Not All Pac-12 School Are Keeping Ticket Sales A Secret

Arizona coach Jedd “the” Fisch tweeted out how many season tickets the Wildcats have sold.

Imagine if USC had such transparency?

Fisch is uber-enthusiastic and spends a lot of time trying to increase fan interest. As he should at a school like Arizona.

The truth is USC needs that too!

But it doesn’t want anyone to know how bad its season-ticket sales or ticket sales have been going. Instead, it acts like it is 2005 USC and fans want to come to the games. They don’t.

The athletic dept. knows the real numbers and situation.

By the way, has anyone heard anything about Salute to Troy? Canceled for a third straight year? The first one got knocked off by lack of interest. COVID took care of the second one.
  • The Pac-12 will hold a Pac-12 Baseball Tournament at the end of the season in Scottsdale, Ariz. The inaugural tournament is scheduled for May 25-29, 2022 at Scottsdale Stadium.

The top eight teams in the Conference standings at the conclusion of the regular season will earn berths in the Pac-12 Baseball Tournament and the champion will receive the Conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. The Pac-12’s initial agreement with the City of Scottsdale runs through 2024.

Top eight teams? So USC might not make it?

10 thoughts on “Not All Pac-12 School Are Keeping Ticket Sales A Secret

  1. USC won’t be able to keep a half empty stadium a secret when it kicks off the season.

    Greek Euro-Trash Criminal Overlord C.L. Max Nikias will trot his puppets Carol “All I’m Allowed To Do Is Tweet” Folt and Mike “Yes I’m A Spineless Bitch Ass Yes Man” Bohn out to blame COVID-19 for the low attendance.


    1. pudly would be looking at a close up of some dudes crotch. He’s obsessed, that’s all pudly keeps bringing up every other day, some dudes crotch.


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  2. SC used to be the flag ship for the Pac 12. Now, it is a rudderless small minnow boat on a three hour tour, a three hour tour. You can ask Gillian what happed, they were shipped wreck, just like SC.


  3. hello football fans, a rookie qb does well against a so so football team! thing here wash state stinks !!!! so what????? sincerely, Edward ps screwed up vs stanford problems!!!!!


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