lemon but they lost two elite prospects from Los Alamitos that it should be have been able to sign.

13 thoughts on “USC Target Makai Lemon Commits To Oklahoma

  1. We know that Malachi Nelson is going to sit for a long time. No way he gets PT this year, given the OU QB starter is the Heisman favorite, and Nelson is 4th on the depth chart. Hope it works out for him, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the portal in a year or so.

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  2. Sounds like kids are starting to wise up about Helton. But then again, you have some really good players who still buy into his B.S.


  3. Read on some recruiting notes that USC was pushing to try to get some prospects to push their official visit until December. The one reason this would make sense is if they plan to have a new head coach. Or maybe if Helton wins 11 in the regular season and the Pac-12 title, they plan to extend his contract.

    Either way, seems to me that USC is in a “prove it” mode with recruits. They either need to look like a national championship contender, or get a new HC.

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  4. In other news, 2 USC athletes win gold in 4 x 400 and Troy is inducted into HOF.

    Oops, this is positive news and doesn’t fit your anti USC agenda.

    F*** Wolf!!

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  5. Mike Bohn was going to put up a recruiting wall around Southern California. Instead he spends his days retweeting about USC Olympians and hiding out in his basement. Nice work Bohner, you’ve wasted two years of USC football.

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  6. USC has a Conference USA Athletic Director and Football coach to go along with their Atlantic Sun Conference Basketball coach. I have no idea why players wouldn’t stay home and go to USC…

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    1. Yeah but the Bot’s think there big time and are going to take USC to the promise land. These people are insane. Especially after the usual Helton drivel at the Pac 12 press conference; going with the pig with lipstick routine just a different year. Same expectations nothings changed. Insanity is Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. The epitome of the state affairs at USC right now.


  7. I am not a predictor of the future with any accuracy but will guarantee two things:

    1. Helton remains as coach
    2. USC football will suck

    Thank you.


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