Mater Dei Receiver Commits To Notre Dame

C.J. Williams, a wide receiver at Mater Dei High School, committed to Notre Dame today over USC, Stanford, Texas and Alabama.

Williams is the top-ranked offensive commit in the Irish class and follows four-star receiver Tobias Merriweather, another USC target, who committed to Notre Dame last week.

Should USC fans be concerned? Makai Lemon of Los Alamitos committed to Oklahoma on Saturday.

When USC can simply go out and get transfers like Tahj Washington from Memphis or K.D. Nixon of Colorado, etc., and can afford to lose Bru McCoy without hurting its depth, maybe it doesn’t.

On the other hand, can you imagine Pete Carroll letting a top prospect from Mater Dei go to Notre Dame?

It seems as though Donte Williams can do a lot, especially with cornerbacks, but his reach with even skill players has its limits.

34 thoughts on “Mater Dei Receiver Commits To Notre Dame

      1. Speaking of sanity little buddy, what HFBC would want to go to westwood, where every head FB coach in the last quarter century has been fired, beginning with Bob Toledo. The only reason chip is still there is because all the buyouts created a $40 million athletics dept deficit. Talk about a completely incompetent program…

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      2. Deficit or not, Chip is gonna force UCLA to add him to their (long) list of pink slipped football coaches…

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    1. I assume the very same you currently have. I can’t see SC paying Helton a buy out.
      The current focus of the Administration is definitely not on Sports of any persuasion.
      It’s obvious the Folt has little interest in tradition, disenfranchised Alumni groups, eliminating their voices and influence regarding football.
      I think you will have Helton for the duration of his contract, as frightening as that seems, I believe it will see fruition.
      My future entertainment interests lay in, does Helton enroll in Saban’ “Rehabilitation School for Football Coaches” We’ll see.

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  1. I can kinda understand UCLA drawing 35k to the Bowl. 9hr round trip for a substandard experience ain’t no way to go. 35k at tbe Coli? That’s a damn driver/wedge from Tommy T. By da time heltons axed we’re gonna be playing in front of one ea. portable aluminum bleachers. Capacity 250 give or take a handful.

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      1. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m thinking… as long as I don’t snap one in the rose garden should have a shot at bird

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      2. Yes, the rose garden clearly increases the difficulty of that hole. Boxisbento, what are you hitting off the tee these days? I just upgraded to the Ping G425 – the technology really has improved in the last 5 years.

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      3. I carry 2 drivers, no fairway wood. Usually go the distance with my old school Callaway Diablo Octane 10deg ive reshafted stiff a few times. In case a meltdown renders that thing inop, Ive got the other drive, a similar sized, pleasing to my eye, Callaway Warbird 10.5 stiff that my boy got me for a present.

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      4. How many cc’s is the Ping? At some point, I made a command decision that my sanity required me to limit head size. That said, maybe a visit to the stick store is in order…


  2. Well Rah-Rah’s, UCLA isn’t ripping off it’s fans off like SUCC is to its dwindling Ripple and Puke fan base for the gross sum of $496 to tailgate in a ghetto parking lot.

    SUCC FB: Tough as wet, single sheet toilet paper


      1. Heltons 2021 “we’re thisclose” P12 Champ chatter is only possible if the quality of our conference foes has declined, or is declining, faster than the quality of our roster over same/set period of time, i.e. Helton’s tenure. Basically we need the conference to get shittier faster than we do to become a consistent title contender. One quick look at our decline as far as p12 contention goes since Darnold will tell ya who’s falling faster. If we were improving – like the great bullshitter suggests we have been over the past handful of seasons – than we would increasingly be an annual title game participant as the conference has unquestionably gotten worse. And no, imho, last year’s extended exhibition does not count. Big diff between 5 games and 11 games played, especially if your team is injury prone (soft?) as Clay’s are. Happy Monday!

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      2. Soft? You’re talking about the OLD USC, boxisbento. This year –with our “fantastic new conditioning regimen”* — we’re “tough as nails.”**
        *Words Clay spoke at start of 2018 Season (5-7)
        ** Words Clay spoke at start of 2019 Season (8-5)

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      3. Clay Helton took some acid that he cannot come down from and until he’s fired will forever believe USC is in great shape and that they’re a championship program.

        He’s crazy.

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      4. Which is worse, Sam — Clay believing USC is a physically tough team while clean and sober? Clay believing USC is a physically tough team while on 3 tabs of powerful acid?

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  3. Catholic high school to a Catholic college? Go figure. Maybe it’s about faith that isn’t family. Maybe the pope threatened him with purgatory.
    Speaking of purgatory, what are the over and under for USC buying its way out? Although currently we are closer to Hell.
    If we go through the season and clinch the PAC 12 I’ll eat my words but right now I’m not even buying rice paper or eatable ink.

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    1. I think we’ll beat all Pac 12 opponents (if we stay healthy —if we don’t all bets are off)…..


      1. Re: Tough is the new soft…

        Im paraphrasing something I think I mighta saw/read the Froot Loops Toucan say… (full disclosure: until about 3 yrs ago I thought it was “Fruit” Loops. Never crossed my mind that a box of cereal would purposely mispell it Froots so it visually matched the Loops. Thank God they didn’t go with Fruit Luips. Can you imagine happily walking around the grocery store carrying a colorful box labeled “Fruit Luips”? It wouldn’t look right. Kinda like when Clay flashes Fight On… Anywho, back to what the bird said in regards to summer conditioning & weightlifting/training:
        “You can build muscles, but you can’t build balls.”
        Or for those on vacation south of the border who want to share this wisdom with your fishing guides/boat cap:
        “Puedes desarrollar músculos, pero no puedes construir huevos”

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      2. I thought we’d lost all our Puebla fans when Folt retained Helton…..


  4. I’m gonna be pretty disappointed if Allyson Felix doesn’t top the “Losers” category……

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  6. Someone involved in recruiting has failed big time.

    My guess is that USC has been focusing recruiting efforts far too much on a bunch of gimmicks, like NIL and the Southern California lifestyle.

    Top players have one goal – get into the NFL, at a high draft pick. It means millions of dollars in their pocket. So the only thing that matters is convincing prospects that they will be developed into premier athletes and that they will play in big games and for national titles to get exposure. The poor draft performance of USC over the Helton era has probably been a key way other programs can pitch against USC.

    The recruiting staff needs to develop a real believable pitch about how the program has changed and why it is now developing athletes at a premier level. If they cant do that, then they will continue to fail.

    This is the first real year for the defense under TO (aside from COVID). TO’s defense took big steps the first year and rose in defensive stats, but can take a bigger step this year. There is a new S&C coach who is getting good results with players. The most difficult pitch is how the offense is developing players, because seeing 2 of your running backs leave the program is not a good sign. And hiring a OL coach from Texas State doesnt look good, unless he somehow delivers a vastly improved o-line this year.

    USC is in a prove-it mode right now. If they dont prove that the coaches can develop and compete at the highest level, USC will not get top prospects. If USC goes 11-1 in regular season this year, they will start closing on some of the top prospects and maybe even flipping some players. If they go 6-6, the recruiting will collapse and our top recruits will leave the program.

    Time for Helton to deliver, or walk.

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