USC Finally Releases Tailgate Permit Prices

Here are the options for on-campus tailgate permits. USC just released this information and you can make a reservation here.


14 thoughts on “USC Finally Releases Tailgate Permit Prices

  1. I want a 10 x 10 foot tent for me and Carol…..


    1. How about a 10 x 10 boxing ring, when Nikias, Bohn, Helton and or Tessalone walks by someone throws them in and I knock the hell out of ’em.

      That would definitely be worth the price of admission. And I’ll admit guilt for having done so because each and every one of those assholes deserves a beating.

      Throw in the Captain of the YouTuber Love Boat Rick Caruso too, that pervert needs some sense knocked into him.


  2. Scott: I have your picture on my wall in my office which is part of the USC vs. ND Bush Push picture. I treasure that picture with you in the background, and for good reason as you are now the best scoop reporter in LA replacing my favorite Bud Furillo.

    My question is – Is it really worth going to a USC game anymore? It appears to me the losing coach of this year’s USC-UCLA game will for sure get fired, and there is no question Chip Kelly is more motivated to have a good season than Clay Helton. I am sure you have noticed Chipo just hired Clay’s old buddy Clancy Pedergast which makes it 4 former USC assistants on his staff.


  3. Seriously, best scoop reporter in LA?
    You must be talking about weight challenged Wolf binging at Baskins Robbins or eating self serve ice cream at Galen.

    He has not had a real sports scoop since (fill in the blank).

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  4. Scooter, I am confused. You said earlier that it was going to cost $496 for the season. Are these prices added on to the $496 and is that for each game or for the season?

    also, who the fu#k cares about the fire marshall? He is just like Folt, another incomptent boob. Is he charging the homeless for these prices for their tents in L.A.? Hell no he ain’t. that should be fought. Unless all people pay for the permit including the homless, then no one pays.

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      1. Tailgate after the game. What’ll they do, toss you??
        ‘Come on now, OK, we’re going. But the coals have to cool down. Might be another 15 minutes, is that ok boss??’

        Still free at the farm or Cal. Enjoy your weekender. No late fees either.

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      2. Except that the blogger is not allowed to attend practices!!
        Kind of like if Jim Cramer or the CNBC crew not allowed on floor of the NYSE!!

        Again, how freaking unreal that the blogger has no access to athletic practices.

        Wolf – you must have really pissed off or pissed on Timmy T. more than anyone knows!!

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      3. Burrow-Trump, Scott’s lifetime double-secret probation ban from practice is a small price to pay for journalistic integrity.

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